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User Experience: The Ultimate Game Changer For Your Business

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For many years, B2C websites have received the lion’s share of attention from user experience (UX) professionals. Many well-known companies have proven that a well-tuned user experience is the difference between success and failure in a crowded marketplace. Your company's website experience is most often the first thing prospects see when evaluating your business, and B2B marketers now have access to time-tested UX techniques to separate themselves from the pack -- benefiting from higher lead conversions, lower abandonment rates, and lower training costs.

User Experience: The Ultimate Game Changer for Your Business

As part of SoCal BMA's “The Leading Edge" executive signature series, this presentation was delivered by UX expert Denis Lesak, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, UserBrite. He presented UX teardowns of B2B companies, highlighting techniques successful businesses are utilizing such as:

- user journey maps, schematic representations of the path a user will take through lifecycle stages, touchpoints, channels, interaction modes, emotional states, content and functionality.

- user personas, fictional characters created to represent the different user types that might use a site, brand, or product in a similar way.

- usability testing, a technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users.

- iterative design, a methodology based on a cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining a product or process.

Attendee learned why:

- marketing jargon does not fit user expectations for navigation menus, ultimately increasing site abandonment.

- plotting your user's journey can increase conversions and change the way you think about how your site is structured.

- less is more -- how reducing both copy and visual noise increase conversions.

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User Experience: The Ultimate Game Changer For Your Business

  1. 1. User Experience The Ultimate Game Changer For Your Business   #socalbma    Ÿ   Denis  Lesak   Managing  Partner  Ÿ  Userbrite,  LLC   userbrite.com  Ÿ  @denislesak  Ÿ  @userbrite   @socalbma    Ÿ    #socalbma  
  2. 2. What  We  Will  Cover   •  UX  best  pracAces   •  The  role  of  user  personas   •  How  usability  tesAng  can  offer  clarity   •  How  to  create  a  user  journey   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  3. 3. #socalbma    Ÿ   User  Personas   •  Provide  design  team  with  a  target  user   •  Components   – Demographics   – MoAvaAons   – FrustraAons   – Goals   – Devices    
  4. 4. #socalbma    Ÿ   User  Personas  
  5. 5. #socalbma    Ÿ   Usability  TesAng   •  Not a “focus group” •  Watch users complete a task •  Usually 8 people is enough •  Many times completed online (cheaply) •  Mitigates design arguments •  Complete BEFORE finalizing design •  Saves money and headaches
  6. 6. UX  Teardown   #socalbma    Ÿ   hKp://test.mystream.com/en/services/mobile/plans  
  7. 7. F  Style  Viewing  PaKern   •  Users  don’t  read  websites   •  They  scan  them   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  8. 8. F  Style  Viewing  PaKern   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  9. 9. The  Fold   •  Above  and  below   •  Users  do  scroll     •  But  content  above  the  fold  counts   •  Must  address  user’s  goals   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  10. 10. The  Fold   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  11. 11. The  Fold   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  12. 12. The  Fold   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  13. 13. Visual  Design   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  14. 14. Visual  Design   •  Marketers  thoughts   •  User  thoughts   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  15. 15. Visual  Design   •  Marketers  thoughts   – Image  conveys  connecAon  to  customer   – We  get  you   – “Choose”  represents  choice  and  freedom   – “Make”  represents  customize   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  16. 16. Visual  Design   •  User  thoughts   – Is  the  right  place  to  choose  plans?   – Where  are  the  plans?   – Can  I  pick  a  plan  here  or  not?   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  17. 17. Visual  Design   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  18. 18. Visual  Design   •  Why  is  CDMA  yellow?   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  19. 19. Content  Strategy   •  Do  you  know  what  CDMA  or  GSM  is?   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  20. 20. User  Journey   •  Step  1  –  Choose  A  Plan   •  Step  2  –  Enter  Zip  Code   •  Step  3  –  Choose  A  Plan   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  21. 21. Where  User  Journey  Fits   Business Goals User Goals #socalbma    Ÿ  
  22. 22. What  Is  It?   •  Steps  a  user  goes  through  to  complete  a   process   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  23. 23.     <handout> #socalbma    Ÿ  
  24. 24.     #socalbma    Ÿ  
  25. 25.     #socalbma    Ÿ  
  26. 26. Your  Turn   1.  Business  Goals   2.  Value  ProposiAon   3.  User  Goals   4.  User  Profile   5.  Steps   6.  Tasks   7.  Time   #socalbma    Ÿ  
  27. 27. #socalbma    Ÿ   Contact   Denis  Lesak   Managing  Partner  Ÿ  Userbrite,  LLC   userbrite.com  Ÿ  @denislesak  Ÿ  @userbrite     @socalbma    Ÿ    #socalbma   SoCalBMA.org/Events  
  28. 28. User Experience The Ultimate Game Changer for Your Business #socalbma    Ÿ     hKps://www.linkedin.com/company/socalbma   hKp://www.twiKer.com/socalbma     hKp://www.slideshare.net/socalbma   hKp://www.facebook.com/socalbma  
  29. 29. User Experience The Ultimate Game Changer for Your Business. #socalbma    Ÿ   April 22, 2015 Ÿ Carson