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Digital trends for 2015

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We are in the midst of a transitionary phase where the usage of devices is rapidly evolving. Smartphones are starting to replace computers in our day-to-day lives, wireless payment and internet connected objects are being developed and social networks are beginning to re-invent themselves and offer additional services. These changes bring with them a new outlook on digital innovation.

However, a paradox between current usage and expectations is emerging : consumers demand more and more personalised experiences, and although many of these require a plethora of personal details, the intrusiveness of brands, along with recent cases of confidential information exposure, pushes customers to act with mistrust and suspicion.

Within an environment where customer expectations are becoming increasingly high, Vanksen’s new study Digital Trends in 2015 offers brands a guiding vision.

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Digital trends for 2015

  1. 1. 1
  5. 5. 5 #1 2012 2014 Average amount of time spent on smartphones1 2h10min Mobile devices can be used for all purposes: shopping, groceries, sports, health, etc. They are no longer just a means communicate but also your companion in daily activities. Today, 36% of time spent2 on an internet-connected device is spent on mobiles phones. We are beginning to witness new forms of internet usage. Whilst in previous years, users were known to remain stationary in front of their computers for several hours, today’s consumers split their time online, and log in several times a day for shorter periods of time. THIS ENTAILS NEW CHALLENGES FOR BRANDS, WHO WILL HAVE TO DOUBLE THEIR EFFORTS TO RAPIDLY GAIN THE ATTENTION OF A VERY VOLATILE CONSUMER. ON A GLOBAL SCALE, THERE ARE MORE MOBILE USERS THAN INTERNET USERS Source 1 Source 2 1h12min THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE DEVICES
  8. 8. EVOLUTION DU MOBILE 8 20% OF FRENCH PEOPLE SAY THEY ARE INTERESTED IN SMART WATCHES THERE IS A HIGH DEGREE OF INTEREST IN THESE OBJECTS, AND NOT JUST AMONGST TECHNOPHILES. Connected devices are nevertheless only at the introduction phase, with 64 % of French people claiming that they just see them as technical gadgets. Watches aside, interest in buying other objects such as internet-connected TVs, bracelets, and glasses remains low amongst the public. However, consumers are beginning to familiarise themselves with these new products. New innovations give brands an opportunity to encourage all kinds of audiences to take up internet connected products by innovating and creating new, enriching experiences. #1 Source THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE DEVICES
  9. 9. MOBILE 9 WE NO LONGER SPEAK OF “MOBILE DEVICES” BUT OF CONNECTED INTERFACES- A TERM THAT ENCOMPASSES TELEPHONES AND WATCHES, BUT ALSO FLOWER POTS, CLOTHES, AND SHOES ETC. EVOLUTION DU MOBILE 9 INTERFACE DATA CONTROL We are witnessing an increasingly striking fragmentation of these interfaces. New innovations are launched very frequently, and dedicated research labs are in place to work for huge accounts or small start ups… Every one of our needs will have (or already has) its own technological solution. The arrival of these innovations in our digital ecosystem will generate new ways of receiving and consuming data, information, and different forms of content. ETC. #1 THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE DEVICES
  11. 11. MOBILE 1111 ADAPT TO NEW INTERFACES BUT ABOVE ALL NEW FORMS OF USAGE Designers, UI/UX Designers, developers, and marketers will have to create different interfaces and transfer content over to an equal standard, whether it’s on smartphones, watches or even web-connected footballs. It is no longer about adapting to new interfaces (e.g. the little round screen of a watch versus the screen of a tablet) but also about understanding the new forms of usage that will be brought about as a result. #1 THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE DEVICES
  12. 12. CONTENT DESIGN WEB ERGONOMICS DEVELOPMENT Adapt the content to be read on-the-go in a fast-paced environment, which requires higher speed and simplicity, with less distruptive elements. The layout must be completely revised for mobiles and other connected devices. This provides the user with an “interface friendly” experience, where only the content that interests them is displayed. Increasing levels of user mobility has meant that web design is verging towards greater simplicity. Interfaces are refined, allowing content to be easily comprehensible. The constant evolution of mobiles and internet enabled devices will have a significant impact on behaviour, and will therefore affect the development of applications, sites, etc. who will have to take these changes into account. 12 #1 THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE DEVICES
