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Dr. Fritsch Powder Shaping Technologies English Catalogue

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Product catalogue displaying an overview of the Technologies which Dr. Fritsch has to offer:
FAST Direct Hot-Pressing, Granulation, Mixing.
Main focus is on the manufacturing of friction materials, sputter targets, heat sinks and machines for R&D ( universities, etc.).

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Dr. Fritsch Powder Shaping Technologies English Catalogue

  1. 1. Overview Powder Shaping Technologies FAST-Direct-Hot-Pressing / Granulating / Mixing POWDER SHAPING TECHNOLOGIES
  2. 2. Over 60 years of milestones in the sintering technology Since the foundation of the company over 60 years ago, Our customers are the center of our business – that is Dr. Fritsch has continuously been setting milestones in what nearly 100 employees in our German and Indian the sintering technology. Our self-developed FAST-Direct- companies as well as a global sales network with Hot-Pressing has triggered a little revolution in the representatives all over the world stand for. Our highly industry. Finally it was possible to significantly shorten qualified service technicians guarantee a comprehensive the sintering cycle. This not only lowered production and competent support on site. The close interdiscipli­ costs at higher productivity, but also allowed the nary cooperation of our construction teams allows the development of new materials and products with development of individual solutions and also complete considerably improved properties. production lines according to your requirements. The early beginnings of Dr. Fritsch started in the diamond In our Application Center we offer extensive test tool industry. In this sector Dr. Fritsch holds a market possibilities on nearly all machines from our product share of about 50 % and the FAST-Direct-Hot-Pressing range. Upon request, we also provide assistance in the has become a standard. Meanwhile many other indus­ field of mold design. Since we are exclusively focused on tries benefit from customized sintering solutions. Beside machine production without any final product manu­ the manufacturing of diamond tools, the Dr. Fritsch facturing you can always rely on our confidentiality sintering presses are also used for the production of regarding your R&D activities. brakes and clutches, heat sinks, sputter targets, in the hard metal industry as well as at universities and research Dr. Fritsch would like to contribute to your success with institutes. In addition to these innovative sintering experience, innovative technologies, highest quality and presses, Dr. Fritsch offers field-tested solutions for mixing first-class service. and granulation of metal and ceramic powders. We look forward to cooperating with you! Yours DR. FRITSCH team 2
  3. 3. Technology FAST stands for Field Assisted Sintering Technique. This refers to the heating of a mold by means of current flow. The unit is not heated from outside as usual in a furnace (indirect), but from inside (direct). Dr. Fritsch applies a self-developed direct current process (FAST-Direct-Hot-Pressing). This process can also be used with electrical non-conductors such as various ceramics. In this case heating occurs through the sintering mold and therefore much closer to the sinter part than with conventional heating technologies. This heating technology has significant advantages: ● The very short sintering cycles reduce the unit costs at a higher productivity ● The significant reduction of the grain growth improves the property of the material ● The attainable densities are considerably higher than with conventional sintering methods ● The temperature control is very precise due to the direct resistance heating ● The development time for new materials can be substantially shortened ● New material combinations can be manufactured, for example FGMs (Functionally Graded Materials), which cannot, or only with great difficulty be processed with conventional methods ● Parts can be produced at near net shape ● Expensive production steps can be skipped; for example the application of adhesive and solder between the backing plate and the friction material and also the final calibration. Even the copper plating of the carrier might be omitted. POWDER SHAPING TECHNOLOGIES 3
  4. 4. Applications Dr. Fritsch has more than 60 years of experience in the production of FAST-DirectHot-Presses for industrial applications. The machines are designed for a daily 3-shift operation, all reasonable work processes are automated and easy to operate. The equipment is arranged in a compact housing. The risk of operating errors is re­ duced due to the intelligent programming and not freely accessible components. In co-operation with our customers and due to continuous development and optimization we succeed to enter into new Sputter Targets application areas. Friction Material Industry Today, our machines are used in the follow- Sintered brake and clutch pads are a rapidly During the sputtering process planar ing areas: growing segment in the friction lining targets are used for the coating of surfaces, industry. These type of friction linings are which are bombarded with ions. As a result, used, for example, at high speed and freight particles are released from the target and trains, wind turbines, motorcycles and pla- become deposited on the surface to be nes, in motor sport as well as marine gear coated. units, trucks and for industrial applications. Usually the targets are made of highly pure Next time you are sitting in an Intercity Ex- materials and have to be sintered to the press or TGV, pay attention to the enormous highest possible density in order to obtain braking power. Possibly, the brake lining an even surface coating. has been produced on a Dr. Fritsch FAST- This process is widely used for the coating Direct-Hot-Press. of tools, data carriers, glass surfaces, flat Nearly all leading manufacturers of sintered screens and many other industrial applicafriction linings are using Dr. Fritsch ma- tions. chines. It is the largest application outside Some of the largest and most powerful the diamond tool industry. FAST-Direct-Hot-Presses are used in this industry. 4
