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Content re-purposing

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Content re-purposing

  1. 1. Content Re-Purposing SEEGER CONSULTING INC.
  2. 2. Joe Pulizzi said content is “compelling information that informs, engages, or amuses” Simply put, Content is information that provides a benefit to the person who consumes it. SEEGER CONSULTING INC. What is content?
  3. 3. • product content • sales content • customer-service content • event content • marketing and campaign content • advertising content, etc. SEEGER CONSULTING INC. Content is everywhere.
  4. 4. How many of you blog? Have a podcast? Speak? Do Interviews? Guest Post? WHY do you do these things? SEEGER CONSULTING INC. Content for small business.
  5. 5. Lee Odden and Top Rank Marketing defines content marketing as a “strategic marketing technique that aligns business and consumer information needs with relevant content.” SEEGER CONSULTING INC. Content Marketing
  6. 6. How many of you publish your blog on SM? Promote Podcasts to your audience? Promote your Speaking? OR Interviews? OR Guest Post? WHY SHOULD you do these things? SEEGER CONSULTING INC. Content Marketing for business.
  8. 8. Called by many names: • reformatted content • restructured content • regenerated content • reworked content • reimagined content • recycled content • reused content SEEGER CONSULTING INC. What is content re-purposing?
  9. 9. SEEGER CONSULTING INC. Content re-purposing……. Create Publish Promote Measure Repurpose Measure
  10. 10. Why Content Re- purposing? SEEGER CONSULTING INC.
  11. 11. SEEGER CONSULTING INC. Traditional Funnel……. Awareness Consideration Preference Purchase Loyalty
  12. 12. Purchase ACTIONS Leave Your Process Leave Your Process Leave Your Process SUCCESSFUL !!! Become Aware!
  13. 13. Based on BuzzSumo research: • Of 100M articles, Median shares in 2017 = 4 vs 2015 = 8 • Only 5% of content gets more than 343 shares SEEGER CONSULTING INC. Content Trends 2018
  14. 14. SEEGER CONSULTING INC. From: Content Trends 2018 - BuzzSumo Research
  15. 15. SEEGER CONSULTING INC. From: Content Trends 2018 - BuzzSumo Research
  16. 16. SEEGER CONSULTING INC. From: Content Trends 2018 - BuzzSumo Research
  17. 17. SEEGER CONSULTING INC. From: Content Trends: Preferences Emerge Along Generational Fault Lines Content Discovery is changing!
  18. 18. SEEGER CONSULTING INC. From: Content Trends 2018 - BuzzSumo Research
  19. 19. SEEGER CONSULTING INC. From: Content Trends 2018 - BuzzSumo Research
  20. 20. SEEGER CONSULTING INC. From: Why Google Rewards Re-Publishing
  21. 21. Future of Content Marketing SEEGER CONSULTING INC.
  22. 22. SEEGER CONSULTING INC. Content re-purposing……. Create /Rework Publish Promote Measure Repurpose Measure
  23. 23. SEEGER CONSULTING INC. •Promote •Measure Create •Edit •Expand Is it good? •Format •Audience Repurpose
  24. 24. What is Good Content • Evergreen • Focused to the Buyers Journey • Provides benefits to the Buyer at that stage of the Journey! SEEGER CONSULTING INC.
  25. 25. z z
  26. 26. Marketing Content Critical Strategies for Success Sales
  27. 27. Flywheel Marketing Create great content. Create Content 80/20 rule. Spend 80% of your time promoting. Publish and Promote Content Measure what is working. Allow time to build momentum. Measure and repeat • Coined by Jim Collin’s in the book “Good to Great”. • A flywheel is a mechanical device that generates and stores energy. Building Momentum over time. • All marketing succeeds through MOMENTUM. • Content Re-purposing is a dynamic part of a Flywheel marketing strategy.
