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ALPHA CHI OMEGA Newsletter Issue 1

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ALPHA CHI OMEGA Newsletter Issue 1

  1. 1. Alpha Chi Omega real. strong. women SDSU Gamma Nu Chapter December 20, 2015 Issue 1 Semester Recap With sixteen weeks gone by, the women of Alpha Chi Omega have achieved a long list of accomplishments. It’s time to celebrate these achievements and look forward to an even better second semester! BID DAY 2015 You may notice the huge, beautiful smile on every one of these ladies’ faces! This picture was taken on Bid Day, the official last day of Rush, which is the five-day recruitment process for Panhellenic Sororities. After four days of walking to eight different houses and sharing conversations with hundreds of sorority members, each girl slowly discovered which house was to be her home. On Bid Day, more than seven hundred girls waited in anticipation to open the envelope that contained her bid: a formal invitation to join one of the eight Panhellenic Sororities. When we opened up our envelopes, shouts of joy erupted throughout Montezuma Hall. We all dashed over to where our new sisters were waiting for us, hugging, laughing and even crying - happy tears, of course! Each girl was thrilled to read: “Alpha Chi Omega cordially invites you…” the fall 2015 sisters of Alpha Chi Omega in front of their new home! on her envelope! After dancing around the lawn of the house and tackling our sisters with love, the whole Alpha Chi Omega chapter hopped on a few busses and landed at Belmont Park on Mission Beach. The park was reserved just for us, and we spent the night riding roller coasters, eating ice cream and celebrating the beginning of a beautiful, life-changing story.
  2. 2. ALPHA CHI CARNIVAL Alpha Chi Omega’s biggest philanthropy event of the semester On Friday, October 9, 2015, Alpha Chi Omega at SDSU geared up for the biggest philanthropy event of the semester: Alpha Chi Carnival! We sold tickets to hundreds of people, encouraging them to attend the highlight of the semester. The carnival, held on SDSU’s ENS F i e l d , w a s bursting with music and fun. There was a sumo-wrestling ring, a puppy p e tt i n g z o o, delicious food and of course: cotton candy! Macy Sentani, the 2014-2015 P h i l a n t h ro p y Chair, worked for weeks to bring this event to life. All the hard work was worth it: Alpha Chi Omega raised an incredible $3,500 to donate to Becky’s House, our main beneficiary. Becky's House provides comfort and care to women and children who are victims of domestic violence. The women of Alpha Chi Omega are front liners in the fight to end domestic violence, and we are dedicated to bringing awareness and support to our philanthropy! Macy Sentani, and President Allison Kerler enjoy some delicious cotton candy at the AXO Carnival! Lexi Ortiz and her sumo opponent ready to rumble!
  3. 3. Shoes to Fill Alpha Chi Omega is Ready to Take On the New Year As you’ve seen, Alpha Chi Omega has had a year full of successes, moving forward in our dedication to sisterhood, our philanthropy, and a brilliant display of leadership. Spring/Fall 2015 Executive Board did a great job of being the backbone of these successes, and our chapter’s new board for the new year is prepared to carry on the legacy! Congratulations to our Spring/Fall 2016 Executive Board! ALPHA CHI OMEGA FALL/SPRING 2016 EXEC BOARD (left to right) Rebecca Reiner, VP Intellectual Development Lauren DeWiggins, VP New Member Education Michelle Tsang, VP Chapter Relations & Standards Kendyll Woolsey, VP Ritual and Fraternity Appreciation Carmel Alon, Chapter President Kristyn Ferguson, VP Public Relations and Marketing Francesca Long, VP Facility Operations Brooke Arenson, VP Finance Mallory DeAvila, VP Panhellenic Delegate Sami Dobbs, VP Risk Management NOT PICTURED: Kayla Bui, VP Recruitment Kenzie Kerrick, VP Membership Programming Hannah Fyke, VP Philanthropy
  4. 4. Big/Little Reveal What could be better than bid day? Meeting your big sister, of course! In addition to Bid Day and our Alpha Chi Carnival, another event highlighted our first semester; a week-long event known as Big/Little Week! A big sister, in sorority terms, is an upperclassman who takes a girl under her wing and chooses her to be a part of her family. These family lines can extend years and years back and the bond within them is unbreakable! Every new member looks forward to Big/Little week - four days of being showered with gifts that include all our favorite things. For those four days we are in anticipation of who could be the one sending the cute letters, crafting us memorable and personal gifts, and who could possibly love us so much when we hardly know anyone, still being new members! On the fourth day, it was Reveal. All of the fall 15 sisters waited in the basement while our big sisters were upstairs, hidden in wrapping paper. We found the figure that had our name on it and tore open the wrapping paper to find the greatest gift of all: Our new big sister!
  5. 5. Until NextTime always, Alpha Chi From this issue on, the Alpha Chi Omega newsletter will be issued monthly during the Fall and Spring 2016 semesters! Until then, have a wonderful break and see you next month! by Chesiree Katter Publications/Newsletters