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The Voice of Attendees | SaaSBOOMi Annual '23

  1. The Voice of Attendee Founders Two days of innovation and inspiration, where founders from across the country came together for thought-provoking sessions, hands-on workshops, and lively networking, all set against the backdrop of a stunning venue and delicious cuisine. 17-18 MARCH’23
  2. The event received a recommendation score of 9.57/10, indicating a high level of satisfaction among attendees and their likelihood to recommend SaaSBOOMi to other SaaS founders. Attendees applaud the event's value to SaaS founders High Recommendation Score 9.57
  3. 90% March 17-18 The success of SaaSBOOMi Annual 2023 is evident in its strong attendance, with nearly 90% of attendees participating in both days of the event, showcasing the value of the two-day format. Overwhelming majority of attendees participated both days Strong Attendance
  4. Chennai 22.2% Attendee Breakdown By Region Bangalore 21.8% Delhi 6% Hyderabad 5% Pune 4.8% Mumbai 4.8% Ahmedabad 3.6% Coimbatore 2.9% Surat 2.6% Indore 1.2% Kolkata 1% Others 15.3% USA 5.5% Singapore 1.4%
  5. 68.2 % Supporting Early-Stage Startups. This high turnout demonstrates SaaSBOOMi's commitment to supporting and nurturing the growth of early-stage SaaS startups. Less than $1 Million ARR Inspiring High-Growth Startups. The event attracted a diverse group of high-revenue SaaS startups, with 8.3% of attendees representing companies with over $10 million in annual recurring revenue Above $10 Million ARR Fueling growth for mid sized startups. The event provided valuable insights, networking opportunities, and resources to help these companies continue to scale and grow. $1-5 Million ARR Attendee Start-up Scale-Analysis 8.3 % 18.2 % 5.3 % Elevating established startups. The event provided a valuable platform for these companies to connect with other founders, investors, and experts, and learn new strategies and best practices for driving business success. $5-10 Million ARR
  6. 71.8% 70.5% 44.3% Plenary Sessions Keynote Speakers Impress Attendees Workshops Educating attendees with Hands-On Workshops Unconferences Fostering Community with Unconferences VC Connect Facilitating Funding with VC Connect Attendee Engagement Participation-Analysis 26.2%
  7. 4.77 Speaker: Rakesh Patel Session Curator: Ankit Dudhwewala NPS: 96.7% SEO for founders, Basics. Advanced Techniques. Future of SEO 4.64 Speakers: Kalyan Varma, Vengat Krishnaraj Session Curator: Sridhar Ranganathan NPS: 93.75% Outbound Tactics and Learnings 4.53 Speakers: Ashwini Asokan, Sparsh Gupta, Ashish Tulsian Session Curator: Shekhar Kirani NPS: 91.58% Grit Stories: Different Conditions; Different Plays. 4.50 Speakers: Maansi Sanghi, Vinod Muthukrishnan NPS: 90.63% SaaSBOOMi Awards 22 Session Satisfaction Ratings
  8. 4.50 Speakers: Ashwin Ramasamy, Varun Shoor Session Curator: Shruti Kapoor NPS: 88.37% Product Marketing Deep Dive 4.47 Speakers: Krish Subramanian, Suresh Sambandam NPS: 87.50% SaaSBOOMi Governance update 4.44 Speakers: Ritesh Arora, Girish Mathrubootham, Noshir Kaka, Tarek Curator: Manav Garg NPS: 85.94% Champion the Indian SaaS Story 4.43 Speaker: Manoj Agarwal Session Curator: Vishalini Paliwal NPS: 83.67% $10M or $10B: Hard Choices in Building for the Global Market 4.42 Speakers: Pankaj Mishra, Girish Mathrubootham NPS: 86.78% Brainfood from the Champion
  9. 4.36 Invite-only session Women in SaaS mixer-over-lunch 4.34 Speakers: Vaibhav Jain, Lalit Bhise, Puneet Jaggi Session Curators: Raj Sheth NPS: 74.55% Tall Lessons from 3 Vertical SaaS Plays 4.31 Speakers: Vinod Muthukrishnan, Klaas Oskam, Sharat Khurana, Shruti Kapoor, Ashwin Ramasamy NPS: 85.71% How to Sell Your Company, the Right Way? 4.31 Speakers: Sudheer Koneru, Ashwini Asokan NPS: 79.27% Making Conscious & Deliberate Choices as a Founder from Day 1 4.31 Speakers: Sanket Shah Session Curators: Vivek Khandelwal NPS: 77.92% Product Led Growth - Basics & How to get started
  10. 4.25 Speakers: Sridhar Ramachandran, Varun Shoor, Pallav Pradyumn Narang NPS: 79.59% Compliance Errors - the expensive poison pill to avoid 4.23 Speakers: Sathya, Vikram, Prayank Swaroop, Tejeshwi Sharma Session Curators: Krish Subramanian NPS: 77.92% Funding Landscape - A view from the Investors 4.17 Speakers: Yamini Bhat, Ajay Agrawal, Ashwini Asokan NPS: 79.07% The Market Whisperer 4.16 Speakers: Amit D Mishra, Sreedhar Peddineni, Prasanna NPS: 71.08% You Ship Your Org Design 4.14 Speakers: Aneesh Reddy, Shree Bhise, Sridhar Ranganathan NPS: 71.76% Growth - The perfect antidote to gloom
