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Matt Quinn CV Feb 2016

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Matt Quinn CV Feb 2016

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Personal Details Name : Matt Quinn Home Address : 6 MacDonald Avenue Kittochglen East Kilbride, G74 4SN Tel. No. Mobile 07885 250430 Home 01355 220366 Email matt.quinn1@btinternet.com Previous position Lead Technology Consultant, BT Super-Fast Broadband (Next Generation Access, NGA) & Disaster Recovery Specialist Openreach NGA Technical Services (Part of BT Group) I left BT at the end of September 2015 and currently available for work Driving License Full, Clean Dates: December 2006 until September 2015 Lead Technology Consultant within the Strategic Engineering Solutions Team, part of the Openreach Chief Engineers Office, which is responsible for technical trials and developing strategies for our access network and exploiting the opportunities created by technological developments. My role was to project manage (both from a technical and PM perspective) very large and complex projects on time and to budget. Within this role, I developed and managed the installation of the first Automated Main Distribution Frame (AMDF) within BT, followed by working within a matrix team to further develop the AMDF within the 21CN Network. This involved E2E testing, working closely with BT Design, vendors and other international Telco’s. Further to the AMDF role, I took up work on Openreach’s Test & Diagnostic platform (still within the Chief Engineers Office). This included the very successful Risky Starts project, which collated data from various sources and identified the probability of copper lines being Healthy or Unhealthy on a Customer Provision Order. This work involved working closely with the research scientists in BT Innovate & Design and testing algorithms to determine the status of the copper lines. I presented this work at the finals of the British Computer Society. I have also worked on a Test & Diagnostics proposal for ISDN30, Line Test Standards for BT field engineers using Hand Held Testers and I was the interface between the Chief Engineers Office and BT Innovate & Design’s research scientists. As of October 2009, at the conception of BT’s Super-Fast Broadband rollout (Next Generation Access, NGA), I was asked to manage this network and work alongside the NGA vendors (currently Huawei & ECI) and also work closely with BT Innovate & Design on the introduction and implementation of all new technology & functionality. I designed, built and maintained the Openreach Disaster Recovery solution for NGA. I also worked closely with Business Continuity, Security, Capacity Management and give day to day technical assistance to various individuals. This work covered the cycle of E2E testing of both new software and hardware, via the Network Integration Labs in Adastral Park, (BT’s Research area in Ipswich) system faulting and analysis & network upgrades on the FTTC, FTTP & FVA (Voice) network. I also carried out various testing on the exchange based equipment and street based cabinets, both of which contained the active electronics to allow the NGA network to function. I am recognised as a technical expert on the NGA network and have worked on technical support functions throughout my career in BT. My success on this work has been highly praised by various senior managers across BT Design, BT Operate and Openreach. Matt Quinn June 2012
  2. 2. During this period, I have successfully completed Goal Driven Project Management (GDPM), Managing Successful Programmes at both Foundation and Practitioner level (TGP Academy) and Accelerating Change Management training. Government security clearance held for 10 years as I managed the Clyde Naval bases, Faslane, Coulport & Glen Douglas Dates: Feb 2004 until November 2006 Repair Service Unit (RSU) Manager for Scotland. This unit is responsible for ensuring that all repair work is fluid, managing common Faults, Saving Field Visits, Tail Management and Root Cause Repair Analysis (RCR). During my time in the RSU, I have changed and improved many processes which have had a positive affect on both the team performance and morale. These include Root Cause Repair, Visits Saved and Damage Reports, where many of my