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Kerzner International chooses Ramco HCM

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Discover how Middle East’s Premier Hospitality Brand leverages Ramco’s single integrated HR & Payroll platform to manage its Global workforce.

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Kerzner International chooses Ramco HCM

  1. 1. Leveraging Technology to manage a Global Workforce – Perspectives from Managing Technology for Atlantis, The Palm
  2. 2. 10,000+ Employees Multi-lingual workforce Spread across 9 countries Diversified workforce – Line employees to Executive Management Working on 24x 7 shifts We are…
  3. 3. Different Nationalities, mix of blue and white collar workforce, country-specific leave rules and tax elements Diversified Workforce where performance management and job recognition is key to employee motivation White collared workforce where appraisal and compensation is closely tied to time & attendance, shift scheduling, overtime Blue collared workforce Integrating data from multiple systems & locations where network availability can be a challenge 10,000+ workforce multiple devices to handle Time & Attendance data is the biggest challenge IT Challenges HR challenges We Faced
  4. 4. Cloud model On-premise’ Bahamas O&O Ocean Club Dubai Kerzner International Atlantis The Palm Dubai Mexico O&O Palmilla Australia O&O Hayman Island South Africa O&O Cape Town O&O Reethi Rah Maldives Mazagan Beach Resort Morocco O&O Sanya China Dubai O&O Royal Mirage Dubai O&O The Palm O&O Le Saint Geran, Mauritius Implementation of single integrated HR platform from Ramco
  5. 5. Global specific Region specific Industry specific Company Specific Different layers of HR Requirement
  6. 6. Performance Management for all colleagues across all locations Mobile enabled Employee Self Service to empower all employees including the remote workforce Employee records management – all centralized Standardization of processes across global offices
  7. 7. Region Specific Payroll – All the ATP and Kerzner related policies and UAE statuary are fully covered and addressed, multi-currency salary handling, payment of Buyout and OT (linked to time card). Interfaced with Bank and PeopleSoft financials (cost allocation to multiple cost centres) Visa tracking- integrated with recruitment Leave Management – Leave Planner, six month advance alert in visa and passport expiry on every leave transaction Planning to integrate with PI (Predictive index portal) Air ticket Management - entitlement, eligibility self and dependent, Monthly auto-accrual Workflow
  8. 8. Workforce administration - Customized Personal and Assignment screen to capture multiple attributes of an employee, specific to the hospitality industry Buyout – Specific to the hospitality industry. This will help departments to schedule colleagues for various hotel events and on as needed basis, this will give additional income to colleagues – Linked to time card and payroll Time management --Bulk rostering – One screen capable of doing bulk rostering of all the employees of a department for a month in one-go Hospitality
  9. 9. Time card: Integrated with the hand punch system, real time punch-in and punch-out which will help departments to review exceptions and approve accordingly. Handling of Split shifts and calculation of lieu days off and overtime (logic is entirely different in hospitality) Meal interface: Interfaced with turnstile system Recruitment: Lots of enhancements and features developed for Kerzner, fully integrated with career portal, workforce and visa management system Position-based salary ranges: routed to separate workflow if any new hire or status change is outside the salary ranges On-boarding: Date of joining freeze, auto payment method; auto payset mapping, auto schedule mapping and auto ICARE Mapping, meal entitlement
  10. 10. Catering to the Mobile workforce There are 5.2Billionmobile devices and 1.6 Billion smart phones, while only 789 Million laptops and 743 Million desktop PCs. This means that your employees, most of whom are more than likely to have a smartphone, are 2- 5 times more likely to access your HR applications on their phone than they are on their PC.
  11. 11. Exploit mobile devices further NFC-enabled mobile phone as an attendance kiosk. A phone with GPS can be used for time-logging Facilities such as GPS and NFC in a phone can help organizations manage work better.
  12. 12. The Datafication of Human Resources While Finance, Marketing, and Supply chain organizations have been implementing analytics solutions for decades, HR is now just starting to get serious.
  13. 13. Systems ofEngagement Moving from Systems of Records Focus on cleaner, simpler user interfaces to
  14. 14. Training feedback, surveys, polls etc. For recruiting For collaboration, informal learning For tagging talent Millennials expect to be able to collaborate via social channels, and HR is no exception While this may be challenging from a security and data protection angle, it’s a must-have capability
  15. 15. Adapting to a New Business Environment On-boarding experience of new hires Annual appraisal vs. regular feedback Getting a sense of employee engagement Proactive retention of top talent
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