  14. 14. This is a form of technology that is already emerging, with: - Google Now, which suggests content and app features depending on your geographical location, your activity, and the time of the day, amongst other factors. - The notification bar on new Operating Systems that sends direct contextualised notifications to the mobile user, sometimes with the option of performing an action without even opening the app. THE DESIGN OF MOBILE INTERFACES IS MOVING TOWARDS THE CONTEXTUALISATION PERSONALISATION, SPEED, AND SIMPLIFICATION OF THE USER EXPERIENCE. 14 #1 Google Now THE INTELLIGENCE OF SYSTEMS IN IMPROVING, PERSONALISING AND CONTEXTUALISING THE USER EXPERIENCE THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE DEVICES
  15. 15. 15 #1 THE INTELLIGENCE OF SYSTEMS TO IMPROVE, PERSONALIZE AND CONTEXTUALIZE THE USER EXPERIENCE Let’s imagine a future where mobiles don’t have traditional application icons, in favour of a new system (whether this is introduced directly by the Operating System or by a third party). Equipped with an intelligent system, devices offer us content from our applications depending on: our location (house, office, metro etc.), the time of the day, our habits, and our preferences. THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE DEVICES
  16. 16. 16 #1 SCROLL HORIZONTAL By scrolling horizontally on one of the tabs, additional information appears and we can perform an action without even directly opening the application. SCROLL VERTICAL By scrolling vertically, we can access all content created by the system: the weather forecast, schedule, sms, social networks, loyalty cards, events, news… Let’s also imagine that we are able to tweak the intelligence of the system by adjusting it to our preferences: “I don’t like this content”, “I no longer want to see this kind of information” etc. THE INTELLIGENCE OF SYSTEMS TO IMPROVE, PERSONALIZE AND CONTEXTUALIZE THE USER EXPERIENCE THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE DEVICES
  18. 18. 18 MOBILE PAYMENT SIMPLIFIES THE CONSUMER’S RELATIONSHIP WITH THE MARKET The evolution of mobile devices is also interspersed with the mass arrival of Near Field (contactless) Communication technology. Payment via smartphone is now available and huge american corporations are fighting over exclusivity amongst suppliers. Apple launched Apple Pay and large distribution chains such as Wallmart are announcing their arrival on the scene with CurrentC. Near Field Communication is still young and in need of development (very few trades are equipped with electronic payment terminals), but mobile payment will bring about an ultra-personalisation of the buying process. Brands will be able to unleash waves of targeted promotions adapted to the interests of clients, and centralise their data: loyalty card points, proof of purchase for refunds etc. #1 THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE DEVICES
  19. 19. 19 DATA & THE QUANTIFIED SELF #2
  21. 21. INTERNET CONNECTED OBJECTS= THE MADNESS OF SELF-ASSESSMENT 21 With their constant access to personal details, there is a shift in the user ’s relationship with themselves and others. The user has complete and perpetual control, which allows them to better understand themselves and improve their quality of life in real time: nutrition, work, sports, sleep, finances, etc. Interactive apps bring the notion of fun into our daily lives. Self-assessment and auto-management gives way to the creation of objectives that, in turn, lead to us checking our progress more regularly. The scale of detail sharing and the value attributed to it is increasing in magnitude: applications can now display the number of miles travelled, calories burned, compare details amongst each other, and provide challenges etc. EVOLUTION DU MOBILE#2 DATA & THE QUANTIFIED SELF
  22. 22. A CONSUMER THAT IS ALWAYS SEARCHING FOR A PERSONALISED APPROACH 22 In 2015, the obsession with personal data will lead users to demand increasing levels of personalisation. Services will have to stand out even more by becoming the user’s personal coach and assistant. Rather than being concerned with simple figures, users will seek out personalised advice and recommendations. #2 DATA & THE QUANTIFIED SELF
  23. 23. 23 THE OBSESSION WITH OVER QUANTIFICATION IS RAISING CONCERNS Self-assessment brings with it a great deal of questions, particularly when it regards the health of users, or the introduction of new forms of gathering data. Doctors are predicting that complete and consistent control increases patient anxieties, particularly when a figure passes the threshold of what is considered normal. Conversely, certain users think they can do without a professional opinion on health, due to applications and specialised devices that offer their own diagnosis. The-often excessive-sharing of personal details can be problematic. Without having manually adjusted the settings of their applications, users are unknowingly exposing themselves to the automatic gathering and sharing of data far beyond their personal circles. #2 DATA & THE QUANTIFIED SELF
