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  1. Certificate SOKRATIS MARIOGLOU HELLENIC POLICE, Greece attended CEPOL webinar 18/2016 Organised Property Crime: Money Laundering and Asset Recovery (MLAR) Date: 15 September 2016 Dr Ferenc Bánfi, CEPOL Director
  2. Organised Property Crime: Money Laundering and Asset Recovery (MLAR) Reference number: 18/2016 Date: 15 September 2016 Aim To introduce basic ways, existing sources and EU instrument on how to trace assets and possibilities for seizure and confiscation in the EU. To highlight Europol’s support that Focal Points provide to the EU LE community. Furthermore, webinar presented new ways of money laundering and possibilities to trace them. Programme 1. Introduction by Ken Weckhuysen, OCP Driver, Belgium 2. Europol’s role in Asset Recovery by Burkhard Mühl, Senior Specialist, European Counter Terrorism Centre 3. Money Laundering by Jennifer Macleod, Financial Intelligence Group, Operations Department, Europol Webinar was organised by European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training