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Sample church strategic plan

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This sample church strategic plan is for churches and ministry that desire to promote and develop spiritual growth within their organizations and to collaborate with local community partners.

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Sample church strategic plan

  1. 1. Sample Church Strategic Plan ToniWatson, MA| IndianaWesleyan University
  2. 2. Strategy Map
  3. 3. Vision or Mission Statement Church INSERTVISION OR MISSION STATEMENT HERE
  5. 5. Stakeholder Perspective Metric Target State Provide biblical instruction on the responsibilities of tithing • 80% of the adult members will have completed the class on Spiritual Finances • Tithes and offering will support the addition of staff required to operate in the most efficient and effective manner Engage teens to serve in the church ministries according to their spiritual gifts assessment • 100% of teens will complete a spiritual gifts assessment • At least 50% of teens will connect with and serve in a ministry by the 3rd quarter of 2015 Create partnerships with churches, schools and other organizations in the surrounding community • Congregation participates in local community events • Church sponsors/financially supports community efforts
  6. 6. Member Perspective Non Members Conversion Strategy Agnostics Community partnership Evangelism Interactive fellowship Spiritual growth & development for married couples and singles Unique opportunities to serve in ministry The Unsaved Homeless Christians
  7. 7. TARGET USER GROUPS VALUE PROPOSITION Individuals Partnership Families Service Community Organizations Spiritual Growth
  8. 8. Strategy Canvas Map for Church 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Interactive Fellowship Community Partnerships Evangelism Unique Service Opportunities Programs for Married Couples Programs for Singles # Competitive Alternative Church The World 1 Interactive Fellowship 6 7 2 Community Partnerships 8 5 3 Evangelism 6 1 4 Unique Service Opportunities 5 8 5 Programs for Married Couples 3 5 6 Programs for Singles 3 10 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Interactive Fellowship Community Partnerships Evangelism Unique Service Opportunities Programs for Married Couples Programs for Singles
  9. 9. Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create Eliminate • Co-ministry leaders • Siloed ministries Raise • Community partnerships • Evangelism • Interactive member fellowship • Spiritual growth & development for married couples and singles Reduce • The number of Sunday services Create • Unique opportunities to serve in ministry • Progressive spiritual experiences
  10. 10. METRICS – Member Perspective The number of ministries will be reduced by December 31,2015. The church will have activities and/or events for married couples and single individuals by October 31, 2015. There will be 2 Sunday morning services beginning January 2016: 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Events will be planned with activities that include interactive engagement for participants. There will be a 30% increase in church membership from December 2014 to December 2015.
  11. 11. Internal Processes Process Requires Implementation Needs Improvement Calendar and/or announcements of ministry service opportunities X Quarterly or bi-annual needs assessment for spiritual growth and development X Development of ministry process documentation and training plans for volunteers X Management of community partnerships X
  12. 12. OPERATIONAL METRICS By October 1, 2015 ninety percent of volunteers will be confident serving in their ministry roles. The number of community partners will increase by 10% from December 2014 to December 2015. Participation in the Christian Education Classes will increase by 20% from year to year.
  13. 13. Member Relationship Management Status Engage intentional prayers focused on bringing new souls to Christ through membership at Church Requires Enhancement Process: Seek New Members
  14. 14. Member Relationship Management Process: Acquire New Members Status Provide evangelism education and increase opportunities for evangelism Requires Enhancement
  15. 15. Member Relationship Management Process: Retain Members Status Redefine the role of the New Member MinistryTeam Requires Enhancement
  16. 16. Member Relationship Management Process: Develop Member Relationships Status Provide spiritual gifts assessment to connect members to ministry service Requires Implementation
  17. 17. RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT METRICS The number of visitors will increase by 25% from the first half of 2015 to the second half of 2015. Members who join the church between September 2015 and December 2015 will remain active members for the 2 years following the date they joined the church. The ministries will have an average increase in active membership of 15% by July 2016.
  18. 18. Regulatory and Social Processes Status Hire a part time volunteer management professional to oversee ministry administration and community partnerships Requires Implementation Report outcome measures from community partners Requires Enhancement
