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Jeff Hilimire: Twitter: Marketing Must or All Hype?

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Jeff Hilimire: Twitter: Marketing Must or All Hype?

  1. 1. What the h*$% is OfficeArrow, LLC. 2009.
  2. 2. use #LIFTsummituse #LIFTsummit
  3. 3. Jeff Hilimire Chief Digital Officer Engauge @jeffhilimire jhilimire@engauge.com
  4. 4. With 250+ employees and locations in five states, the concept of Engauge is to group brilliant agencies in the most vital marketing disciplines today – branding, direct, and digital: • Engauge Communications • Engauge Direct • Engauge Digital
  5. 5. Clients
  6. 6. "Everything that can be invented has been invented." -- Charles H. Duell, U.S. Commissioner of Patents, in 1899. "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." --Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943 “I think these things [social networks] are going to have some legs, and yet there’s a faddishness, a faddish nature about anything that basically appeals to younger people.” --Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO “It’s inherently silly and it’s inherently dumb.” --John Mayer, singer/songwriter, speaking on Twitter, who now is the #6 Twitter user in terms of number of followers (close to 1,000,000) Everyone’s a skeptic
  7. 7. Tweet: when you send a msg via Twitter (not a “twit”) Twit: when you say you “twittered” something Hashtag: tweet topic (i.e. #swineflu) Tweetup: when Twitter users meet <GASP> face-to-face TwitPic: 3rd party application that allows pics to be tweeted Twitterview: a public interview conducted over Twitter Dweet: a tweet made, under the influence of alcohol Twang: a tweet from someone in the South RT: short for re-tweet. So how do I not sound like a Twitter dork (a twork?) • For more Twitter terms: http://twictionary.pbworks.com/
  8. 8. 8 With all this noise,With all this noise, what makeswhat makes Twitter so special?Twitter so special?
  9. 9. 10 So why is Twitter relevant? It’s growth is undeniably impressive
  10. 10. 11 Fastest Growing Social Networking Site June 2008 – June 2009 1460% ~ 30M Twitter Accounts Today
  11. 11. Twitter’s growth caveat
  12. 12. 14 So why is Twitter relevant? It’s growth is undeniably impressive Imitation is sincerest form of flattery
  13. 13. 16 So why is Twitter relevant? It’s growth is undeniably impressive Imitation is sincerest form of flattery Because Oprah is doing it ;)
  14. 14. 43%
  15. 15. 18 So why is Twitter relevant? It’s growth is undeniably impressive Imitation is sincerest form of flattery Because Oprah is doing it ;) Because it has big time haters (so it must be doing something right)
  16. 16. 19 • "Twittering stems from a lack of identity. It's a constant update of who you are, what you are, where you are. Nobody would Twitter if they had a strong sense of identity." -- clinical psychologist Oliver James "Using Twitter suggests a level of insecurity whereby, unless people recognize you, you cease to exist. It may stave off insecurity in the short term, but it won't cure it." -- cognitive neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis "A way of making sure you are permanently connected to somebody and somebody is permanently connected to you, proving that you are alive. It's like when a parent goes into a child's room to check the child is still breathing. It is a giant baby monitor." -- book author Alain de Botton
  17. 17. 20 So why is Twitter relevant? It’s growth is undeniably impressive Imitation is sincerest form of flattery Because Oprah is doing it ;) Because it has big time haters (so it must be doing something right) But mainly because: Twitter is a new broadcast medium It’s a real time analysis of people’s thoughts, interests, perceptions It’s (today) the only real-time search engine A legitimate customer service channel
  18. 18. 8 So what is Twitter exactly?
  19. 19. What’sWhat’s important toimportant to me and myme and my followers?followers?
  20. 20. ...until recently. Much better.
  21. 21. 25 So who are all these people? * http://www.istrategylabs.com/twitter-2009-demographics-and-statistics/
  22. 22. 8 Why would anyone use Twitter?
  23. 23. Latest News and Events
  24. 24. Some express their thoughts on, well, anything...
  25. 25. Mr. Andrews, If I interpret your post correctly, these are your comments about Memphis a few hours after arriving in the global headquarters city of one of your key and lucrative clients, and the home of arguably one of the most important entrepreneurs in the history of business, FedEx founder Fred Smith. Many of my peers and I feel this is inappropriate. We do not know the total millions of dollars FedEx Corporation pays Ketchum annually for the valuable and important work your company does for us around the globe. We are confident however, it is enough to expect a greater level of respect and awareness from someone in your position as a vice president at a major global player in your industry. A hazard of social networking is people will read what you write. -- FedEx Employee In response to this public statement, emailing the FedEx Corporate Vice President, Vice President, Directors, the communication department, and Ketchum -- James Andrews, Digital PR and Communications for Ketchum Hours before presentation to FedEx Worldwide Communications Group in Memphis, TN
  26. 26. Real-time event “conversations”
  27. 27. Real-time event “conversations” U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, UGA ’09 Commencement Speaker Blah blah blah twitterBlah blah blah twitter blah blah blah...blah blah blah...
  28. 28. Amber Alerts
  29. 29. 8 Ok, I get it. So how do I start using Twitter?
  30. 30. Most popular Twitter clients Top 10 Twitter Clients Web TweetDeck Twitterfeed Twhirl Twitterrific Tweetie Text Mobile TwitterFon TwitPic
  31. 31. Blackberry Twitterberry Mobile Platforms for Twitter iPhone Tweetie Twitterfon Twitterific Twitterlator Windows Mobile Twinkini Android TwitterDroid Cross Platform Slandr TinyTwitter
  32. 32. How do I find people to follow?
  33. 33. http://mashable.com/followfri/ Now changing to #FF
  34. 34. Do Brands Belong on Twitter?
  35. 35. @Starbucks Transparent, personal, value-adding, participating via following.
  36. 36. Is there a place on Twitter for B2B marketers?
  37. 37. Of course! Recruitment Customer Service Channel / Partnership building (cross linking, etc.) …oh yeah, marketing! Monitoring
  38. 38. 55 55 Tools & Measurement Adam Rice President, Looxii
  39. 39. Twitter Metrics: what can we measure ?
  40. 40. The What • Volume • Themes • Content
  41. 41. Volume how much are people talking
  42. 42. Themes what (else) they are talking about
  43. 43. Content what is being associated
  44. 44. 3 Rules* 1. Listen 2. Engage 3. MEASURE *according to Marta Kagan
  45. 45. Why Measure • identify audience • know what to talk about
  46. 46. Last but not least…
  47. 47. JUMP IN!!!
  48. 48. Questions? @jeffhilimire OfficeArrow, LLC. 2009.