  24. 24. 24 Brands will have more useful information about their consumers. This will guide them in a more effective marketing approach, and thus, a larger ROI. THESE DETAILS WILL BE USED BY THE APPLICATION WHEN PROVIDING THE USER WITH GUIDANCE Optimise sales using more accurate profile identification Gain customer loyalty by creating a personalised experience Personalised, direct, more efficient marketing campaigns. Partnerships with other allied brands #2 PROFILE TYPES LOYALTY PROMOTIONS PARTNERSHIPS DATA & THE QUANTIFIED SELF
  25. 25. 25 WEB ETHICS #3
  27. 27. 27 The debate regarding the security of shared personal information has become widespread following the emergence of new applications and technologies. Fears amongst internet users have increased following several hacking incidents (Snapchat, Dropbox, Snowden, etc). Consumer demand is verging towards personalised websites that are secure and ethical. #3 YES TO PERSONALISATION, BUT AT WHAT PRICE? WEB ETHICS
  28. 28. 28 The majority of internet users don’t trust social networks and search engines when it comes to the protection of their personal details. Nevertheless, Google and Facebook have never been more widely used amongst internet users. #3 THE PARADOX BETWEEN USAGE AND EXPECTATIONS 56% 87% Of French people consider that websites cannot, under any circumstances, use their personal details without their consent. Of french people do not wish to authorise the use of their information on social networks even if this means receiving a more personalised service. Source WEB ETHICS
  29. 29. 29 Consumers are well aware of the volume of personal information they are sharing, and accessing. The concept and definition of a “personal life” needs to be reviewed and adapted. Where are the boundaries of brand responsibility when it comes to sharing user information? In 2015, consumers that purchase innovative, internet- connected devices will have to agree to give their personal details in exchange for a qualitative analysis. BRANDS MUST RE-ASSURE CLIENTS AND ADOPT A TRANSPARENT APPROACH. CONSUMERS WILL HAVE TO PLAY THE GAME #3 WEB ETHICS
  30. 30. 30 SOCIAL REVOLUTION #4
  32. 32. 32 SOCIAL REVOLUTION#4 An increasing wariness of the big players is being felt amongst the most active internet users (‘the millenials’). These users consider the big networks as jaded, too generalist and less entertaining than newer networks. They are beginning to see their parents on Facebook and find that they lack in privacy. It’s through this real need for something completely new that niche networks are gathering followers: new social networks are emerging depending on the type of audience, interest or need. THE BIG SOCIAL NETWORKS ARE BEING CALLED INTO QUESTION, AND NEW PLAYERS ARE APPEARING
  33. 33. 33 SOCIAL REVOLUTION#4 While go-to social networks are being criticised for their lack of transparency, newcomers are setting themselves apart with promises of privacy and confidentiality. Anonymous, fleeting, or with little publicity, these newborns in the digital sphere call into question their digital elders. THE SOCIAL NETWORK IS EVOLVING AND MICRO-COMMUNITIES ARE EMERGING. … REARING TO OVERTAKE THE BIG PLAYERS
  34. 34. 34 SOCIAL REVOLUTION#4 SO, DOES THIS MEAN THE END OF FACEBOOK? These new niche applications lead to a certain level of enthusiasm after their release, but many of them are unable to keep an audience active on their website for very long: Facebook and Twitter remain the most popular. This unsustainable nature is highlighted by two factors: - A lack of added value: these applications are the result of a shift in fashion trends, - Above all, these new services have difficulty widening their user database. DO USERS WANT ONE APPLICATION TO SOLVE A PARTICULAR PROBLEM OR A NEW “ALL-IN-ONE” SOCIAL NETWORK? Bitstrips – A facebook status in comic strips YO – The application that sends short messages to contacts
  35. 35. 35 SOCIAL REVOLUTION#4 The latest example is Ello, a social network that pushes the protection of personal details and offers a platform with no advertisements. To emphasise this standpoint, Ello has defined itself as a non-profit organisation. Ello has taken the web by storm, as only internet users with an invitation are able to access it. The “Anti-Facebook” promise caught the excitement of many internet users. However, only 25% of users were still active 6 days after the launch of the service. Source SO, DOES THIS MEAN THE END OF FACEBOOK?
  36. 36. 36 SOCIAL REVOLUTION#4 NEW SOCIAL NETWORKS WITH AMBIGUOUS PROMISES Confidentiality promises made by these new players have rapidly been called into question by various incidents that cast doubt on their sincerity. Whisper, for example, was hacked and thousands of user details that weren’t supposed to be kept on file were leaked. Unlike their original brand promise, Snapchat has just announced the arrival of consumer advertising on their app. A new function, Snapchat stories, has been added, allowing videos to remain visible for 48 hours- and this too goes against their previous promises of fleeting content. One question remains for Ello, which recently raised 5,5 million dollars in investment: Will it have to find a way to monetise the service in order to make the investment worthwhile?
