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Facebook Marketing For Real Estate Agents

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After meeting with and surveying multiple realtors, the two most common problems people have are:

1. "I don't know how to stand out as a realtor!"
2. "I have too many things to do, how do I make time?"

And once you do learn how to stand out, how do you build relationships with your followers and turn them into leads?

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Facebook Marketing For Real Estate Agents

  1. 1. Facebook Marketing Hands on Workshop: Facebook for Business (Beginner Level) Create a Facebook Page that CONVERTS leads Learn how to attract the right Buyers and Sellers
  2. 2. MEET THE TEAM IRWIN REPINSKY Branch Manager | Marketing Expert JONATHAN GOLDSTEIN Head of Marketing & Social Media
  3. 3. Today’s Lesson What Is Marketing? How Can I Use Facebook To Market Myself As A Realtor? How Can I Stand Out? How Can I Optimize My Facebook Business Page?
  5. 5. Business Page Teardown
  6. 6. About Page Teardown
  7. 7. Photo Sharing Teardown Quick Facts - 75% Professional/Business related - 25% Personal Professional Posts: - Add value by displaying current listings - Provides new information Personal Posts: - Humanizing quality - Display likability+trustworthiness
  8. 8. Posts Per Week Vs. Interactions Per Post TAKEAWAY: POST FREQUENCY ≠ HIGHER ENGAGEMENT
  9. 9. Interactions Per Post Quick Facts - Realtors/Real Estate Companies that post less than once a week receive the most engagement - Those that post more than 10x a week receive the least engagement
  10. 10. What Makes a Good Post? ALWAYS ADD VALUE 4 Essential Categories 1) Information ○ Provide Information That Adds Value → “What just happened?” 2) Analysis ○ Analysis of Information → “What does it mean that this happened?” 3) Assistance ○ “How to Avoid This Bad Thing” OR “How to Have This Good Thing Happen” 4) Entertainment ○ Provide Relief and Add Levity → “Funny Videos/Photos/Moments”
  11. 11. What Should My Posts Include? Images Videos links content
  12. 12. Today’s Takeaways - Create a business page that that is INTERESTING, ENGAGING, and YOU - When sharing content, think about YOUR target customer and how you can ADD value - Everyone is different. Experiment by testing different kinds of post and see which ones get the most engagement (i.e. photos, links, videos or articles)
  13. 13. STAY AFTER AND TALK TO US! JONATHAN GOLDSTEIN M: (732) 865-3735 E: jonathanAgoldstein@gmail.com For More Personalized Help...Reach Out and Say HI! Still feel lost? Need help creating a Social Media Plan? Just want to chat about marketing strategies? IRWIN REPINSKY M: (732) 887-2451 E: irwin@ahmcloans.com