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  1. Auto Locksmith
  2. We have made it easier to talk with our Mobile Locksmith Richmond specialists concerning your automotive questions or concerns.
  3. Most times we never realize how valuable our car keys really are until we lose them or they stop working. Fortunately if it does happen, your ticket to mobility wouldn’t end. Yes, there are plenty of ways to replace a malfunctioning or misplaced car key. Replacing car keys in minutes, is possible with Mobile Locksmith Richmond. We charge affordable car key replacement cost. You can replace car keys with only vin number even when you don’t have a spare. That means without the original
  4. How does this work ? First, Write down you car’s VIN number. This is necessary for the auto locksmith or auto lockout specialist to help replace that key. In most cars, VIN is located on the driver’s side dashboard, visible through the window, but it may also be located in front of the engine block, on a rear wheel well or, in the trunk, or on the frame of your car between windshield washer and the carburetor .
  5. The second step, is to write down the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Regardless of which option you pursue to get a new set of car keys you’re going to need to find out this particular information. This information lets Auto Locksmith or Auto Lockout service know what specific kind of key is needed to open your vehicle. Remember, keys are supposed to be unique!
  6. The third step, is to call one of auto locksmiths at 765 935-4234. This should be your last option. We will give you the best deal on a new key, but not only are our car key replacement services more cost effective, our Mobile Locksmith Richmond specialists will complete the job much quicker than the other auto lockout service or any auto locksmith specialists.
  7. Our Operation We have provided a long professional polite automotive emergency lockout service since 1992. With our extensive variety of auto repair expertise – we can definitely provide the auto locksmith professional to re-key your personal vehicle ignition, fix your glove box lock and help you get back on the road whenever you are locked out of your Vehicle. We are the best auto locksmiths in Richmond, Indiana. Call now at 765 935-4234
  8. Contact Us Address: Richmond Indiana 47374 Phone: 765 935- 4234 Website: