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Social Media Checklist

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Checklist: Stepping Up Your Hotel's Visual Storytelling on Social Media

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Social Media Checklist

  1. 1. Checklist: Stepping Up Your Hotel’sVisual Storytelling on Social MediaVisual storytelling is simply a method of forming anarrative using a sequence of images. Whether it isillustrations, photographs or video, visual storytelling isan incredibly effective, efficient and memorable way ofdelivering your message to your audience. Visual Storytelling on Social Media ChecklistThis checklist has been designed to help you learn the basics of visual storytelling, and how to use thoseconcepts to help tell your hotel’s story on five of the most popular social networking channels – Facebook,YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.Profiles Your social profiles need to be visually compelling Ensure your profile images represent your hotel make it easy and help convey your hotel’s story and brand. to identify Update the visual appearance of your social profiles often Consider McDonald’s ‘Golden Arches’, Nike’s ‘Swoosh’ or Tide bottles and the vibrant orange we Describe your hotel and it’s story in the ‘about’ section on connect to their brand. Each of these are examples each social site of easy to recognize images associated with a Include multi-media apps on Facebook to drive interaction brand’s profile.Post The more interesting and relevant your posts are Post interesting images that appeal to your fans and followers the better. Create and post videos that visually showcase the unique aspects of your hotel One way to get interesting visual content is to photos at events at your hotel and post to Posting regularly on each social platform Instagram, tweet them out, post on Facebook Share content posted by others that may be of interest to your and create an events board on Pinterest. This audience shows real people and real events at your hotel, which helps tell your story. Post content that encourages fans and followers to engage with you
  2. 2. Engagement Add a personal touch to your social presence Constantly monitor for consumer engagement and respond by sharing pictures and videos of travelers while promptly staying at your hotel. Host photo contests that Host special campaigns such as contests that focus on encourage travelers to share a picture of their creating social interaction favorite meals, or places in and around your hotel. Involve guests in your posts and photos Monitor your interactions and use the learnings to improveGeneral Practices Promoting special offers on smartphones and Include social media widgets where ever possible and tablets not only grabs consumer interest and appropriate, like email campaigns, landing pages and so on attention, but it will also encourage them to book Ensure your content is always visual, interesting and relevant through your mobile website. to your current and target guests Encourage consumers to connect and interact with you Maintain a consistent image and appearance across all platformsDo you have a presence on the top social media channels? Facebook is the largest and most well-known of the social networks. Take advantage of their recent visual enhanced updates such as the cover photo, timeline layout with optional apps and larger display photo albums. YouTube videos hold a great deal of opportunity for hotels marketers to display hotel amenities and unique experiences of employees or travelers. Ensure your hotel has a presence on the largest video sharing platform. Twitter’s quick bursts of information are ideally suited for our on-the-go and increasingly mobile society. They’ve also recently embraced more visual storytelling features that have led to additional marketing opportunities for hotels. Pinterest surprised everyone with its shockingly quick growth. With travel ranked as one of the top ten categories1, it is crucial for hotels to hop on board with Pinterest. Instagram is a great tool – and widely used – for photo sharing while on-the-go. Its mobile based presence makes sharing visuals now easier than ever.Get StartedSocial media gives you the chance to tell your hotel’s story in a visually compelling manner – not just your roomsand amenities, but your staff and your guests – with impactful visuals, quickly and easily. By connecting withguests and allowing them to help you tell your story, you’re allowing future guests the chance to see, first hand, thetrue experience of staying at your property.VFM Leonardo helps hotels like yours develop and amplify their visual stories reaching prospects with engagingcontent. With powerful visual storytelling features and an easy-to-use web interface, VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure™is an ideal solution for hotels looking to deliver consistent, visually rich stories to travel shoppers across socialmedia channels and beyond. Request a consultation.1 Mashable, What People Are Pinning on Pinterest (http://mashable.com/2012/03/12/pinterest-most-popular-categories-boards/)VFML_CHECKLIST_SOCIAL_0111