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It All Adds Up! Engaging Math Strategies, Web Tools, and Apps

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It All Adds Up! Engaging Math Strategies, Web Tools, and Apps

  1. Engaging Ways to Teach Math ShellyTerrell.com/math It All Adds Up!
  2. It isn’t that they cannot see the solution. It is that they cannot see the problem. - GK Chesterton
  3. Interview a math expert virtually!
  4. Education.skype.com/guest_speakers
  5. Rothinks.wordpress.com Bitstripsforschools.com Comics: Math word problems
  6. Emoji word problems!
  7. Emoji word problems!
  8. Create videos of word problems!
  9. Educreations (Web/iOS)
  10. Photo by Meg Stewart, Flic.kr/p/bgZPBX Field Research
  11. Students build their own! Study math of playground equipment! Mentored by engineers/builders!
  12. Measure shadows!
  13. Test different distances & angles to improve their game!
  14. Foldables http://pinterest.com/carlahab/math-foldables
  15. Data Visualization ShellyTerrell.com/poster
  16. Piktochart Canva Easel.ly Edubuncee Tackk BiteslideVisme Glogster Smore Grafio Thinglink LucidChart
  17. Piktochart.com
  18. Photo by Coqui the Chef, Flic.kr/p/cytcnA Cooking
  19. How to make a love potion by L. Whittaker, Flic.kr/p/3f8Udp Experiments
  20. 6secondscience.tumblr.com
  21. Photo by driving in heels, Flic.kr/p/4n85Gr Sewing
  22. Photo by WhiteDesertSun: Flic.kr/p/9sKc8Z Send students on learning missions
  23. SITUATION: We are surrounded by fractions. They decide how much or little we get in life so it’s important we can figure them out. MISSION: Take pictures of 10 fractions and create 4 word problems with these pictures using TinyTap.
  24. Gifs- Iflscience.com
  25. 3D Printing Coding
  26. ShellyTerrell.com/games Games
  27. sheppardsoftware.com/math.htm
  28. The Digits Fraction Blast iOS/Android Watchthedigits.com • The Digits is the greatest unknown rock band in the galaxy. Learn fractions through live action video & games • Pavi, Gorgolax, & Ray Ray fight the evil Marvwell Doomfinger III who wants to use music to make the galaxy stupider. • Get achievements drawn by comic book artists
  29. Great Math Sites & Apps!
  30. Math Vs Zombies iOS K-5 https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/math-games-math-vs-zombies/id470896560?mt=8
  31. Math.chat iOS app
  32. Mathseverywhere.org.uk iOS app
  33. MathematicShed.com
  34. Mathematicshed.com/star-wars-maths-shed.html
  35. YummyMath.com
  36. Heymath.com/web/funStuff/storymath.jsp • Students learn math through online stories • Includes problem solving, visuals, text & audio
  37. MathisFun.com
  38. @ShellTerrell Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell Gum.co/learn2go ShellyTerrell.com/math 30Goals.com