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Combining Expertise, IT and Action for Finance Functions Infographic

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http://www.sap.com/solution/lob/finance.html - In the fall of 2014 CFO research and SAP conducted a survey among senior finance executives around the world to explore developments in the finance functions. Finance and line of business managers will be working together to get at the real drivers of innovation and change.

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Combining Expertise, IT and Action for Finance Functions Infographic

  1. 1. Combining expertise, IT, and action FINANCE AND LINE-OF-BUSINESS MANAGERS WILL BE WORKING TOGETHER TO GET AT THE REAL DRIVERS OF INNOVATION AND CHANGE. Working with line-of-business management to 1. VISUALIZE the problem, 2. simulate SOLUTIONS, 3. UNDERSTAND both financial and operational impacts, and 4. select the RIGHT RESPONSE. What do managers need to have in order to meet their targets for PROFITABLE GROWTH? Finance executives say they’ll need to provide... 83% 89% More forward-looking, predictive ANALYTICS Better REPORTING AND DATA VISUALIZATION capabilities CFOresearch For the full report from CFO Research and SAP, go to “The Next Stage in Creating the Value-Added Finance Function.”