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Showcase Meet The Streets

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In ‘Meet the Streets’ we train participants in trendwatching and coolhunting, in their city of choice. A course takes one whole day, divided into 3 parts:

1. Get updated of the most recent and relevant trends by Carl Rohde;
2. Become a real time coolhunter and find inspiring examples together;
3. Learn during a brainstorm how to interpret, analyze and document these fresh found Cool Signals.

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Showcase Meet The Streets

  2. 2. MEET THE STREETSPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONDuring a ‘Meet The Streets’ we train participants in ‘Trendwatching &Coolhunting, in their city of choice. A course takes one whole day,divided into 3 parts:Part 1:Get updated of the most recent and relevant trends by Carl Rohde.Part 2:Become a real time Coolhunter and find inspiring examples together.Part 3:Learn during a brainstorm how to interpret, analyze and documentthese fresh found Cool Signals.
  3. 3. MEET THE STREETSIMPORTANT VALUES Get inspired by a team of experts. Find out what’s happening on the streets . Get in touch with your consumers. Discover what Cool Signals can mean for your future businessand innovation skills. Meet the Streets is an interactive, content rich and fun way tostimulate team spirit.Video clip & Extra information
  4. 4. MEET THE STREETS UNIVERSITYOn the 17th of april 2013 Science of the Time (SOTT) organized a MeetThe Streets course with a selected group of ambitious university students.After a trend presentation the group went on a Coolhunt-journey true ‘DeBergen’ in Eindhoven. Finally they evaluated their findings and spokeabout interesting clues.
  5. 5. TREND SUMMARYBased on the next 5 important trends SOTT and the students searchedfor Cool Signals:1) Cool Communication2) The Better World3) The Rise Of Prosumers4) Experience Economy5) Future OnlifeWondering what our definition ofCool and our methodology is?Check it here!Discover their results on the following pages
  6. 6. COOL COMMUNICATIONA FEW STRONGCHARACTERISTICS: Fun & Creative Out-of-the-box ‘In Your Face’ Play with words Personal touch Inspire people Tell (& sell) a story
  7. 7. COOL SIGNALFound at:Par Four + Moss Wall
  9. 9. COOL SIGNALFitting rooms found at:Ynformal
  10. 10. COOL SIGNALFound at:You Are Here Concept Store
  11. 11. COOL SIGNAL
  12. 12. THE BETTER WORLDA FEW STRONG CHARACTERISTICS: Awareness of environmental problematics Sustainable developments Pay attention to the next generation Harmonious combination of People, Planet & Profit Upswing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR/ MVO) Eco Cool
  13. 13. COOL SIGNALEtnies Shoes:‘Buy a shoe, plant a tree!’
  14. 14. COOL SIGNALFound at:Jannissima Concept Store
  15. 15. COOL SIGNALFound at:Faces Kappers
  16. 16. COOL SIGNALLong-lasting and high quality by Susan Bijl
  17. 17. THE RISE OF PROSUMERSA FEW STRONG CHARACTERISTICS: Consumers + producers = prosumers Brands & participating consumers Specific wishes and needs by individual users Customized products and services ‘Your wish is my command’ ‘I don’t want to pay for the rest’
  18. 18. COOL SIGNALDesign your ownfire extinguisher!Found at:Ynformal
  19. 19. COOL SIGNALCreate your own belt:Ocho 8
  20. 20. EXPERIENCE ECONOMYA FEW STRONG CHARACTERISTICS: Creation of value by adding an experience to a product or service BRING me a memorable experience Often with a transformation in behaviour: pursuit of happiness “With transformations, the customer is the product!”
  21. 21. COOL SIGNAL
  22. 22. COOL SIGNALYou Are Here Concept Store:TimeCapsules
  23. 23. COOL SIGNAL
  24. 24. COOL SIGNALShop & See RetailRoute Admirant:Art Project
  25. 25. FUTURE ONLIFEA FEW STRONG CHARACTERISTICS: Thanks to technologization and digitization Online + Offline = Onlife 24/ 7/ 365 connected Social media Fun & Express yourself Sharing & buying
  26. 26. COOL SIGNALFound at:Subway
  27. 27. COOL SIGNALFound at: Hunkemöller
  28. 28. ROUNDUP
  29. 29. SPECIAL THANKS TO:Michelle van de VosseCoolhunterSander BillekensCoolhunterLisa DurkstraCoolhunterJan ZeggelaarOrganizer & Coolhunter
  30. 30. CONTACT USScience of the Time@scienceoftime/scienceofthetimecarl@scienceofthetime.comCONTACT US