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Can Mindfulness Help Creativity?

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Can Mindfulness Help Creativity?

  1. 1. Can Mindfulness Help CreativityShalini Bahl, PhDFounder & Mindfulness Consultant
  2. 2. What Is This Talk AboutCreativityWhat stops us from being creativeHow the brain worksMindful Approach to CreativityMindful ActivitiesDaily BootcampTry NewThingsListenQuestionFocusObserveYES
  4. 4. Creativity means looking at the samething as everyone else andTHINKING SOMETHING DIFFERENT~Albert Szent Gyorgi
  5. 5. Breaking rocksEarning a living, orBuilding a Cathedral?
  6. 6. QuestionObserveListenExploreConnect the dotsTraits of Creative People
  7. 7. What stops us from being creative
  8. 8. The cup is full
  9. 9. Our brains run on auto-pilot
  10. 10. What percentage of yourdaily decisions are madeby you consciously?95%75%50%25%5%
  11. 11. Unconscious MindHow much control doyou consciously have?*95% of our behavioris driven by theunconscious mindConscious Mind*Bargh and Chartrand 1999
  12. 12. A Quick Look atHow The Brain Works
  13. 13. What do you see?
  14. 14. What do you see Now?
  15. 15. What else is possible?
  16. 16. How did you do?
  17. 17. Stuck in Old PatternsObject inOuter WorldRetina SensoryCortexInitialLearningLaterRepetitionGeneralizationto PartialStimulusGeneralizationto PartialStimulusFigure of Neural Attractor Networks byDr. P.E. Sharp 2011
  18. 18. The Mindful Approach To CreativityMindfulness Can Help You Break Out Of Auto Pilot
  19. 19. Mindfulness is Being Present,moment to moment, withAwareness,Curiosity andKindnessexploring what is possible...
  20. 20. Mindfulness is NOT aboutFinding Bliss on top of aMountain
  21. 21. Mindfulness is NOTPositive ThinkingRelaxationA Religion
  22. 22. Triangle of AwarenessBreaking autopilot by bringing awareness tobody sensations, thoughts, & emotions
  23. 23. An ExperimentMindful Eating•Stop everything else•Use all your senses•Notice your natural inclinations•Notice any thoughts, judgments,or emotions•Fully enjoy the meal•Stop when you are full
  24. 24. 1.Daily Activities1.Brushing your teeth with full care2.Enjoying the shower3.Mindful eating2.Environment1.One deep Breath at traffic lights2.Mindful Walking3.Making one new observation each day3. Interactions With Others1.Being fully present with clients2.Mindful listening3.Expressing gratitudeMindful Activities To Break Auto-pilot:Practice at least 1 from each category
  25. 25. Strengthening theMindfulness Muscle“Only through mindfulnesstraining can we possiblyhope that our awarenesswill be strong enough andreliable enough to assist usin responding in a balanced& imaginative manner whenwe are stressed.”~ Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn
  26. 26. Research Findings:Mindfulness & Brain Plasticity*Cognitive FlexibilityNovel Problem SolvingNot limited by pastexperiences**LearningMemory processesPerspective taking*Greenberg J, Reiner K, Meiran N (2012) “Mind the Trap”: Mindfulness Practice Reduces Cognitive Rigidity. PLoS ONE 7(5)** Holzel et al (2011), “Mindfulness practice leads to increases in regional brain gray matter density,” Psychiatry Research:Neuroimaging, Volume 191, Issue 1, 30 January 2011, Pages 36–43
  27. 27. Mindfulness TrainingDaily Bootcamp:Awareness of Breath•Fix the duration starting with 1minute that you can commit to•Fix a time you will practice daily•FIx a space you will not bedisturbed•Sit in a comfortable and dignifiedposition with a straight back•Eyes lowered or closed•Breathe naturally•Bringing attention to breath•Experience the breath in your bellyrising with in breath and falling without breath•Every time the mind wanders comeback, gently but firmly to the breath•Be kind to yourself as you giveevery breath full care & attention
  28. 28. Building the Creativity MuscleDailyBootcampMindfulActivitiesThinkDifferently
  29. 29. Create Your Life✓Build A Cathedral✓Empty Your Cup✓Daily Mind Bootcamp✓3 Mindful Activities✓Approach Life With ACK✓Don’t forget FUN!!!
  30. 30. IMAGE CREDITSslide 1: BraidCreative.comslide 8: NewAgeSelfHelp.comslide 20: Zebra paperclip on Flickrslide 24: Psychology Todayslide 27: George Milneothers: istockphoto.com
  31. 31. CONTACTEmail: Shalini@TheMindfulnessConnection.comLinkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/shalinibahlTwitter: https://twitter.com/shalinibahlSlide Share: http://www.slideshare.net/ShaliniBahlPost Your Questions Here: MindfulQNA.com