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  1. 1. ジュニパーネットワークス アイコン集 June, 2015 Rev.02
  2. 2. よく使われるアイコン集
  3. 3. Juniper and Junos marks Junos Platform Junos OS Junos Pulse Junos Space
  4. 4. Juniper Product Icons MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers MX Series, MX960 MX480MX240MX10, MX40 MX80 MX5 MX2020MX2010MX104 M Series Multiservice Edge Routers M120 M Series, M320 M10iM Series, M7i Embedded monitoring applications for M Series and MX Series products Positioning for Monitoring Application icon with M Series or MX Series products
  5. 5. QFabric Family of Products Juniper Product Icons QFX3008-IQfabric Interconnect QFX3100 Qfabric Director QFX3500 QFabric Node, QFX3500 Switch (Front) QFX3600-I Qfabric Interconnect QFX3600 QFabric Node QFX3600 Switch QFabric QFX3500 QFabric Node, QFX3500 Switch (Back) QFX5100-48S/TQFX5100-24Q QFX5100-96S
  6. 6. EX Series, EX3200-48T, EX3200-48P, EX3300- 48T, EX3300-48P, EX4300-48T, EX4300- 48P, EX3300-48T-BF, EX4200-48T, EX4200- 48P Juniper Product Icons EX8208, EX8200 line EX8200, EX8208 EX8200- XRE200 EX6210, EX6200 Line EX9204 EX9208 EX9214EX8216EXRPS EX Series Ethernet Switches EX3200-24T, EX3200-24P, EX3300-24T, EX3300-24P, EX4300-24T, EX4300-24P, EX3300-24T- DC, EX4200-24T, EX4300-24T-DC, EX4300- 24F, EX4200-24P, EX4200-24F, EX3200 Line, EX3300 Line, EX4300 Line EX2200-24T-4G EX2200-24P-4G EX2200-24P-10G EX2200 Line EX2200-48T-4G EX2200-48P-4G EX4500 EX4550EX2200-C
  7. 7. Juniper Product Icons SSG320M, SSG300 Line SSG520M, SSG550M, SSG500 Line SSG140, SSG Series SSG5 SSG20 Wireless SSG20 SSG350M SSG Series Secure Services Gateways SRX5600, SRX5000 Line SRX Series, SRX5800 SRX3600, SRX3000 Line SRX3400 SRX220SRX210SRX100, SRX110 SRX240 SRX1400 SRX550 SRX650 SRX Series Services Gateways SRX5400
  8. 8. NetScreen Series Security Systems and Firewall Juniper Product Icons Endpoint Security Use endpoint with a generic switch, Juniper Networks Firewall, or access point Secured Secured With Juniper NetScreen-5200, NetScreen Series, NetScreen 5000 Line NetScreen- 5400 NSM CM, NSMXpress, NSM NSM3000 PTX Series Packet Transport Routers PTX3000 PTX5000
  9. 9. ネットワークオブジェクト
  10. 10. Firewall, Security, and Virus Juniper General Icons Virtual Firewall Antivirus Firewall Virus Virus Worm Endpoint Security Email Antiviru s Integrated Security Gateway Deep Inspection Secured Lock Light Gray Secured w/Junip er Crypto Unit 1 Crypto Unit 2 No Symbol Secured Lock Gray Firewall Firewall with Anti- Spam Firewall with Spyware Integrated Security Gateway Firewall Stateful Firewall Control and Prioritization Juniper Firewall WebApp Secure Web icons track respond profile detect
  11. 11. Please note that the traffic icon pointers are separate elements in PowerPoint. They are placed behind the icon and rotated to match the path of an underlying line. To rotate, simply select a triangle and rotate by grabbing the green handle. If needed—use the “order” and “bring to front” command with the icon to place it on top of the pointers. See examples on right of rotated pointers to match path. Notice the icon orientation stays the same—never rotate the icon itself. If you are having trouble finding “rotate” or “bring to front” commands, simply type the phrases in the Help search for Office. Traffic Juniper General Icons Traffic Directional Arrows File Mail Voice Data SSL VPN, IPsec VPN, Network Control, MPLS VPN, QoS Music Internet Voice and Data Triple Play Video, VoD Traffic Orientation Examples Music Music Music SSL VPN Overlay editable, white text label in Illustrator (DIN Bold) or PowerPoint (Arial Bold) Add traffic arrows and lay over linework in network diagram Sine Waves Licensing, Subscription, and Documents Calendar Calendar Folder Open ClockFolder Closed Scripts Authentication Code Invoice P.O. Document Alternative Document Multiple Document s Key License Key Generic Software CD Juniper CD Failed Software Upgrade Failed X Successful Software Upgrade Successful Check Uncertain Results Single ID Card Multiple ID Cards Laptop with Web Portal Stopwatch InvitationIdea, Innovation
  12. 12. Generic Devices Juniper General Icons Monitor Monitor/Keyboa rd Keyboard Server/CP U Monitor with CPU Monitor, CPU and Database Wireless Laptop Laptop with Wireless Card Laptop with Dongle Laptop with Camera Laptop VoIP, IP PBX, STE, Office Phone Home Phone Cell Phone Fax Printe r Cash Register Smart Phones MP3 Player Wireless Routing Gateway, Wireless Access Point Routing Gateway Wireless Access Point Hanging Satellite Satellite Dish Generic Products Tablet/Notebook Generic Switch Game Controller IV Pump Medical Devices Medical Monitor Medical Scope