  37. 37. 37 SOCIAL REVOLUTION#4 FACEBOOK REINVENTS ITSELF Since its release onto the stock market, Facebook has shown considerable initiative and dynamism. Not a month passes without the improvement of services or new features on the website. Facebook possesses an incredible power that allows it to invest in research and development, take risks by buying companies etc., but above all, to quickly develop and introduce new services. Facebook has already launched “Facebook at work” a professional network initially targeting companies with over 100 employees. Facebook has also bought Virtual Reality Headset technology and employed Cory Ondrejka, one of the creators of Second Life, as a VP engineer. They state that their objective is to “re-imagine our way of communicating” 1. Source
  40. 40. 40 #5 Whether it is being accessed by phone or computer, the internet has become the consumer’s personal assistant, and thereby has a say in their decision making. However, consumers want to make their choices quickly and efficiently, without losing time researching existing offers, but rather by expressing their needs, and having these adapted into a personalised offer. TO WIN OVER THE CONSUMER, BRANDS WILL HAVE TO OFFER AN INTELLIGENT BUYING PROCESS, BUT ALSO AN ELABORATE CRM PROGRAM AND ORIGINAL USER EXPERIENCE. THE PRODUCT BEING BOUGHT IS NO LONGER AS IMPORTANT AS THE PROCESS OF BUYING PERSONALISATION IN REAL TIME
  41. 41. 41 #5 Recent studies show that, both amongst consumers and brands, personalisation will be THE trend to follow. ACCUSTOMED TO THE ULTRA STANDARDISED, BRANDS ARE NOW MOVING TOWARDS MADE TO MEASURE SERVICES 80% Of digital marketing services are convinced that personalisation is the key to the success of their future operations. Source PERSONALISATION IN REAL TIME
  42. 42. 42 #5 AND THE DIGITAL SPHERE REMAINS THE BEST SOLUTION IN CREATING PERSONALISED EXPERIENCES Source Amazon was a pioneer in creating a personalised buying process for each and every user. By using their research algorythms for email campaigns, the brand bases the efficiency of their personalisation on knowing their clients and gathering information. AMAZON FIAT Fiat created the Fiat Live Store, a virtual shop that made a very real impact. While logged into the website, the client can get in touch with a salesperson from the brand. Armed with a front camera and microphone, the salesperson helps the client discover new car models, discussing details with them live in order to help them with their choice. PERSONALISATION IN REAL TIME
  44. 44. DIGITAL COMMANDMENTS FOR 2015 44 10
  46. 46. 46 Consumers are more susceptible to brands that have a real personality; this means that they will have to find creative ways to make themselves stand out and engage consumers. The brand must use storytelling in order to make themselves iconic, and create content around their products, services, and universe. The digital world is filled with platforms and tools (videos, images, social networks…) allowing brands to connect with their target audience and relay content that will differentiate them from other brands. IN 2015, BRANDS ARE NO LONGER JUST MANUFACTURERS. THEY MUST ALSO BE STORYTELLERS THOU SHALT BE MORE INSPIRING#1
  47. 47. 47 Coca-Cola regularly proves itself as a highly inspiring brand, by making happiness into a daily goal, and encouraging its consumers to look on the bright side of life. For Coca-Cola, the digital world is a huge playground, where they are able to put in place original, creative and engaging ecosystems. IN 2015 BRANDS WILL HAVE TO INSPIRE CONSUMERS #1 Castorama chose to become a source of inspiration for the public, by using their expertise to serve customers better. On their digital support platform, Castorama suggests numerous solutions- from their youtube channel filled with tutorials, to various peer help platforms, the brand becomes a real assistant amongst consumers. COCA-COLA CASTORAMA THOU SHALT BE MORE INSPIRING
  48. 48. 48 Red Bull is certainly one of the best examples of a brand providing inspiration to their community. Thanks to their frequent sponsorship of sporting events, Red Bull is able to create content that is full of emotions and thereby builds a community of passionate fans; always on the lookout for new adventures. STORY TELLING + CREATIVE VISION = A BREATH OF FRESH AIR #1 In recent years Levi has been focusing on providing inspiration, in the abstract sense. The brand is positioning itself as motivating force within its community, by giving customers the inspiration to better themselves, be fearless, and move forward. In digital terms, it is by using strong and persuasive visuals that the brand finds new ways of being heard, all steeped in rich emotions and heritage. RED BULL LEVI’S THOU SHALT BE MORE INSPIRING
  49. 49. 49 BE INSPIRING, USE STORYTELLING AND BRAND CONTENT TO: #1 Give the brand personality Add value to the brand’s history, knowledge and values Grab the attention of internet users Make people dream Leave a mark Create useful or emotional content to fuel the brand’s digital presence Communicate, with the use of storytelling THOU SHALT BE MORE INSPIRING
  51. 51. 51 The digital world enables all brands to create content quickly and easily: Youtube channels, Facebook pages, Brand blogs, Web series etc. Although this allows brands to enhance their digital position through content creation, internet users can also become overexposed to, or threatened by brand content. Users are increasingly distressed by the intrusion of advertisers and overtly promotional content, particularly when they aren’t affiliated with the brand. A recent study has revealed that overexposure to sponsored posts that have been re-targeted, for example, produces a counterproductive effect. CONSUMERS ARE ALLERGIC TO BRANDS THAT ARE INTRUSIVE #2 Source 1 Source 2 62% Of internet users remain untouched by a brand’s actions on social media 1 THOU SHALT BE LESS INTRUSIVE
  52. 52. THOU SHALT BE LESS INTRUSIVE 52 IN 2015, BRANDS WILL HAVE TO CONCENTRATE ON ENGAGEMENT AND TARGETING #2 It isn’t the size of the community that counts, but rather the community’s commitment to the brand. The best example of this is Facebook putting an end to “fangate”-brands can no longer force users to “like” a page to access content or a participate in a competition. THIS ATTESTS TO A REAL PARADIGM SHIFT: THE RACE FOR LIKES IS OVER, AND IS BEING REPLACED WITH USER ENGAGEMENT AND DEDICATED FANS!