initiatives have been used as part of the national processes and implemented nationally. My process changes within Root Cause Repair and the work that I carried out, resulted in Scotland having the lowest fault volumes within the UK. I also covered my senior managers role which involved managing a team of circa 6 managers. I am a very experienced manager with excellent people skills and a definitive team player, who works very well under pressure. I resolve problems quickly and efficiently and am constantly creating new solutions within my group. Dates : 1994 until Jan 2004 Position : Local Customer Manager (LCM), Previously Field Manager Contributed significantly to continuous improvements in customer service through improvements in Productivity, Quality of Personal Workmanship, Cost per Job and by improving Team Morale. I have introduced several new Working Practices which have allowed the above to become successful. Dates :February 1993 until April 1994 Position : Frame Management & Electronic Exchange Maintenance Manager responsible for 30 Exchange Technicians carrying out Frame activities and Electronic Exchange Maintenance. I have managed numerous groups during my time as a manager within both the Core and Access Networks, including frames and exchange maintenance, external field construction and maintenance engineers on both Copper & Fibre networks. Dates :1987 until February 1993 Position : Technical Officer, Exchange Efficiency & Special Investigations Responsible for Technical Support to the engineers and managers in the Telephone Exchange Network within Scotland. Responsible for troubleshooting all aspects of the BT network, from the customer, via the core network and also to all CP’s. Other duties included : Billing investigations Investigations into suspected telephone line tapping/interception Matt Quinn June 2012
  3. 3. Maintain BT security alarms Interface with Police forces and become involved in crimes involving the BT network, including malicious calls Assisting BT managers and other agencies on special investigation work, including call logging activities. I was very successful in this group and this subsequently resulted in me receiving an overall “1” in my APR marking. Further Information : • Full clean driving license • Excellent sick record • Very energetic, highly motivated and dynamic • Completed various Project management courses (GDPM, etc) Hobbies : • Ice Hockey • Golf • Fly fishing • Gardening • Car maintenance ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Training: Code Course Name Course Date ORNGA Power (access to work on DSLAM’s) ECI E-OPS and Network Element training July 2011 Accelerating Change Management Sept 2009 Managing Successful Programmes (Foundation & Practitioner levels) July 2009 Goal Driven Project Management (GDPM) 1&2 Oct 08 Honest Conversations 25/26 Feb 08 Benefits Mapping 22 Jan 2007 15058 Norton Anti Virus 2004 20 Jan 2005 DLG096349 Winning Through Compliance 12 Nov 2004 DLG184363 Data Protection & Privacy 29 Oct 2004 DLS111828 Competition Act 29 Oct 2004 DLS112357 Information Retention Policy 29 Oct 2004 XT393770 Voice Over IP Networks (2 day attended) 7/8 Oct 2004 87513 CCNT VOIP Essentials 30 Aug 2004 87509 CCNT LANs Part 1 1 Aug 2004 44501 Sales Skills: The Fundamentals 4 Mar 2004 M214782-10009 Enabling Health & Safety Excellence 4 Dec 2003 DLS112357 Information Retention Policy 24 Nov 2003 DLM254475 Valuing Ability 7 Jun 2003 G084679-101CAP Star Performance Workshop for LCM’s 26 Jun 2003 Discipline Awareness Training 16 May 2003 71011 MS Win 98 User Fundamentals 7 Jan 2003 T153672-188CAP Safety Belt No 11 27 Jun 2002 WC-ALS Quick guide to Academy Learning System 16 April 2002 XM011011 Effective Business Writing 19 April 2001 M021867 Local Customer Manager-The Courage 11 Sep 2000 Unknown Advanced Coaching Skills Workshop 19 Aug 1999 Q00226 X-Handling People Issues 9 Dec 1998 Q00227 X-Managing for Excellence 9 Dec 1998 Matt Quinn June 2012
  4. 4. Q00234 DX-Managing Skills Exploration Dec 1998 M02056 Non Management Selection Interviewing Dec 1998 X23061 Publishing on the BT Intranet 27 Oct 1998 T11586 Portable Lighting Equipment Assessment Mar 1996 T115890 Portable Lighting Equipment for Work 5 Mar 1996 Monitoring Excavation in the Highway 22 Nov 1994 Matt Quinn June 2012