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Quick Presentation - r Green Consortium

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rGreen Consortium consists of 5 highly profitable, modeled companies tied together with a single steering committee. The businesses collectively share resources, and thus empower each other socially and financially for the greater good.

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Quick Presentation - r Green Consortium

  1. 1. Welcome
  2. 2. Freely Provide A Fully- Funded Higher Education For All Children In The Community, Improve Morale, The Planet’s Health - With One Single Action - Simultaneously!
  3. 3. It’s Simple, easy and effortless. Reap benefits, Connect with rGreenConsortium!
  4. 4. What is rGreenConsortium?
  5. 5. rGreenConsortium is in the Crowdfunding for Education Business, consisting of 5 highly profitable, modeled companies all tied together with a steering committee.
  6. 6. Each business within the Consortium shares socially crowdsourced data to generate crowdfunding for children. Normal daily activities come together to provide a higher education to all children within a community.
  7. 7. Why was rGreenConsortium formed?
  8. 8. “To protect a parent’s most valuable investment, their children, and the community’s most valuable investment, their futures.” More than anything, a parent wants a happy, successful child. Mission:
  9. 9. Who is rGreenConsortium?
  10. 10. “Tied Industries” that together, create Crowd(funded) Economy’s.
  11. 11. Who are these 5 companies championing the success of our children?
  12. 12. Communities for Education: Boots- on-the-ground Warriors
  13. 13. rMost Valuable Insurance: Captive Insurance Top Secret new product! Over 1 Million members the 1st year. 1Milion = $240M
  14. 14. rGreen Bank: Fintech - A Non Bank, producing multi billions in deposits and transactions Year #1
  15. 15. The rGreen Sustainable Landfill Per Orange County's landfill specification documentation, converting their landfill to aerobic operation, its profits will go from $100's of Millions to over $2.7 Billion. Our process is now being hailed in the Waste Management Industry as "The Future Of Waste Sustainability.”
  16. 16. rFramers: Technology, licensing, mobile, marketing, crowdsourcing & crowdfunding, IoT (the Internet of Things)
  17. 17. Connected industries
  18. 18. What makes rGreenConsortium different?
  19. 19. Banking: There are no branchless, mobile banking apps that exist where the onboarding is a byproduct of crowdfunding for education. Landfill: The status quo model used today is outdated. Insurance: Macro pricing of $1 for every $1,000 of insurance.
  20. 20. Who are rGreenConsortium’s clients?
  21. 21. All children, parents, caretakers, family & friends, police officers, firefighters, teachers, security guards, and the community as a whole.
  22. 22. Out of 73 million minors, we’re targeting 1 in 7 as our projected market share.
  23. 23. Why YOU should pay attention?
  24. 24. Boundless opportunities exist including perfectly- matched relationships
  25. 25. Kill 2 birds with 1 very small pebble: Help Children Help the Community Feel Good!
  26. 26. We want to build a relationship with you!
  27. 27. Since we’re just starting up, you’re able to get involved at the perfect time: Ground floor!
  28. 28. Contact Us to learn how to get involved and what’s in this for you & yours!
  29. 29. • Contact: RJ Randall • Title: Co-Founder, Managing Director, Payment Solutions • Phone: 407-325-6568 • Email: invest@rGreenConsortium.com • Address: 555 Winderly Place Ste #114 • Maitland, FL 32751 • United States Next Step
  30. 30. Thank you!