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After lockdown

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what is going to happen in India after lockdown.
what is going to happpen in various places.
after effects of lockdown
hotels,shopping malls,eduaction,business,and so on

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After lockdown

  1. 1. • Most companies engaged in providing services like air travel, retail, food & beverages (F&B) and hotels are expected to cut down their offerings in initial months as they follow social distancing norms and slash cost overheads in the face of tough business environment. Post-lockdown plans are being charted as the government gets ready to lift further restrictions. • Many industry experts feel the outbreak will result in drastic changes in the attitude, behaviour and preferences of consumers and businesses will remodel their products and services accordingly. Consumers will be more concerned about their health and expect greater hygiene from service providers.
  2. 2. SHOPPING MALLS • Customer experience is not going to remain the same at shopping malls, according to industry insiders. Mall owners are charting out new rules taking into account customer footfall and building structure.
  3. 3. CINEMA • They'll have to make peace with some pre-released movies. • Movie production has gone haywire and multiplexes are likely to resort to old movies.
  4. 4. AIRLINES • Like most service providers, airlines also face double whammy of low demand and higher expenses for implementing social distancing norms. • Putting each social distancing norm in place has a cost, a top private airline executive said. There is also uncertainty over some states imposing a longer lockdown in the red and orange zones, which can affect flights.
  5. 5. HOTELS • Similarly, hotels are also expecting the demand to pick up after at least six months of the lifting of lockdown. As certain restrictions such as on public gatherings are expected to continue even after the lockdown, hotels will not be offering space for conference, weddings and events. The hotel industry expects a sizeable cut in manpower and other costs. In absence of lower demand, they are unlikely to provide all services at once.
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