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15.03.02 Seminole Stiles RGD letter

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15.03.02 Seminole Stiles RGD letter

  1. 1. RGD Consulting Engineers Naples: 239.206.2689 Jupiter: 561.743.0165 Orlando: 407.745.1734 Fax: 561.743.0193 www.rgdengineers.com   March 2, 2015 Mr. Timothy O. Moore President | Seminole Stiles Construction 301 E. Las Olas Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 Mr. Moore: RGD Consulting Engineers is please to submit a letter of recommendation for Seminole Stiles Construction regarding the new construction of the Howard Tiger Recreation Center in Hollywood, Florida. The Howard Tiger Recreation Center was a new 39,000 SF 2-story recreation facility. RGD was responsible for the structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services associated with this project. This project had a tight timeline made even tighter due to owner revisions after initial drawings were complete. The Seminole Stiles team was always upfront with the changes and coordinated with the consultants on what they needed. The performance and professionalism of your company’s team members, specifically Mike McDermott and Mike Lauter, made all the difference. They responded quickly and decisively to problems that arose, which directly contributed to this project’s successful completion on time and on budget. In summary, the Stiles team had good people responding to problems quickly. We commend the entire Stiles organization on their management of this project and would highly recommend their firm without hesitation for future work. Best Regards, Nate Davenport VP Director of Operations