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10 tips for learning Russian

Hi, my name is Steve Kaufmann. I have achieved varying degrees of fluency in 16 languages, and look forward to learning more. Here is 10 tips for learning Russian.

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10 tips for learning Russian

  1. 10 TI P S F O R L E A R NI N G R U S SI A N By Steve Kaufmann    www.lingq.com
  2. 1 Take an interest.
  3. Discover the fascination of the Russian world, its history, its culture, its achievements and its people.
  4. 2 Recognize.
  5. Recognize that Russian is the lingua franca of the countries of a former Empire, stretching from Eastern Europe to the Pacific.
  6. 3 Learn the Russian alphabet.
  7. Learn the Russian alphabet right away. It is almost parallel to the Latin alphabet, with just a few extra letters.
  8. 4 Read as much as you can.
  9. 5 Listen a lot.
  10. Russian is a beautiful language. Don’t let the pronunciation intimidate you. Gradually you will hear the language better, and be able to pronounce more clearly.
  11. 6 The three grammar issues.
  12. the issues three cases aspect of verbs verbs of motion
  13. The difficulties of Russian grammar revolve around three issues, The rest is a breeze.
  14. Get acquainted with these three but don’t expect to understand nor remember much at first.
  15. Don’t spend too much time trying to memorize rules and tables. Your grasp will grow gradually.
  16. 7 Tenses.
  17. 8 Personal pronouns.
  18. Personal pronouns are not always used and word order is flexible.
  19. 9 Questions.
  20. QUESTIONS are often a matter of intonation.
  21. 10 Recognize.
  22. Recognize that the journey is a longer one than for Romance or Germanic languages (unless you already know a Slavic language), but it is definitely, definitely, worth it.
  23. @lingosteve
  24. www.lingq.com