  53. 53. THOU SHALT BE LESS INTRUSIVE 53 In order to reach your audience without being invasive towards users that aren’t receptive to the brand, you must use targeting techniques. When pairing this process with content that interests your audience, the brand will engage and gain the loyalty of their community. KNOW AND UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE IN ORDER TO BETTER ENGAGE THEM #2 UNDERSTAND YOUR CONSUMERS AND CREATE CONTENT THAT IS SIMILAR TO THEM Bounce off news, understand what subjects they read about the most, create an editorial line that reaches out to them, create design guidelines to give an identity to its content and make it stand out. TYPE OF PROFILE INTERESTS HABITS Target by using the consumer’s language Target with direct or indirect interests Target the platforms that the audience uses regularly
  55. 55. THOU SHALT ALWAYS BE ATTENTIVE 55 Making the most of the digital sphere also means putting in place an active digital watch for both the market, trends and user behaviour, through e-reputation monitoring: THE DIGITAL AS A TOOL FOR MONITORING AND MAXIMISING CLOSENESS WITH THE TARGET AUDIENCE #3 Tune in to conversations surrounding your brand on the web for insights into brand perception amongst internet users. Monitor weak signals, as well as the economic environment and your competitors. Identify key influencers in order to put in place contact strategies. React if necessary and be quick on your feet. LISTEN MONITOR REACT IDENTIFY
  56. 56. THOU SHALT ALWAYS BE ATTENTIVE 56 BE READY TO LISTEN AND DEVELOP YOUR STRATEGY… #3 By actively listening to the sector, competitors, and what internet users think, the brand will advance its digital strategy and brand discourse. Digital monitoring allows brands to raise questions about their target user. The brand is able to gain new insights and therefore adapt its strategy in real time.
  57. 57. THOU SHALT ALWAYS BE ATTENTIVE 57 …WHILE REMAINING RESPONSIVE, RELEVANT, AND INTELLIGENT #3 Understand which platforms are visited the most by your community and what content they find most engaging. Discover what fans are interested in outside of the primary focus of the brand in order to bring about new topics of conversation. Attract the attention of the most influential internet users in order to create partnerships and further the brand’s visibility. And above all, avoid copying initiatives that have already been put in place by competitors. HABITS INTERESTS PARTNERSHIPS ORIGINALITY
  58. 58. THOU SHALT ALWAYS BE ATTENTIVE 58 Digital monitoring also allows brands to be up-to-date on trends within their market and ensure that they are always doing something original. Thus, the brand will avoid disastrous mistakes, since internet users are increasingly well informed about campaigns that have already been carried out. A misguided piece of a publicity, video, blog or other content can easily be dismissed by consumers. By ensuring that every initiative is unprecedented, the brand re-instates their image as an innovative brand, capable of creating interesting and previously unseen content. INTERNET USERS ARE JUST AS WELL INFORMED AS YOU ARE #3 Joe La Pompe
  60. 60. THOU SHALT BE RESPONSIVE 60 BE MORE RESPONSIVE TO ESTABLISH A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH CUSTOMERS #4 Client satisfaction is intrinsically linked with after sales service. It is through providing excellent customer service that brands are able to gain the customer ’s loyalty, which in turn leads to the acquisition of new clients through customers recommending the brand to their circles. It is by listening carefully to consumer requests, complaints, or opinions, and responding to these that the brand will manage to increase their trust, and the accumulation of positive brand-related experiences, which will eventually create a long term loyalty within the customer.
  61. 61. THOU SHALT BE RESPONSIVE 61 GIVE CLIENTS THE NECESSARY TOOLS TO INITIATE CONVERSATIONS #4 The American retailer has understood that social media is an essential tool in establishing a long term relationship with customers, based on mutual exchanges over time. Best Buy used twitter to create TwelpForce. Twelpforce is a specific account that vendors sign onto during their working hours to reply to all client requests in real time. BEST BY DARTY In 2013 Darty launched the “connected button”, a device kept in the home that is able to put the consumer in touch with an after sales service that is available 24/7. Whatever the question, the client is guaranteed professional assistance at all times and the distributor, on his end, is given the opportunity to increase the client’s loyalty and satisfaction.
  62. 62. THOU SHALT BE RESPONSIVE 62 By putting in place a digital watch for news, information relating to their sector, and topics that may interest their target, brands can be more responsive and create content with a greater impact. Being responsive on social networks allows brands to take on a dynamic role within their community. When the brand takes a bold position, their relationship with their audience improves. The most active brands, but also the most bold, daring brands (sometimes to the point of pushing legal boundaries), have managed to engage internet users and encourage their participation with parodies of film posters, and plenty of puns, amongst other things. STAY UP-TO-DATE ON CURRENT NEWS AND EVENTS TO BETTER REACH YOUR AUDIENCE #4
  63. 63. THOU SHALT BE RESPONSIVE 63 RESPONSIVENESS AND CREATIVITY: TWO ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS TO ENGAGE YOUR COMMUNITY #4 After having ingrained their gang of fruity friends in the minds of consumers, Oasis’s digital strategy has been hugely successful on social media channels, due to their constant parodies of news and current events to create content. From film posters to big headlines about celebrity gossip, the fruit brand captures the interest of a huge community that is just as fond of word puns and is always keen to participate. OASIS OREO Oreo remains a classic case of innovative social media content strategy. Agile in spirit, the brand knows not to take themselves too seriously and always provides internet users with content that speaks to them. From the release of Xbox One to the landing of the Curiosity robot on Mars, everything is an opportunity for misappropriation and content creation.
