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Chichi Sponsored Call for Retail Stores

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Catching and retaining consumers attention has become increasingly difficult in today's market with competitors coming up with crazy offers to snatch their attention away from your brand. Chichi helps solidify the customer base by helping brands sponsor their loyal customers phone calls.

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Chichi Sponsored Call for Retail Stores

  1. 1. Chichi Sponsored Call Marketing Retail stores Airtime loyalty Product activation Thomas Mkhize 28 years, Engaged Male, JHB Buys 1 kg of meat per week
  2. 2. Sponsor their calls, get their ears. Sponsored Call Marketing Chichi Sponsored Call helps consumer brands acquire new customers and retain loyal ones by sponsoring their phone calls.
  3. 3. Catching consumers’ attention has become increasingly difficult with growing competition surfacing everywhere in the market.
  4. 4. Everyday competitors are coming up with crazy deals to snatch their attention away and gain more market share, mind share and wallet share.
  5. 5. The winning strategy is to find big ideas that add direct value to these consumers’ daily life, therefore, persuading them to stick to your brand. Instant airtime Loyalty program
  6. 6. Sponsored Call Marketing
  7. 7. The South African mobile phone market has reached full penetration but 85% of the base are prepaid subscribers with top-up accounts.
  8. 8. These are the exact same people that open up their wallets every day to buy goods and groceries from any brand in the market.
  9. 9. Jane Van Toner 29 years, Married Female, CPT Sibongile Ngcunu 22 years, Single Female, DBN Siphokazi Mashile 25 years, Single Female, JHB What if we could sponsor their phone calls to grab their attention towards our brand and keep an ongoing conversation with them via educative SMS-”tweet” content to keep them engaged with us?
  10. 10. Jane Van Toner 29 years, Married Female, CPT Sibongile Ngcunu 22 years, Single Female, DBN Siphokazi Mashile 25 years, Single Female, JHB We could then start extracting very insightful information about their preferences, their buying behaviour and therefore instil loyalty towards our brand in order to grow product sales. Eats 3 Chocolate bar per week Buys 3 packs of skin care per month Drinks 1 can of Coke per day
  11. 11. To get their phone calls sponsored, customers are encouraged to buy specific products from specific brands as part of the loyalty program. Instant airtime loyalty program
  12. 12. Upon purchase, the client’s receipt will contain a unique code to top-up their sponsored call account with free calls & text.
  13. 13. The higher the purchased good’s value, the longer these users will be able to talk to their loved ones through this Chichi service.
  14. 14. User dials the USSD string (*134*130*Friend’s Number#) to call his friend through ChiChi STEP 1: User dials the USSD String USSD message on phone Hey John Doe, Welcome back! Would you like to: 1) Call 2) Text 3) Top-up your account 4) Update your profile Chichi USSD menu is very simple & intuitive. Customers are able to create their own user profile, load more credit on their Chichi account and make free calls or send free text.
  15. 15. User selects option 3 to top-up his Chichi account. STEP 3: Loading Chichi account USSD message on phone Loading more credit on the Chichi account is linked to additional purchase, in-store, of particular products whose brand sponsor calls. Please enter the 12 digits Chichi code found on your receipt print: 16EG34JH67873
  16. 16. Thomas UNILEVER Audio Ad insert. Making a call through the sponsored call service is intuitive by following the USSD string instructions. Thomas dial *134*130*0721424115# This call was sponsored by Unilever, you too can call for free if you buy any Unilever ORAL CARE product.
  17. 17. Sponsor their calls, get their ears. Sponsored Call Marketing Chichi gives to brands up to 20 seconds audio ad space to re-inforce their brand story in their clients’ mind before connecting calls. Instant Airtime Loyalty Program
  18. 18. If you liked this presentation, you can contact us: Website: www.justpalm.com E-mail: info@justpalm.com Tel: +27 (0) 10 035 1111 Skype: JUSTPALM.com