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Workplace & Culture Design w/ Olivier Ramel Cofounder & CEO of Kymono

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We often say culture isn’t about perks or posters on a wall. And it’s true. But for a culture to be successful, it needs to be translated into tangible experiences. 

Workplace management is a large and growing topic. It ranges from how you design the space and organisation of your office, to what your team eats and how they’re dressed. It's also about the logistics and indentity challenges that come with rapidly scaling your team from 10 to 100 and more!

So how do you create the perfect environment to let your culture shine?

Olivier Ramel, Cofounder & CEO @Kymono.co

Olivier is a young serial entrepreneur and Founder of Kymono, Europe’s leading designer of customized clothing that is affordable, high-quality, and of the highest ethical standards. Companies like Airbnb, Zenly, Google, and LVMH are already wearing Kymono clothes. Olivier believes that identity and culture has become a top priority for companies - and outfits are a great way to share these values. His long-term vision? Offer holistic design by infusing a company's spirit in every object and space  Born in Paris, Kymono is also in London and now coming to Berlin!

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Workplace & Culture Design w/ Olivier Ramel Cofounder & CEO of Kymono

  1. 1. CULTURE DESIGN Olivier Ramel CEO of Kymono
  2. 2. Feeling of belonging
  3. 3. Europe’s leading designers of customized clothing
  4. 4. Culture in a company has become a TOP priority
  5. 5. UNIQUE & AUTHENTIC Culture in a company has become a TOP priority
  6. 6. In business. DO WHAT YOU LOVE ! Life
  8. 8. A strong culture who communicate, Is a culture who attracts talents !
  9. 9. Any difference ? NOTHING The feeling of belonging to a culture !