  13. 13. Generic Devices (cont.) Juniper General Icons Generic Electronic Box, DVR, STB, Inhome Streaming You can add icons above an Electronic Box to further indicate it’s category (not necessary) Generic Electronic Box, Hub Switch, NAC Media Gateway, Cable Modem Satellite Modem, DSL Modem Bar Code and Scanner Camcorder HD Video Camera Surveillanc e Camera Plasma TV Large Screen TV Large TV Monitors with Videoconferencing Plasma screens with Videoconferencing Laptops with Videoconferencing Videoconferencing Equipment and Audience CPE Antenna Generic Racks 1 Rack 1 Unit 1 Rack Multiple Units Generic Core Routers AirWavesAnalog
  14. 14. Generic Devices (cont.) Juniper General Icons BSR- VSR Logical Generic Router, GCSN SBC Option 1 SBC Option 2 Secured Generic Router GGSN SGSN RNC, BSCMSC Blue versions of any generic icons represent general Juniper versions of each L2 Switch, L3 Switch L2/L3 Switch FCoE Router FC Router FCoE-FC Router FCoE Switch FC Switch FCoE-FC Switch FCoE-FC Gateway Switch, Gigabit Ethernet, MPLS, MSC, Class 5, Layer 2, RNC/BNC, SGSN, Ethernet LAN, Cable Head- End, Head-End, Edge QAM OLT Cable Modem Termination, M- CMTS Integrate d Media Gatewa y Dial Access Aggregation, Optical Mix Multiplexer, ROADM Multiplexer Optical OCX ONT SONET Switch, ATM Switch Frame Relay Switch DWDM Switch, WDM Switch Video BNG Voice Gateway Voice Home Gateway Voice Softswitch VoIP Gatewa y Wireless Access Point Continuous Systems PBX MSAN, Access Node, DSLAM PSTN Multiservice Security, Routing Switching Multiservice Security, VOIP, Routing Switching Server Load Balancing Cable Network Access Ethernet Network Access
  15. 15. Generic Devices – Servers Juniper General Icons Server Juniper Server Rack Server AAA Intranet, Policy Video Access Finance Apps Data Multi- media Database Server Web Server SIP Databas e Database Databas eHLR/H SS Database Tape Library Disk Array File and Block Access Flash Disk DRAM Disk Right disk array icon can be ungrouped and protocol icons can be rearranged or applied as needed, then regrouped
  16. 16. Location Juniper General Icons Corporate Office Corporate Office Corporate Office Home Office Branch Office Remote Office Service Provider Hospital Data Center Data Center Bank Governme nt Manufacturing Retail Home with Services Kiosk ATM College Control Room Building Cross Section removable floor planes Unlocked Unlocked with Key Locked with Key Scenario/Locatio n Network Cloud Junosphere Clouds Network Lines are 1.5pt line weight
  17. 17. Location and Power Juniper General Icons Generic Substation Electric Substation Gas Substation Water Substation PSTN Lines - or – Power Station Transmissio n Substation Distribution Substation Transmissio n Tower Distribution Tower Switchgear Tower Position solar panels at top left behind a location to indicate solar powered Solar Grid Solar Panels Cell Tower BTS Node Tower Cell Tower 3G Wireless
  18. 18. Transportation, Military, Police, Fire, and Rescue Juniper General Icons Van 2Van 1 Truck Tank Humve e Jeep Truck 1 Truck 2 HelicopterJoint Airstrike Fighter 1 Joint Airstrike Fighter 2 Carrier/Destroye r Military Ship Police AmbulanceFire Truck Tented Base Tented Base Main Military Base Military Police-Man Military Police-Woman MP Artillery
  19. 19. Juniper General Icons Users Male User Male Mobile User Male User Typing Male User from Behind Spy Male Hacker Male Handshake Intelligence Female User Female Mobile User Female User Typing Female User from Behind Spy Female Hacker Female Male Workstatio n User Male Workstatio n User Typing Female Workstatio n User Female Workstation User Typing Kiosk User ATM User Hacker at Computer Multimedia User Video Multimedia User Data User State Bubbles Place at top left of user Dissatisfied User Satisfied User Satisfied Dissatisfied
  20. 20. All Juniper Product Icons including EOL products.
  21. 21. ACX Series Universal Access Routers Juniper Product Icons ACX1000, ACX1100 ACX2000, ACX2100 ACX4000 FPCs, DPCs Physical Interfaces Cards (PICs) Physical Interfaces Cards (PICs) Physical Interface Cards (PICs) Physical Interfaces Cards (PICs) Physical Interface Cards (PICs) Cards CTP202 4 CTP2056 CTP Series C3000, C Series C5000 CTP2008 C Series Controllers CTP Series Circuit to Packet Platforms 3G Express Card With Antenna 3G Express Card CTP150 CSE2000 Carrier Services Engine CSE2000
  22. 22. Juniper Product Icons E Series Broadband Services Routers ERX705, ERX710 ERX1410, ERX1440E Series, ERX310, VSR, BRAS, BSR E120 E320