  65. 65. THOU SHALT KEEP THE USER AT THE CENTRE OF THY STRATEGY 65 Know your consumers better and use this knowledge intelligently in order to: TO PROVIDE THE USER WITH BETTER SATISFACTION, PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR PLACE #5 Create an optimal site layout so the user can quickly access the information they need. Introduce a personalised experience tailored to the user’s behaviour, interests, and objectives. Analyse data to offer the user predictive searches and only present them with content that interests them. THE INTERNET USER MUST BE AT THE CENTRE OF ALL DECISIONS MADE SURROUNDING THE CREATION OF COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGIES. EVERY COMMUNICATION TOOL THAT IS PUT IN PLACE MUST OFFER USEFUL AND EFFECTIVE NAVIGATION.
  66. 66. THOU SHALT KEEP THE USER AT THE CENTRE OF THY STRATEGY 66 #5 CREATE THE OPTIMAL USER EXPERIENCE IN 3 STEPS In order to establish an intelligent, user-based strategy, you must first understand the user’s behaviour, expectations and interests, with the aim of personalising their experience as much as possible. Identify the end-user’s needs, the context of use, and analyse current usage. Define the site’s objectives and come up with solutions. ANALYSE Organise content, create visual mockups and define the structure of the interface. IMPLEMENT - - - - - Confirm the design choices by analysing results and implementing the necessary modifications. EVALUATE
  67. 67. THOU SHALT KEEP THE USER AT THE CENTRE OF THY STRATEGY 67 #5 REFINE AND SIMPLIFY: THE KEY WORDS OF 2015 Users are increasingly mobile and always in need of faster speed. They digest information en masse, in very short periods of time, and want to find things quickly and easily. Brands must make navigation as simple as possible, by adapting to the constraints and expectations of consumers. Know and define user profiles Establish and organise an information hierarchy Refine as much as possible. Delete anything that is not useful in order to highlight key elements Respect internet browsing guidelines Define objectives and work on customer conversion while favouring A/B and multivariable testing Highlight and reinforce perceived credibility and trust in the brand: baseline/slogan, strong graphic identity, adhering to brand guidelines, etc.
  68. 68. THOU SHALT KEEP THE USER AT THE CENTRE OF THY STRATEGY 68 #5 THE SLIGHTEST PIECE OF INFORMATION CAN BE USEFUL IN IMPROVING THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Amazon is a brand that is already engaged in personalising the user experience. Amongst its plethora of offers, the online distribution giant’s sales are based on highly personalised recommendations, subject to searches and previous orders, but also items that would complement the purchase. AMAZON NETFLIX Netflix was able to tame big data and make it their main ally in personalising their service. Each program is subject to a description and a highly detailed tag that allows the service to co-ordinate watched programmes and learn more about the likes and dislikes of its users. The american platform has even revealed that the value of their recommendations algorythm amounts to 500 million dollars.
  70. 70. 70 CREATE USEFUL CONTENT TO EMPHASISE YOUR PRESENCE AMONGST CUSTOMERS #6 In order to create a long term relationship and become a true partner with consumers, brands must think to create content that is useful to them. The brand must be present long after the simple purchase of their product. Content can stray slightly from the brand’s primary function if it is coherent and legitimate. THOU SHALT PRODUCE USEFUL CONTENT
  71. 71. THOU SHALT PRODUCE USEFUL CONTENT 71 THE RECIPE FOR USEFUL AND ENGAGING CONTENT #6 Creating useful content that is able to engage and retain the loyalty of a community of internet users doesn’t just rest on the idea put in place. Many factors need to be taken into account in order to ensure a lasting presence that has true added value amongst the target audience. Choose your platforms well: depending on the kind of content that the brand wants to produce, B2B or B2C, the platform they decide to choose will play a major part in their strategic presence. Stay aligned with the interests of the target: it is important to understand what internet users are interested in and what they are looking for (information, fun, etc.) in order to define how the brand will be useful to them. Uphold a high publishing frequency: the regularity of published content will play a key role in making customers loyal to the platform. Leave things open for discussion: An enthusiastic community wants above all to participate and share their opinion. In addition to this, the brand’s target audience will give the best feedback on the quality of brand content.
