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Social media maturity model for airlines

Social Media is the new brand advocate for every brand for whom connecting with customer, in the right way and at the right time, is of high priority. The Airline industry falls into this category for whom the customer makes their brand go around. This paper gives you a glimpse of how Social Media helps airlines build the path to customer intimacy

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Social media maturity model for airlines

  1. 1. Social Media Maturity Model for AirlinesSocial Media Maturity Model for Airlines www.niit-tech.com NIIT Technologies White Paper Puneet Sachdev Practice Head - Application Development
  2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA INTERNET JOURNEY COLLABORATION WEB MARKETING MESSAGING Digital TRAVEL SHARING TRAVEL FORUM MOBILE IDENTITY WIKI RATING USER WEBSITEWEBLOGS BLOGGING PLATFORM CONTENT PUBLIC NETWORK Airlines need to understand the fundamental difference in the way interaction happens in social media today as compared to traditional online behavior. Social media is all about "Social Interaction", which means individuals, interact with other individuals to create and consume content in the process. An Airline aiming to leverage social media needs to understand how customer experiences have become an integral part of Social Introduction 2 Interaction. Only when they understand this phenomenon, they will be able to influence a favorable outcome from these interactions. The Social Interaction of Airlines can be defined at five different maturity levels. A step wise approach is recommended for increasing levels of interaction based on need and expected outcome. It is recommended that Airlines choose only a few social media platforms for engagement and monetizing. Geographical and cultural concerns should be the basis of deciding which platforms should be chosen. Level Present (Level 1) Requirement Level 1 only requires presence in social media. E.g.: 1. Facebook page 2. Twitter profile 3. Industry blogs 4. Advertisement Purpose/Benefit/Concerns Purpose/Benefit 1. Brand building 2. Information dissemination 3. Increase in traffic Concerns 1. Communication is non-contextual 2. It is a hygiene level of interaction Tools, Expertise Basic Web development tools, content management suites e.g. Adobe CQ5, and Social marketing tools that allow you to create, curate and share content regarding your brand. E.g. Addvocate • Profiles • Pages • Blogs • Advertisements • Campaigns • Captive Communities Level 1: Present • Monitoring - Shares, Likes - Tweets - Posts - Information Speed • Profiling High Value Customers • Cataloging Level 2: Listening Level 3: Responding • Integrated Identifies • Social Applications • Assisted Registrations • Two Way Information Flow Level 4: Engaging Level 5: Monetizing • Help + Sentiment Go Viral, Prevent- Sentiment Go Viral • Real Time Dashboards & Analytics • Service Recovery • Gamification - Status, Badges - Leaderboards - Challenges - Games • Location Based Scenarios • Context Sensitive Social Applications • Identity As A Service Figure 1: NTL Social Media Integration Maturity Levels
  3. 3. 3 Level Listening (Level 2) Responding (Level 3) Engaging (Level 4) Monetizing (Level 5) Requirement This level requires the Airline to monitor social buzz. The interaction at this level of maturity is primarily one-way, with the Airline in the listen-only mode. At this level, the Airline actively responds to sentiments shared in the social media space. The Airline typically has a real-time dashboard of ongoing social buzz about the brand. In Level 4, the Airline engages with the social user. The two way communication becomes more interactive and specific. The Airline is also recommended to have business intelligence in place to mine social data. In level 5, the Airline is expected to integrate with social media so as to leverage the social identity of the customer. The two way interaction becomes contextual and personal in nature. The Airline also needs to measure the RoI of the social media investment at this level. Purpose/Benefit/Concerns Monitoring what customers talk about you in social interactions can give valuable insight into the market sentiment and human behavior. Service recovery and reducing negative sentiments are the main benefits at this level. Build brand loyalty, and mine hidden trends and pro-active recommendations. The aim is to monetize social media by knowing your customer and leveraging his/her social identity to provide extremely personalized services. E.g.: Gifting miles to Facebook friends on their birthdays, integrating FFP identity with social media. Typical benefits expected are increase in number of customer profiles, savings in terms of enriching customer data, increase in certain site actions, and better engagement with customers on online platforms. Security and privacy are main concerns at this maturity level. Tools, Expertise Mention, SocialMention, Spinn3r, Datasift, Hootsuite, Radian6, Brandwatch Social APIs e.g.: Twitter API, FB Graph API etc. Third party social media monitoring tools such as Radian6, Brandwatch, etc. Social Media APIs e.g.: Graph API, Twitter API, machine learning libraries for classification, recommendations and clustering e.g.: Apache Mahout, IDOL. Services such as Gigya can also be used at this level. Innovative custom applications written on social platform, specific frameworks, game mechanics, identity as a service, assisted registrations, social analytics, custom reactions, etc. These can be either custom built or through platforms such as Gigya (www.gigya.com)
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