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Cake making and decorating for all occasions


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Cake making and decorating for all occasions

  1. 1. Cake making and decorating for all occasions Maria Lovelyn V. Mananquil Owner/Manager Broadbeach, Goldcoast
  2. 2. Background Lulabelle Bake is a start up cake haus that is located in Broadbeach, Goldcoast.The goal of Lulabelle cake Haus is to attain and maintain the interest of its customers with the broad variety of its cakes and pastries.It will build a strong position in the city and then in the country by offering its products at a competitive, affordable and quality products for all occasions.
  3. 3. Marketing Strategy Mission: Lullabelle cakes and pastries for all occasions at a reasonable price to meet the demand of low,middle to high income customers. Marketing Objectives: 1. To be leading a reputable cake house 2. To provide quality products. 3. To offer job opportunities. Financial objectives: 1. To generate minimum 30% revenue.
  4. 4. SWOT Analysis Strengths: reasonable and affordable prices, wide variety of cakes,talented and creative bakers Weakness: new in the market, new set- up Opportunities:New bakery products in the area,high quality products with reasonable prices,educated, degree holder bakers Threats:low prices of competitors,experience of competitors in the market and best advertisement strategies
  5. 5. Target market: Lulabelle cake haus will serve all its customers lower middle and upper income by providing its products with affordable prices and by rendering services that will put a smile on the faces of its customers. It will make no discriminations between its customers.
  6. 6. Strategies: Providing internet facility to our customers especially students. Music system and the television facility will also be provided for entertainment. Free delivery of orders to customers home. Creative designed banners at different spots in Goldcoast. Advertise in facebook,twitter and instagrams and other social media networks. Promotion through local media/ word of mouth.