  72. 72. THOU SHALT PRODUCE USEFUL CONTENT 72 PRODUCING CREATIVE AND USEFUL CONTENT #6 This DIY and interior decoration shop was able to reinforce their position and brand promise « Never Stop Improving » by showcasing their creativity on the Vine platform, using mini- clips. The brand brings real DIY solutions to their community whilst adding a playful touch. LOWE’S There is no need to introduce this sports brand and their various customer-dedicated services. Following the “self-management” trend, Nike was able to assert themselves as a useful brand with their bracelet and Nike + applications. By offering a complete tracking service, the brand became a must-have in the eyes of their clients, all while staying within their sector. NIKE+
  73. 73. THOU SHALT PRODUCE USEFUL CONTENT 73 STEP OUTSIDE YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE IN ORDER TO SEDUCE THE TARGET AUDIENCE #6 While concentrating on one of their audience ’s major interests, Volkswagen dared to step outside their immediate area of expertise and came up with a useful idea for a social platform. The brand put in place a car sharing platform to help football supporters organise their stadium trips: http://enroutepourlestade.fr/ VOLKSWAGEN For a few years now, Heineken has been scrutinising and learning about their audience. In 2014, the brand created the twitter account @WhereNext suggesting that internet users tweet the name of their city to the account, whereupon they would be tweeted back with suggestions of a festive place to continue the evening. Products aside, Heineken is becoming a true companion, working with the consumer’s personal interests to make their lives more enriching. HEINEKEN
  75. 75. THOU SHALT FOCUS ON INNOVATION 75 IN 2015 BRANDS MUST ADOPT SMART INNOVATOR APPROACH #7 With the emergence of new technologies and devices, brands have a wealth of opportunities to position themselves as innovators and create services that are useful to consumers. The content that is created by the brand must be useful and serve the brand and their aims. Of course, brands must only consider the most relevant technologies, depending on their sector and how the target audience will use them.
  76. 76. THOU SHALT FOCUS ON INNOVATION 76 ABOVE ALL, BE AT YOUR CUSTOMER’S BECK AND CALL… #7 The major supermarket chain came up with a brilliant idea in response to a well known problem faced by urban-based customers: not having the time to go grocery shopping after work. Tesco put in place virtual supermarket isles on the platforms of subway stations. Whilst waiting for their train to arrive, passengers only had to scan the codes of the groceries they wanted to have them delivered to their house a few hours later. TESCO In 2012 the luxury brand once again showed their ability to pair the clout of a historical brand with current times and tendencies. The London Flagship store was completely re-designed to accomodate the digital world. The purchasing process was enriched with the use of interactive screens and video animations, making client decisions easier and heightening the desirability of the brand. BURBERRY
  77. 77. THOU SHALT FOCUS ON INNOVATION 77 …WITHOUT LOSING SIGHT OF THE BRAND’S CONSTRAINTS AND OBJECTIVES #7 In order to be innovative, the brand must not take on new technologies just because others are doing the same. The project must be at the heart of a defined strategy: the type of technology used must be the means but not the idea itself. STRATEGIC It must bring true added value to the user. It must improve the buying process or give users an enriching experience.. USEFUL It must stay accessible to all. Even if the project is aimed at a specific target audience, the public must be able to use it without there being barriers that limit ease of comprehension or use. ACCESSIBLE The brand must also ensure that it has all the necessary internal resources (competences, financing, etc.) to create and carry out the development of the project. REALISTIC
  79. 79. THOU SHALT RE-ASSURE THY CUSTOMERS 79 CONSUMERS ARE DEMANDING TRANSPARENCY AND SECURITY #8 Technological tools and innovation go hand in hand with growing fears amongst users regarding lack of web security and data trafficking. Big data also has an impact on the user’s behaviour, as users are becoming increasingly wary and expect a more ethical internet. Brands will have to ensure that they are more transparent in their discourse, offers, and products and re-assure their consumers by providing maximum evidence, better relationships and reactivity.
  80. 80. THOU SHALT RE-ASSURE THY CUSTOMERS 80 Committed to unique and engaging buying experiences, the consumer has become a real player in the market, taking the impact of their own choice much further than the simple act of consuming. Consequently, consumers demand total transparence from brands, who, upon failing to respect this, run the risk of being boycotted. This movement has gained popularity following highly publicised cases such as Spanghero and the horse meat scandal (2013). In 2012, 72.9% of consumers complained that brands weren’t transparent enough towards them. Since then, certain brands have taken the lead and made transparence one of their main values. FROM CONSUMERS TO “CONSUM-ACTORS” #8 Source
  81. 81. THOU SHALT RE-ASSURE THY CUSTOMERS 81 TRANSPARENCY IS A SIGN OF TRUSTWORTHINESS #8 MC DONALD’S NUTELLA The famous American Fastfood giant chose to give their canadian customers a chance to speak up by creating a specific platform dedicated to answering their questions. Internet users were invited to ask questions about ingredients, and the manufacturing and storage processes, and the brand replied by written message or video. In 2014, Nutella had to once again confront consumer scepticism regarding the ingredients used to make this famous recipe. During the eternal debate surrounding the palm oil ingredient being derived from milk, the brand suggested the website nutellaparlonsen.fr to evoke the integrity of the manufacturing process of their chocolate spread and to re-assure customers, particularly parents that were worried for their children’s health.