  11. 4.10 Speakers: Raviteja Dodda, Dhruvil Sanghvi Session Curators: Srikrishnan Ganesan, Shruti Kapoor NPS: 72.07% Unlocking Sales Momentum - The Recession Edition 4.03 Speakers: Suresh Sambandam, Vikram Bhaskaran, Maansi Sanghi, Varun Shoor, Raj Sabhlok Session Curators: Arvind Parthiban NPS: 67.01% Marketing Mavericks: Global Marketing Strategies That Work 4.03 Speaker: Beerud Sheth Session Curator: Shruti Kapoor NPS: 71.01% Riding the roller coaster: Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur 3.88 Speakers: Riti V. Srivastava, Aneesh Reddy Session Curator: Prasanna NPS: 57.14% Founder Wellbeing
  12. Satisfaction Index Attendee Ratings for Service and Planning Discover how attendees rated different aspects of SaaSBOOMi Annual 2023 with a comprehensive satisfaction index, from venue to communication & more. 4.96 Communication Emails 4.79 Venue 4.73 Networking Sessions 5.14 Registrations 4.32 Food 5.27 Shuttle 5.59 Heritage Walk
  13. 24% 24% 52% 52% of attendees found the networking badges provided at SaaSBOOMi Annual 2023 helpful and an easy way to connect with fellow SaaS founders. Easy Icebreaker 24% of attendees did not find the networking badges provided at SaaSBOOMi Annual 2023 helpful in connecting with other SaaS founders. Not Helpful 24% of attendees were unsure of the effectiveness of the networking badges provided at SaaSBOOMi Annual 2023 in facilitating connections with other founders. Unsure of Effectiveness Networking Badges Helpful or not?
  14. Logistics and Communication Audio and Visuals Food and Registration Listening to Our Attendees Feedback & Suggestions Sessions and Booths Lack of clear markers and signage causing confusion on room locations Airport shuttle delay causing inconvenience to attendees with flights Need for more communication during the event about session timing and scheduling Suggestions for a help desk to assist attendees with logistics Audio quality concerns raised by attendees Screens outside rooms displaying multiple events causing confusion Suggestion to improve quality of award trophies Request to link gift kits with registration process Need for separate sections/locations for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food Feedback on difficulty with registration and scheduling sessions in the Sched app Request for more playbook format sessions Suggestion to have booths for new-age startups in a larger event space Positive feedback on the stage, location, and reception, as well as the unique picture distribution method
  15. “SaaSBOOMi helps you identify your next step forward. The speakers are your guides with a torch in their hands who have walked multiple paths. They tell you the paths that are simply a waste of time and effort and help you focus on the right things. I wish this event happened more frequently. Founder, RecurPost Dinesh Agarwal
  16. “I am overwhelmed by the experience of meeting over a thousand founders who share the same passions and vulnerabilities as me. It's an indescribable feeling to connect with like-minded individuals and share our learnings with each other. The support and camaraderie in this community is simply heartwarming, and I feel grateful to be a part of it. Co-Founder & CTO, Gautam B
  17. “It is a must attend for any founder irrespective of the stage they are in. Whether it be meeting the OGs of the industry or networking with hundreds of others trying to make a mark. There is so much to learn- knowledge, execution, the art and beauty of being humble, the eagerness to share-teach-spread. You see the fire and energy around and it’s just unmatchable. Co-Founder & CEO, SoftwareSuggest Suhasini Dudhwewala
  18. “ What stood out the most about the event was the meticulous planning and execution by the organizers. Everything was orchestrated to perfection, leaving no room for any glitches or inconveniences. It was like watching a symphony come to life, with each component seamlessly fitting together to create a truly remarkable experience. Also, the organisers went out of their way to ensure participation from WOMEN entrepreneurs The organizers and volunteers are all successful entrepreneurs, with their calendars likely booked for the next year or more. Yet, they all went out of their way to share their knowledge and experience with fellow entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey. It was truly an altruistic, pay-it-forward experience that felt almost surreal at times. CEO, Maventra Learning Solutions Bhuvana Kumar Ramamurthy
  19. Thank You 17-18 MARCH’23