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General music profile

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General music profile

  1. 1. W A I H I G A K . M U T U R I PERSONAL INFORMATION Citizenship: Kenyan Marital status: Single Date of birth: 21 st August, 1987 CAREER OBJECTIVE To learn and apply as much as I can in business and become an asset to the organization and community through professional and disciplined services, thorough and hard work, integrity and honesty in both my professional and personal life. SKILLS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Communication  Participated in simulation exercises as a HIV/AIDS Counsellor and trainer and as a Toastmaster with Toastmaster’s International program.  Working on various team projects during my service with Red Cross Society has involved different roles which have developed negotiation and conflict resolution skills.  Excellent communication skills gained from giving presentations at seminars and public- speaking fora.  Diversity in that I can speak a number of languages both local and international. Team Work  Successful course work was dependent upon participation and motivation of syndicated project groups;  Experience of working within a team-based culture involved planning, organization, co- ordination and commitment. Excellent writing skills  Some of the duties as an intern at Centre for Leadership Africa involved writing extensive reports on various social and political issues.  Maintain a social Christian blog in which I post short spiritual essays.  Participate in interviewing, writing, co-authoring and editing an executive trilogy coffee- book about the most successful men, women and elders in Kenya. Problem Solving  Development of strong analytic and diagnostic skills as part of diploma course;  Working as a Project Co-coordinator and facilitator at Integrity Forex Investments Ltd. taught me to come up with prompt solutions to problems in a calm and efficient manner, and to make independent decisions. PROFILE:  P.O. Box 75642-00200 Nairobi, Kenya  Phone: +254 732 296 662  E-mail: WAIHIGAMUTURI@GMAIL.COM
  2. 2. Computing  Studied Computer Operations and other computer packages and achieved distinctions.  Well versed with the Internet as well.  The practical experience with Mvera Wireless Ltd. gave me good exposure on networking and Wi-Fi systems. Languages Fluent in English, Kiswahili. Elementary level Spanish-speaker and currently pursuing skills in Sign language. EXPERIENCE  Worked on a self-titled documentary project to address the stigma bore by HIV/AIDS victims.  Worked with the Conservatoire School of Music as main cast for an International musical held in December 2012 (Kenya National Theatre).  Worked with Adanje and the Band, Mercy Wairegi, Nikko, Ruth Matete as main B.G.V. and/or voice coach.  Worked with Hellen Akoth Mtawali as part of Lead singer for the Afrizzo Band.  Worked with Valerie Kimani as main B.G.V. for her official album launch, 2012.  Runners-up for “Out of Africa 2012”, a Europe Touring Musical company.  Worked with Nikko as main Back-ground Vocalist for Voices of Worship and a 500-choir ensemble.  Featured in several main-stream Radio production jingles.  Worked as a session singer and main vocalist for several renown musicians i.e. Juliani, Adawnage band, Sarah Kiarie among many others.  Praise and Worship Leader, Nairobi Pentecostal Church, Parklands.  Praise and Worship Leader, Bridge Nakuru, Life Ministry Kenya (LMK).  Praise and Worship Leader, Deliverance, Life Celebration Centre (LCC). INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES  Volunteering & Philanthropy – Mathare Slums with AIDS victims. - Victorious Youth Group in Kibera. - Gibson’s School of the disabled in Karen. - Gentlemen’s Worship. - Music training & ministry in Churches.  Learning, Travelling, Art (in its totality) and Fitness sports. HOBBIES Reading, Writing, Listening to Music, Singing, Poetry, Cooking and Swimming.
  3. 3. REFERENCES Hellen Akoth Mtawali Director Afrizo, Lecturer, Daystar University, Valley Road, Athi River Campus, P.O. BOX 44400, Nairobi, Kenya. Tel.: 045-22601/2/3 Cell.: +254722699932 e-mail: hellenmtawali@yahoo.com/ hmtawali@daystar.ac.ke Nita Hungu, Music Consultant, Hue Entertainment, P.O. BOX 2256-00202, Nairobi, Kenya. Cell. : +254-721 289 714 e-mail: hueent@gmail.com Pastor Patrick Kuchio C.I.T.A.M.Missions Coordinator, P.O. BOX 42254-00100 Valley Road, Nairobi Kenya. Fax: 2722418 or Cell.: +254722964367 e-mail:pkuchio@citam.org/ pkuchio@yahoo.com