  28. 28. Flywheel Marketing Blog Posts Outline Re- Purpos e #1 Re – Purpose #2 Measure results Start with a pivotal piece…. Find Key Points First re-purpose – Know where your audience is. Second re-purpose – Pick another audience potential Measure Results – Tweak the process or Test another platform
  29. 29. CREATEMEASURE PROMOTE Hub & Spoke Methodology Promote to convert contacts in the buyer journey. Set goals for each piece and measure accordingly. Content Strategy
  30. 30. Hub & Spoke Content Sub- topic 6 Sub- topic 1 Sub- topic 2 Sub- topic 3 Sub- topic 4 Sub- topic 5 • Know you prospects journey. • Map all the touch points needed. • Plan & Measure your success for each product & sales opportunity. • Focus your content creation and marketing to lead to every sales opportunity. Main Topic
  31. 31. 1:1SALESAGENTS PASSIVE In person selling, or with a strategy call. Passive sales, Ecommerce, or a membership site. Through third parties, agents, affiliates, etc. Sales Strategy
  32. 32. Sales strategy Person Agents Events Online Affiliate Free Session • Know you prospects journey. • Map all the touch points needed. • Plan & Measure your success for each product & sales opportunity. • Focus your content creation and marketing to follow or sales process. Method
  33. 33. Start Where you are At: • Use existing content • Do a content audit - client journey - gaps • Blog post • Guest Post • Article submissions • Podcasts • Speaking events • Interviews • Webinar • Speaking events • Workshops Written Audio Video
  34. 34. Re-purpose Example! Blog Outline Slide Deck Video Audio Social Media Write an Anchor post. Then write complimentary posts that link back to the HUB or Anchor post. Use the outline to create points from the post. Create in PowerPoint, Google Slideshow, or similar. Record as a webinar or with Screen Share software. Extract this from the video or read the post out load. Create cards and images from the outline.
  35. 35. Starting Point Blog Write an Anchor post. Then write complimentary posts that link back to the HUB or Anchor post. • Internal Linking • Promote • Measure the success of the post Or select an existing post that meets the repurposing criteria • Evergreen • Focused on Buyers Journey • Provides benefits to the Buyer
  36. 36. Blog Benefits Blog • Easiest method of creating awareness. • Can be done on your own schedule. • Can be made Evergreen. • Creates Authority and Trust. • Helps prospects get to know you. • Boosts SEO. • Connects people to your brand. • Builds your email list. • Builds connections and relationships.
  37. 37. Master Each step before moving on! Blog Slideshare https://www.slideshare.net a presentation slide sharing site.
  38. 38. Steps to Re-Purposing Outline
  39. 39. Steps to Re-Purposing Outline Extract Key Points into a text file • No more than 10-15 words per sentence • Aim for no more than 25% of the text form the post. • Edit for IMPACT statements. • Tap into emotion, with either words or images • Use Bucket Brigades • KEYWORDS MATTER Select Images that work with each of those sentences. • When using free images – use Attribution
  40. 40. Bucket Brigade…. Outline Joanna Weibe, Copyhackers : “the bucket brigade technique is a way to get people to keep reading what you’ve written.” Example…. … nothing was ever closed up. Right? Do you want to learn how to … ? So you want to … ? Want to know more about … ? Have you ever wondered why … ? Bucket brigade can be openers or Transitional copy…..
  41. 41. Bucket Brigade…. Outline Brian Dean … “Bucket Brigades are words and phrases that keep people on your page.” Bottom line: whenever you have a section where someone may get bored and leave, add a Bucket Brigade. https://backlinko.com/seo-copywriting
  42. 42. Call To Action…. Outline • Must be specific • Must TELL THEM WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO! • Moves contacts through the buyer journey map. • Make it congruent with the post and the platform. https://backlinko.com/seo-copywriting
  43. 43. Steps to Re-Purposing Outline Save your outline as a text file This will make it much easier to turn into a slide deck.
