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  1. 1. In theory, ghosts are the remnants of what was once a human being. They are everything that we, as living creatures, are........but without the human body.
  2. 2. Where are ghosts found… • Ghosts can be found anywhere a person has experienced strong emotions or death. • Battlefields, Hospitals, cemeteries and funeral homes usually with a high number of deaths. • Quite often persons after death continue to be attached mentally to objects that they used to like when they lived.
  3. 3. •Generally ghosts perch themselves on vegetation. E.g. Tamarind tree is believed to be ghosts favourite. •Ghosts exist around, on and in humans. They occupy any part of the physical body, mind or intellect of the person.
  4. 4. • Ghosts gain power through our emotions. • Human fear is the main factor. • Negative energy produced through fights etc helps ghosts to materialize.
  5. 5. Protection from ghosts  • Remain unemotional and firm when dealing with a ghost. • Speak to the ghost, out loud. • We have our own "blessed salt“ that is used in particularly dangerous hauntings. • Prayer can also be another option in providing protection.
  6. 6. Is ghost a problem …??? • Randomly toss rice, split peas, sand, salt, coffee beans or grounds, or anything small and granular, on your kitchen floor when you go to bed at night. • The ghosts will pause to count the grains. They aren't very good at counting, so they have to start over again, repeatedly, or they forget the numbers. • After a few nights of this, the ghosts will leave.
  7. 7. • These devices are used for communication.
  8. 8. •The EMF Meter is probably the most used device by ghost hunters. •It detects energy in the surrounding area and reports sudden rise and drops in the electromagnetic fields. •Researchers have believed that reported Ghost sightings are a result of such fields interacting with human brain EMF meter
  9. 9. At night, people have sightings of a phantom hitchhiker that asks those who pass by for rides
  10. 10. Aarey Milk Colony •Aarey Milk Colony is famous for its visits from various apparitions. •Many in the film industry get the spooks here and refuse to work in the place after dark.
  11. 11. Grand Paradi Towers Grand Paradi Towers •The most famous haunted house in Mumbai is situated in Kemps corner •There have been many freakish suicides. •Since then there have been upto 20 cases of accidents & suicides.
  12. 12. Mukesh mills • Shut down in 1980, this abandoned mill in Colaba has been the shooting grounds. • Many directors, actors and producers refuse to work here past sunset. • A actress claimed to have had a experience where one of her female co-star began speaking in a manly voice.
  13. 13. Tower of silence •Tower of Silence is actually a Parsi cemetery situated on Malabar Hill •Custom dictates that Parsis leave the bodies of their dead for vultures to feed on. •The winding road that leads down the hill is particularly desolate and eerie at night and the place has become recognized as a kind of ghoulish hangout.