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Opening slide style.
  • Working together with other disciplines gives us experience we would not get as a pure digital agency alone. We get people to take action online and in the real world.
  • So why are we here? Why is Twitter
    something we should waste time on? With all the other crap out there (name them), why are we talking about Twitter?
  • http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2009/08/04/comscore-twitters-growth-continued-in-june
  • http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/kit-eaton/technomix/60-twitterers-quit-after-month-does-it-matter
  • Case studies - Zappos
    - twitter.zappos.com lists the most recent tweets from its 170 employees on Twitter, as well as employee TwitPics, and Zappos Public Mentions.
  • Case studies - Starbucks follows a ton of people, offers specials, and responds rapidly to customer comments / complaints
  • You can get a lot out of Twitter. But what? and how do we turn it into something meaningful?
  • At Looxii we track three major things on twitter: Volume, Themes and Content
  • Volume relates to how much people are talking about a given brand or subject. By tracking mentions over time, you can get a sense of your brand’s presence on twitter.
  • Themes are perhaps the most relevant thing companies can get out of twitter. By getting a sense of what people are saying around your brand, you can gain insights into sentiment and identify possible collaborations.
  • It is social media and your brand is likely to get bunched together with user generated content, blog posts, news stories and much more. This can provide insights into where your brand is being discussed outside of twitter and how people are incorporating your brand into their lives.
  • Marta Kagan reminds us that when engaging social media there are three rules to follow: Listen, Engage and Measure. They are all equally important, but you can’t engage effectively unless you’re listening to and measuring what’s being said on twitter.
  • Metrics in social media aren’t just relative to a static marketing strategy. They can help you understand who your audience is and how best to engage them. Remember, Twitter is social! Don’t be afraid to take an active role, just be as prepared as possible before, and while, you do.
  • Opening slide style.