  44. 44. Slide Deck Slides Each tool works slightly different, but PowerPoint, Presi, Keynote, or Google Slideshow are all good options. PowerPoint - On the Home tab, select the down arrow on the New Slide button. At the bottom of the menu that opens, select Slides from Outline.
  45. 45. Slide Deck Slides If you have a branded template that you use for most presentations, then you can use this here. • BUT stick to the basic of font, logo, etc. • Don’t overuse templates as they are not built to evoke emotion. • You create a blindness if the same item appears too often. • YOU want this to stand out and still be congruent! • Slides are Visual – make yours appealing.
  46. 46. Slide Deck Slides Spend extra time on the slide cover – this must grab attention and be noteworthy. • Headings are meant to have impact!!! • Emphasize words with color. Don’t be shy here, just remember to be congruent. • Use images to evoke emotion. People take action on what they feel more than what they see or read. Make them feel something. • Slides that stand on their own can also be repurposed to Pinterest, Facebook, etc. • These slides must be edited to include your CTA
  47. 47. Slide Deck Slides Include a CTA slide at about 60% through the slide deck. • Not everyone will finish your slides, but you want them to see the CTA. • Make it fit naturally into the presentation. • Have another at the end of the presentation. • They don’t have to be the same CTA.
  48. 48. Slide Deck Slides Make your slide CTA clickable and TELL THEM TO CLICK THEM! Click here on this button to get access NOW!!
  49. 49. Slide Deck Slides • Provide actionable take-a ways from the slide deck. • Triple check SPELLING, punctuation and GRAMMAR • This piece of content is the most likely to be embedded into someone else's site – Spend the time making sure they want to have it there! • Name your file carefully as the filename becomes the URL for your Slideshare. (remember keywords) • Keywords are important, but no one will click on a boring title. • Upload your presentation to SlideShare.
  50. 50. Slideshare Tips & Tricks Slides • Slideshare allows you to re-upload a presentation if you want to update information, change a CTA or just change it. • You can embed: • YouTube videos, livestreaming videos, Audio files, PDF’s, documents and Infographics and a real time feed of your blog into a Slideshare. • Make sure your font is LARGE enough to read on Mobile devices. • Content FLOW will keep people engaged. • Strive for clarity.
  51. 51. Slideshare Tips & Tricks Slides • Save your Presentations as PDF so that when others save your presentations, they are not editable. • Open your PDF to make sure the links and fonts look right before uploading. • Reduce the PDF size again to speed uploading, viewing and downloading. • Add tags, descriptions, allow downloads and Set to Public. Remember to use Keywords here. • Share this on your social profiles.
  52. 52. Slideshare Tips & Tricks Slides • Allow for downloads and slide clipping – as long as you have a great CTA embedded into the presentation. Downloads get shared and this is good for you. • An option is to use the Slideshare as an opt in…. Enter your email address here and I will email you a copy of the presentation. A lot more maintenance, but manageable with the right systems.
  53. 53. Slideshare Tips & Tricks Slides • Slideshare will transcribe your presentation, so include keywords in the text. • Tags increase search ability by up to 30%, according to Slideshare. • How to Optimize Your SlideShare Deck for More Exposure • 10 Actionable SlideShare Tips for Maximum Results
  54. 54. Slideshare Benefits Slides • Reuse these in any business presentation. • Slides are ready made images for sharing on social media. • Has a over 60 million followers and is owned by Linked In. • Popular slide decks get featured. See SlideShare Traffic Case Study - From 0 to 243,000 Views in 30 Days • High Domain Authority back link
  55. 55. Video Video • Use the outline or slide presentation as talking points for a live stream or webinar and record these. • Use Screen Capture software and a good microphone to talk through your presentation. (see resources for recommendations) • Or Convert your PowerPoint with an online program like Online Convert. • For short videos directly from you blog posts; use Lumen5 - Automated video creation with A.I.