  23. 23. IC Series Unified Access Control Appliances Juniper Product Icons ISG2000 ISG Series ISG1000 ISG Series ISG Series Integrated Security Gateways IC4500, IC4500 UAC Appliance IC6500, IC6500 FIPS, IC6500 UAC Appliance, IC6500 FIPS UAC Appliance, IC Series, IC Series UAC Appliance JSA Series Secure Analytics Appliances JSA350 0 JSA550 0 JSA750 0 Note: Please see Software slides for Secure Analytics icons Junos OS Junos Trio Any Junos Chip Developed by Juniper Junos Applications Developed by Customer Developed by Third Party Junos Content Encore Junos Content Director Junos Content Composer Junos Content Portfolio Junos Space JA1500 / JA2500 Junos Space Appliance Junos Space
  24. 24. Junos Software Products Juniper Product Icons Product running any Junos product Junos Developer Junos Partner Junos Network Junos Space SDK Junos SDK Junos Client When positioning a software icon behind a product to indicate it is running, center it vertically and horizontally on the left and top edges of the product icon. Ideally, the software icon would not extend beyond the edges of the product icon but may need to in some cases. Junos Software Junos Pulse Junos Space Mobile Devices with Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite
  25. 25. LN Series Rugged Secure Routers Juniper Product Icons LN1000 MWS1000 Junos WebApp Secure Appliance MWS1000 LN2600 MAG2600 Junos Pulse Gateway MAG4610, MAG4611 Junos Pulse Gateways MAG6610 Junos Pulse Gateway MAG6611 Junos Pulse Gateway MAG Series Junos Pulse Gateways
  26. 26. Racks Juniper Product Icons SA Series SSL VPN Appliances and Other Standalone Products SBR Series SBR Series Appliance Steel-Belted Radius Appliance Diameter Base Platform IMS AAA Server AAA Engine Service Activation ACP NIC Admission Control SRC Series SRC Policy Engine SRC PE SRC Diameter Gateway SRC DG SRC SOAP Gateway SBR EAP EM SBR EE SBR GE SBR HA SBR MIM SBR SLM SBR SP SBR CE SBR SIM SBR SDK SRC SG SRC Volume Tracking Application SRC VTA SRC Threat Mitigation Portal SRC TMP SOAP Engine SBR Series Juniper Racks 1 Rack, 1 Juniper Unit 1 Rack, Multiple Juniper Units I-Chip I-ChipRacks with EX2200 on top generic switches below SA Series, SSL VPN, Firewall/VPN, IPsec VPN, Firewall SA2500,SA450 0, SA4500 FIPS SA6500, SA6500 FIPS
  27. 27. Software Juniper Product Icons Odyssey Access Client / wireless Can be used to represent Juniper software with appropriate text label Virtual Firewall (non-Juniper) Command Line Interface Any third party or generic software Virtual Firewall – can be used to represent Juniper product when not using Firefly Host icon DDoS Secure Firefly Host Firefly Perimeter Contrail Controller Contrail vRouter Junos Space Virtual Director Log Analytics Risk Analytics Secure Analytics Threat Analytics Vulnerability Analytics
  28. 28. T Series Core Routers Juniper Product Icons T Series, T1600, T4000 TX MatrixT640 TX Matrix Plus TCA8000 Timing Server TCA8500 Timing Server TCA Series Timing Appliances TCA6000 Timing Client TCA6500 Timing Client VXA1001 VXA1002 VXA Series VXA2002 VXA2010 VXA Series Content Engines Toolkit, VPN Toolkit, QoS Toolkit, Security Toolkit Toolkits NFP Web Services CX111 3G Express Card With Antenna 3G Express Card WLM1200 WLC8 WLC800, WLC880 WLC2800 WLA Series Wireless LAN Access Points WLC Series Wireless LAN Controllers CX Series Cellular Broadband Data Bridge WLM Series Wireless LAN Management WLA52 2 WLA632WLA3 WLA3 WLA53 2 WLC10 0
  29. 29. Applying a “Virtual” Glow to an Appliance To represent a “virtual” product, adjust the gold glow shape at left so that the drawing handles align with your product edges, then place it behind the product. The gold glow should be used to represent “virtual” in all cases with the exception of virtual chassis, which has a blue glow, as shown on the following slide. The gold glow treatment can be used to represent a Juniper product or a third-party product (gray icon) virtually running Juniper software. Include a burst, as shown below, to represent a product running one of the Junos software products. SA2500,SA450 0, SA4500 FIPS SA6500, SA6500 FIPS Examples of Juniper VPN appliances Third-party product virtually running any Junos product Third-party product virtually running Junos Pulse Client Examples of third-party products virtually running Juniper software Third-party product virtually running Juniper software
  30. 30. Applying a “Virtual Chassis” Glow To represent a “virtual chassis”, adjust the blue glow shape at left so that the drawing handles align with your product edges, then place it behind your virtual chassis products. Use the blue glow for virtual chassis products only. EX4200 Virtual Chassis EX420 Virtual Chassis EX4200 Virtual Chassis