  83. 83. THOU SHALT BE MORE HUMAN 83 Brands have a lot of power and can make an impact on the lives of consumers. They are part of their everyday life, occupy their own space in the media, and carry weight on the economic landscape. Consumers are aware of this and expect these entreprises to go above and beyond simply selling products, to be more human than commercial and use their power to truly change certain aspects of society. Brands that can show a longstanding commitment to a legitimate cause will manage to win over even more customers. WHEN BRANDS TAKE AN ACTIVE ROLE IN SOCIETY, CONSUMERS ARE AMAZED #9
  84. 84. THOU SHALT BE MORE HUMAN 84 BRANDS SEEM MORE HUMAN WHEN ENGAGED IN CSR ACTIVITIES #9 The brand Patagonia is a good example when it comes to being comitted to the protection of the environment and work conditions. Since the 1980s, after a few mistakes that were duly noted, the famous clothing brand reacted and developed a social policy to prove their sincerity to consumers: the donation of a certain portion of their annual turnover to environmental defence assocations, and the restructuring of delivery chains to reduce their carbon footprint. The brand put everything in place to establish itself as a responsible and committed brand.
  85. 85. THOU SHALT BE MORE HUMAN 85 BRANDS SEEM MORE HUMAN WHEN THEY MAKE WAY FOR A MORE COLLABORATIVE WEB #9 Crowdfunding is a trend that is gaining huge popularity and shows a growing consumer interest in promoting talent, putting pioneering projects at the forefront, and providing mutual support. Brands have already touched on this domain by trying to connect consumers amongst each other. For example, Castorama’s website Troc Heures allows users to give up an hour of their time to help someone else in exchange for another service (for example, building a shelf can be exchanged for the task of putting up wallpaper).
  86. 86. THOU SHALT BE MORE HUMAN 86 Giving purchases a more human goal, or the process of “cause related marketing” is an initiative that comes from American Express. In the 80s, it led an operation to restore the Statue of Liberty: every time an American Express card was used by a client, a donation was made. In addition to taking part in the restoration of the statue, the number of new cardholders increased by 45% and cards were used 28% more. “Societal” marketing has become a real powerline. It allows enterprises to differentiate themselves and get involved in society, and it gives the client an idea of their own buying power. American Express continued along these lines by creating Small Business Saturday, which is dedicated to putting small businesses at the forefront. BRANDS SEEM MORE HUMAN WHEN THEY ADD MEANING TO THE BUYING EXPERIENCE #9
  87. 87. THOU SHALT BE MORE HUMAN 87 BEING HUMAN CAN COME THROUGH SMALL GESTURES #9 STARBUCKS MICHEL & AUGUSTIN Starbucks always cultivates their image of familiarity and closeness through small gestures that make a difference. Through disabling Wi-Fi so that clients talk to each other or writing their names on each and every cup, american coffee has become synonymous with sharing and being sociable. The brand refuses to follow conventional communication methods. Their slightly unusual actions have become a strength that allows them to build their relationship with consumers. The company organises open houses every first Thursday of the month, or yearly evenings that are spent outdoors, under the stars. The brand makes their own emloyees participate in TV advertisments.
  88. 88. THOU SHALT BE MORE HUMAN 88 BEING HUMAN ALSO MEANS ADMITTING TO YOUR MISTAKES #9 Internet users are always on the lookout for failures and errors on the part of the brand. Whether it’s revealing their mistakes or simply making their past actions into a bigger conversation topic, nowadays nothing goes unnoticed. This means that advertisors must always be alert and very conscious of the topics they engage in. Nevertheless, being human also means recognising your mistakes. Consumers are more forgiving towards brands that recognise and own up to their mistakes, compared to those who remain speechless after a problem arises.
  90. 90. THOU SHALT BRING EVIDENCE 90 It matters little whether a brand claims that it is close to consumers or cares about sustainable development. A simple slogan is not enough, you need to prove it. Every action must enhance the brand’s position and make it look authoritative on matters it chooses to address. It is clear that today’s consumers are no longer just satisfied with what the brand says. Actions and quantifiable results become a sign of trustworthiness, which will eventually bring the consumer closer to the brand. IN ORDER TO BE CREDIBLE, A SLOGAN ISN’T ENOUGH. YOU ALSO NEED EVIDENCE. #10
  91. 91. THOU SHALT BRING EVIDENCE 91 WHAT THE BRAND DOES IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT IT SAYS RED BULL Red Bull doesn’t do things by half measures; the brand organises their own competitions: break dancing (Red Bull BC One), air races, (Red Bull Air Races World Series) and BMX championships (Red Bull Skylines), and rather than just taking the role of a sponsor they have shown themselves to be a true talent nurturer. CREDIT MUTUEL With their slogan « Crédit Mutuel brings the LA » the bank has been involved in the music scene for a while by developing numerous partnerships with festivals and giving the public a platform dedicated to artists and music fans, so that they can meet each other. Music lovers are hereby able to share their creations, be advised, assisted, and use the production tools at their disposal. #10
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