  19. 19. REGULATORY & SOCIAL PROCESS METRICS Church will create a position description for a ministry & outreach administrator/coordinator that includes a primary and supplemental tasks, skills required and industry best practices by December 31, 2015. Church will secure an individual for a ministry & outreach administrator/coordinator by June 30, 2016. Church shall report measurable outcomes of its community partnerships to the congregation by March 31, 2016 and annually thereafter.
  20. 20. Learning and Growth Perspective  Attract and retain new church members  Improve use of systems and databases for operations and membership development  Expand and develop the Christian education program  Acquire training resources to effect change for members of all ages  Develop leadership skills in church staff and ministry volunteers  Link ministries’ activities with church vision and annual goals  Ensure development of operational policies and processes Human Capital Information Capital Organization Capital
  21. 21. TANGIBLE OUTCOMES On average, the amount of tithes and offering collected will be maintained or increase from month to month. Increased ministry participation will close the gap in services provided and activities/events offered by Church. All ministry volunteers are trained in their respective ministries, and their duties are clearly understood. Church reports evidence of church members are growing spiritually.
  22. 22. Readiness Assessment Checklist 1. Have you clearly defined the need that is driving the church to consider implementing changes? 2. Is building a stronger collaborative culture an appropriate strategy to address the church’s needs? 3. Is it the right time for implementing a culture change? 4. Is a change that emphasizes the importance of collaboration feasible and acceptable? 5. Will you and church leaders support the change and effort required to implement the change? 6. Will the church have sufficient personnel (staff and volunteers) to implement the changes? 7. Is the church willing to measure and assess progress and continuously improve the processes? 8. Will the church reinforce and reward positive behaviors and improvements in processes?
  23. 23. Deliverable To Whom? Why communicate with this dept/group/person? Communication method Responsible Party When and how frequent? Strategic Plan Overview Church staff, select church leaders This groups helps with church operations and vision planning Face to face meeting Pastor Start of third quarter 2015 Action items and progress Church staff, select church leaders & additional team members All involved in the strategic planning Meetings & email Project Coordinator Beginning and biweekly thereafter Strategic Plan Progress Church staff, congregation & additional team members Strategic plan impacts church staff and church members. Must be aware of changes and impacts and need for resources Prepared report & announcements Pastor & Manager Beginning and monthly thereafter Team will meet 2 hours biweekly Team members Team will need to place meetings on their calenders Email Project Coordinator Beginning New process for New Member Ministry New Member Ministry facilitator(s) Impacted by change Face to face meeting Pastor Prior to implementation New process for New Member Ministry New Member Ministry team Impacted by change Face to face meeting New Member Ministry facilitator(s), Pastor Prior to implementation New process for all church meeting Congregation To be informed of church vision status and progress Pulpit & church bulletin announcement Pastor & Manager Prior to implementation New report process for ministries Ministry facilitators Impacted by change Email & face to face meeting Pastor & Volunteer Management ProfessionalPrior to implementation Ministry restructure Ministry facilitators Impacted by change Email & face to face meeting Pastor & Volunteer Management ProfessionalPrior to implementation Communications Plan
  24. 24. Implementation Plan Task Start Date Goal Date (Comlpletion) Complete % On Schedule Strategic Planning Meeting (Staff) 8/31/2015 8/31/2015 0% Yes Evaluate ministry operations 10/1/2015 11/30/2015 0% Yes Create new position for volunteer management professional 1/29/2016 1/19/2016 0% Yes Develop standard processes for all ministries 2/1/2016 3/31/2016 0% Yes Change in New Member Ministry process 2/7/2016 3/27/2016 0% Yes Implement new times for Sunday services 2/7/2016 2/7/2016 0% Yes Redefine community partnership reports 4/1/2016 5/1/2016 0% Yes Fill new position: Volunteer Management Professional 5/31/2016 5/31/2016 0% Yes
  25. 25. Outcomes Sustain Plan New Member ministry engages 100% of new members. Monitor the follow up process to gauge feedback for the new member experience. Ministry facilitators will report more satisfaction and less burn out with their roles. Have targeted communication of ministry events and volunteer opportunities to ensure inclusion of the appropriate audience. Community partnerships will increase by 10% over a 12 month period. The role of community partner representative assesses relationships to evaluate opportunities