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • We live in a connected world and the foundation for these connections is the network.

    Broadband Internet traffic is doubling each and every year (according to IDC) [or] Internet traffic worldwide will grow three-fold by the year 2017. (Internet Trends, Mary Meeker (KCPB)

    Today we have 2.5 billion Internet users in the world – roughly one-third of the Earth’s population. In the next decade, the number of Internet users will double to 5 billion (Mary Meeker, KPCB)

    That means that two-thirds of the world will be connected by 2023.

    When you add in the big trends of cloud, mobility, video and security, the combined rate of acceleration is placing unprecedented demands on the network.

    [Optional stats/factoids]
    100 hours of video uploaded every single minute to YouTube (YouTube)
    Mobile video traffic exceeded 50 percent for the first time in 2012. (Cisco VNI)
    Mobile network connection speeds more than doubled in 2012. (Cisco VNI)
    In 2012, a fourth-generation (4G) connection generated 19 times more traffic on average than a non-4G connection. Although 4G connections represent only 0.9 percent of mobile connections today, they already account for 14 percent of mobile data traffic. (Cisco VNI)
    [NOTE: Consider finding alternate source for above stats to avoid siting Cisco]

    As you just described (refer to pain points from previous slide), you are living in this world and feeling the pressure every day.

    Pradeep Sindhu founded Juniper 17 years ago on the belief that we should solve technology problems that matter most to our customers and that make a difference in the world. He recognized the importance of the network and the impact it would have on our world.

    Our mission is simple, but powerful; to connect everything and empower everyone.

    In today’s connected world, this mission is more relevant than ever.

    Here at Juniper we are focused on helping alleviate those pain points through our portfolio of high performance networking products.

    [T] And we do this by listening to our customers and helping them address their challenges and capitalize on their opportunities.