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Feeding knowlegde pre meeting

  1. “ Feeding Knowledge” International network for research and innovation on food security STRATEGIC PROJECT EXPO 2015 MILAN CENTRE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT
  2. Logical flow Feeding Knowledge Identification of priorities How the international community had shared the main objectives to be achieved to combat hunger in the world Identifying the key players and scientific institutions How the research system responds to such priorities on food security Creation and development of the International network “Feeding Knowledge” A scientific network, an institutional network and national focal points Definition of technological and functional characteristics of the Platform How a technological infrastructure can become a Hub of knowledge, contact and collaboration between scientific expert and institutions Implementation of the Network and the Platform To favour access to, sharing and development of knowledge Capacity building Training of young experts and researchers on food security Development of policies and programmes To enhance research on food security based on target countries needs
  3. Feeding Knowledge Research priorities for food security 1. Sustainable water resources management 2. Sustainable soil management 3. Increase in productivity and farm income 4. Population and society: population increase, population dynamics (internal and external migration) 5. Food styles and nutrition (diet) 6. Sustainable development of small rural communities 7. Climate change and protection of biodiversity 8. Energy 9. Food Safety 10. Economic policies and global markets
  4. GENERAL OBJECTIVE CREATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK FOR INNOVATION AND RESEARCH ON FOOD SECURITY SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE No. 1 Feeding the network between holders of knowledge on innovation in the field of food security SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE No. 3 Development and implementation of the International Technology Platform on research and innovation for food security SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE No. 2 Capacity building SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE No. 4 Supporting development processes of “policies” on research and innovation for food security SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE No. 5 Identifying possible economic-financial synergies between EU, Member and non-Member States, and with other international organizations Flowchart Feeding Knowledge WORK PACKAGE No.1 International community of research and innovation on food security WORK PACKAGE No.2 International Technology Platform for cooperation on research and innovation for food security WORK PACKAGE No.3 Economic-financial synergy with EC, Member and Third countries, and other international organizations PROJECT MANAGEMENT DISSEMINATION AND VISIBILITY
  5. The results of the project may be summarized as follows Results(1/2) Feeding Knowledge 1. International scientific network for research and innovation on food security “Feeding Knowledge” 2. Training of young experts on research for food security: no. 1 face-to-face course addressed to young experts to be employed at the national focal points; e-learning; Master of Science/International PhD on food security. 3. Institutional network to implement analysis and guidance on research and development policies and identify economic-financial synergies: a network involving EU Commission, Member States and Third countries; North-to-South and South-to-South laboraotry to share experiences and guide policies and programmes.
  6. Results (2/2) Feeding Knowledge 4. International Technology Platform on cooperation for research and innovation for food security: Database system and a thematic digital library; Use and dissemination of the contents produced by studies and research works; E-collaboration between the players involved; Priority lab: virtual laboratory on policies for food security; Monitoring and reporting.
  7. The Project’s aim is to promote innovation and sustainable knowledge on food security through e-collaboration in order to favour the following processes : Results (2/2) : Platform functions Feeding Knowledge A) Collection and organization of data B) Knowledge building and accessibility C) Development of networks to understand, foresee and solve issues D) Integration among people, tools and information
  8. D)Integrating people, tools and information Feeding Knowledge
  9. Feeding Knowledge Governance Strategic Committee – SC : responsible for the “ policy ”, namely the overall strategy of the Project that is intended to provide an effective support to the scientific and insitutional community, at both the international and national levels, on research and innovation for food security. The SC will collect inputs from the institutional network. Technical-Scientific Committee – TSC : its main task is to collect , compare and report the needs of target countries , orient the Platform contents and verify their technical-scientific adequacy. The TSC will be composed of: Project Manager, CIHEAM-IAMB, METID Centre and international technical-scientific experts. Project Management: its task will consist in implementing and monitoring project activities , managing financial/budget aspects and verifying results. The Project management will be composed of: one project manager, one financial/administrative manager, one assistant or facilitator for each target country (national focal point). One member of SC and one member of TSC will be invited to attend key meetings.
  10. Feeding Knowledge Costs Recapitulation of costs Cost items Jul-Dec 2011 2012 2013 2014 Jan-Mar 2015 Total 01.Human Resources € 828.500,00 € 1.083.400,00 € 812.900,00 € 875.900,00 € 426.800,00 € 4.027.500,00 02.Travels € 38.800,00 € 190.800,00 € 103.200,00 € 55.400,00 € 35.800,00 € 424.000,00 03.Materials € 7.100,00 € 14.173,00 € 7.700,00 € 11.200,00 € 4.600,00 € 44.773,00 04.Equipment € 61.000,00 € 97.000,00 € 2.000,00 € 16.000,00 € 2.000,00 € 178.000,00 05.Teaching material € - € 6.000,00 € 1.500,00 € 7.500,00 € - € 15.000,00 06.Printed material € 18.000,00 € - € - € - € - € 18.000,00 07.Other costs € 8.000,00 € 34.500,00 € 32.500,00 € 32.000,00 € 4.000,00 € 111.000,00 08.Overheads € 69.640,00 € 134.787,00 € 85.680,00 € 97.700,00 € 43.920,00 € 431.727,00 Total € 1.031.040,00 € 1.560.660,00 € 1.045.480,00 € 1.095.700,00 € 517.120,00 € 5.250.000,00