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Marketing strategy proposal for Chiquita brand 2013

  1. Marketing Strategy Proposal for Chiquita brand 2013
  2. Did you know that... ... the idea of sticking labels on Chiquita bananas started in 1963?
  3. Yes, you did. It is the 50th Anniversary of the Blue Sticker this year!
  4. Did you know that... ...the BRAND is one of the most important asset of the Chiquita Brands International?
  5. Yes, you did! This Ad campaign demonstrate it: It is not just a banana. It is Chiquita! As for other bananas, okay. They are just bananas.
  6. Did you know that... ...the people all over the world have the same feelings? Every Chiquita customer?
  7. Because nobody is just a person in the crowd... Everyone of us wants to see / hear / read his brand - name... e.g. On Facebook, Twitter... Or welcome message on TV screen in the hotel room...
  8. Use it Chiquita! And Birthday Celebration can start!
  9. Encourage consumers to send their personal birthday wishes for Chiquita Sticker with their NAMES. Do it through customer competition. Reward the winning participants (e.g. boat trip).
  10. Create an App* which allows Chiquita to say „thank you" via a special Blue Sticker with the NAME of participant. Post all stickers on your website or special website, on social media networks, so people can "Like” them, share them and create buzz. *Or upgrade Chiquita FanFun App. This App could allow sending personalized "thank you” Blue Sticker to participants via e-mail, SMS, or RFID technology (during promotion events).
  11. You know, that customer´s NAME is important. The truth is, that your customers desire to see their name on your product. Bring this campaign from online into offline: Print special edition of famous Blue Stickers With „Thank you” and some customer´s NAMEs.
  12. Big surprise at the end of campaign. This will be secret and nobody will expect it. Deliver some Chiquita fruit* with personalized Blue Sticker to e.g. Mrs. Tatiana Leporis. Take pictures and videos from this deliveries. Post videos on your website or special website and social media networks. *and so demonstrate that Chiquita is not only about bananas...
  13. Chiquita, please, do this campaign as cross-border campaign, to involve and get in touch With many different people and to demonstrate who is the worldwide No. UNO banana brand.
  14. Special edition of promotional gifts: for small children "Blue Sticker" band aid kid plasters, For „teens" anti mosquito wet wipes, condoms, etc. The Blue Sticker „Thank you” campaign should be supported by online and offline media. Before the main media campaign you can try teaser campaign. The campaign could be accompanied by special promotions, events tailored to each target group. e.g. for „teens" promotions on summer festivals: banana after party drink tips...
  15. Next campaign may go even further. Demonstrate that Chiquita is one of us. Just create new special edition of labels with national colors on Chiquita bananas during the ice-hockey championship.
  16. Thank you Chiquita. Tatiana Leporis +421 911 760 612