  56. 56. Video Benefits Video • Video Builds trust – people can see and hear you. • Google loves Video “…you are 53x more likely show up on page 1 of Google if you have a video embedded on your website…” Moovly • B2B and B2C marketers worldwide name video as a top 3 most effective social media marketing tactic. • 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI
  57. 57. Audio Audio • There are free (and paid) online tools for extracting Audio from video. (listed in resource slide) • You can also record a separate audio file if you want the practice. • TIP: Get a good microphone. People hate to listen to a bad recording.
  58. 58. Audio Benefits Audio • Transcribed Audio is highly SEO ranked • An IAB and Edison Research study found that 65% of podcast listeners are more likely to purchase a product endorsed in a podcast. • Audio opens your reach to the visually impaired audience. • Repurposing blog posts as podcasts extends your reach exponentially. • Audio files are easier to play, load and store. • Easier to listen to while commuting. • Re-purposing as an Audiogram increases shares.
  59. 59. Social Media Social • Slides are images = Great Social media posts. • Slides are great images for internal link building. • Edit the images to ensure each has a CTA and your branding when using slides for Social media. • Images can be shared multiple times across multiple platforms. • Social Media posts can be scheduled out in advance. • Extract quotes from your post to use in Social Media. • Use as “Click to Tweet” embedded into blog posts.
  60. 60. Social Media Social • Use Lumen5 to quickly turn your blog post into a video for social media. • Canva has free social media templates for most platforms.
  61. 61. Social Media Benefits Social • Visibility increases brand awareness. • Contacts take up to 8 touch points to connect with your message. • Flexible enough to be re-used and planned in advance. • Social Media platforms have high Domain Authority. • Each post = backlink
  62. 62. Other possibilities…. Other • Infographics or Instructo-graphics. • Comics • Memes • Google sheets downloads • Lead magnets: • Check Lists, cheat sheets, guides, Tool list, Transcripts (Embed a shareable option to get the bonus download – see resources) • Email campaigns, challenges, series. • Create a book from a blog series. • Do a yearly wrap up or best of the blog series.
  63. 63. Other possibilities…. Other • Create a resource list • FAQ page with internal links. • Create a Quiz to gamify and collect additional information. • Guest Blogging or speaking based on anything already created. REFRESH OLD CONTENT OFTEN…….
  64. 64. How does Repurposing help get traffic? Backlinks Visibility Google Rank Every piece of content will link back to your site. Get seen where your audience is. Domain Authority of Slideshare, Facebook etc. is HIGH.
  65. 65. How does Repurposing help prospects? Learning Styles Accessibility Touch points People consume different ways. Be where your audience is. With reach and engagement down, we need to find ways to connect.
  66. 66. Resources • MOZ beginners guide to Content Marketing https://moz.com/beginners- guide-to-content-marketing • Customer Journey Mapping https://conversionxl.com/blog/customer- journey-maps/ Tools for repurposing • YouTube to MP3 Converters: – https://youtubemp3.today/ – https://youtubemp3org.me/ – https://listentoyoutube.online/ – http://www.ytmp3.net/ – https://y2mate.com/ – https://ytmp3.cc/ SEEGER CONSULTING INC.
  67. 67. Resources Tools for repurposing • Blog to video, Content Samurai, and Lumen5 • Doodle videos at Videoscribe • Free Music from YouTube • Print blog posts to PDF https://www.printfriendly.com/ allows any page to be printed to PDF • Infographics: 13 incredible tools for creating infographics • Images: 13 Stock Video, Stock Image, and Stock Audio Resources for Creators and Marketers • Screen Cast software: Screencast, Loom, Or my favorite Screen Cast-O- Matic where a full license is $15 per year. • How to use Click to Tweet. • Create a Facebook Shareable link • Other share buttons SEEGER CONSULTING INC.
  68. 68. BUSINESS HEROES MEETUP Twitter: @SeegerN Facebook: NancySeegerConsulting LinkedIn: nancyseegerconsulting