  5. 5. Heat Sinks Research and Development Materials Heat sinks are used to protect sensitive Worldwide a great number of universities - hard metals, especially tungsten carbide (electronic) components from overheating and research laboratories are working with by dissipating the heat. Dr. Fritsch FAST-Direct-Hot-Presses. With During the last years the requirements and these machines new materials in the as combinations of steel and tungsten the range of application has enormously powder metallurgy are researched and carbide increased. Due to the conversion to LED brought to series production. Particularly - steel, for example stainless steel for filters lighting and the increased use of high-per- the short cycle times are of interest to the - ceramics, such as AlN, B4C, SiC, SiN, Al2O3, formance laser a great future is predicted researchers. The significant reduction of to this technology. granular growth and the par­ ially binder t - metal-diamond-bonds Sintered heat sinks usually consist of a free sintering allows the production of - precious metals, such as gold and silver copper matrix with an even distribution of brand new material combinations resp. - rare earths, such as ruthenium fine diamonds. Dr. Fritsch has more than materials with improved properties. - infiltrated materials sixty years of sintering experience gained The short cycle time are speeding up the - direct sintering without using solder or from the diamond tool industry. Therefore, research process. Sometimes the cycle time Dr. Fritsch might be the most experienced can be reduced from 24 hours to 1 hour. partner in the world with regard to the This means, that the sintering result can be development and manufacturing of high- analyzed several times a day and re-tested performance heat sinks. in an optimized cycle. and pure tungsten - Functionally Graded Materials (FGM), such etc. adhesives An up-to-date topic in research and development are thermo-electrical mate­ rials. Especially with these materials a fast sintering process, suitable for industrial use, is absolutely essential. 5
  6. 6. Mixing Mixer PM 2 Mixer - Continuously adjustable rotating PM 10 speed - Particularly suitable for dry powder mixtures - Timer Capacity 2l Mixer KMM 750 - Particularly suitable for wet - Continuously adjustable rotating powder mixtures speed - Preparation of the powder for - Particularly suitable for dry granulation powder mixtures - Timer Capacity Capacity 6,7 l Mixer 19 l Granules Sieving Device GM 400 GRS 140 - Particularly suitable for wet powder mixtures - Preparation of the powder for granulation Option - Underframe with rolls - Sieving of granules to ensure an uniform grain size - Improved distribution of the granules in the cold press die to provide an uniform density in the segment - Adjustable vibration frequency Sieve size Upper sieve Capacity 6 20 l 0,8 – 1,4 mm Lower sieve 0,315 – 0,63 mm
  7. 7. Granulating Granulating Machine Granulating Machines - Very versatile machines as they can be used for granulating GGM 120 metal and ceramic bonds with / without diamond - Prerequisite for volumetric cold-pressing - Optimum ratio between productivity and set-up time The use of granules - reduces the die wear - improves the distribution of powder in the segment - reduces metal powder dust in the air - For economical use of batch sizes from 500 g or more - Powder transporting parts can be exchanged quickly and cleaned outside the machine. Output rate Granulating Machine up to 5 kg / hour Sieve size 0,6 – 1,2 mm Granulating Machine GA 270 GA 300 - Passing unit with continuously adjustable passing wing and - Very high output stainless steel sieve for the production of pre-granules, capacity - Production of granules with very good flowability approx. 1,5 l - Easy access for cleaning and maintenance - Efficient suction system - Powder storage (storage hopper) allows unattended operation, capacitiy approx. 28 l Output rate up to 10 kg / hour Output rate approx. 20 kg / hour Sieve size 0,6 – 1,2 mm Sieve size 0,4 – 1,2 mm 7
  8. 8. Sintering Sintering Press Sintering Press DSP 507 DSP 510/515 - For research and development as well as production - For production as well as for research and development - Vacuum (20 mbar) and inert gas (N2; 95 % N2 and 5 % H2, Ar) - Vacuum (20 mbar) and inert gas (N2; 95 % N2 and 5 % H2, Ar) - Offers all the advantages of short cycle times by FAST-Direct-Hot- - Offers all the advantages of short cycle times by FAST-Direct-Hot- Pressing (see page 3) Pressing (see page 3) - Precise measurement of temperature and pressure - Up to three thermocouples connectable, two of them for control of exchange parts - Precise measurement of temperature, pressure and stroke with display of the compression - Up to three thermocouples connectable, two of them for control of exchange parts Options Options - Different pressure ranges - Different pressure ranges - Process documentation by PC-connection - Electronic stroke control system to show the compression - Rack for up to eight thermocouples, two of them for control of - Process documentation by PC-connection exchange parts - Rack for up to eight thermocouples, two of them for control - Temperature control with pyrometer by upper hydraulic cylinder of exchange parts - Additional temperature control with pyrometer - Temperature control with pyrometer - Sintering temperature up to 2.400 °C - Sintering temperature up to 2.400 °C - Fine vacuum 0,05 mbar - Active suction - Active suction - USV (uninterrupted power supply) for control - USV (uninterrupted power supply) for control - Barcode reader - Barcode reader - Special colours - Suitable for automation - Special colours Total electric power approx. 81 kVA DC Total electric power approx. 110 / 155 kVA DC Pressing force up to 259 kN Pressing force up to 600 kN Size of graphite electrodes 165 x 140 mm or 200 x 200 mm Size of graphite electrodes 180 x 180 mm, 200 x 200 mm or 220 x 220 mm Max. opening height 150 mm, at temperature > 1.100 °C 145 mm Max. opening height 145 mm Temperature measurement thermocouple / pyrometer Temperature measurement thermocouple / pyrometer 8
  9. 9. Sintering Sintering Press DSP 520/535 Automation - Suitable for high quantities resp. large sintering parts On request Dr. Fritsch develops an automated solution that is - Large graphite electrodes with large opening height tailored to your individual requirements. The station of mold pre­ - Vacuum (20 mbar) and inert gas (N2; 95 % N2 and 5 % H2, Ar) paration is connected with the sintering press by a central transport - Offers all the advantages of short cycle times by FAST-Direct-Hot- module, if subsequently needed also with several cooling stations Pressing (see page 3) and the mold discharge station. The design and the flexible control - Precise measurement of temperature, pressure and stroke with display of the compression allow an installation of more sintering presses in this fully-automatic production process. - Up to three thermocouples connectable, two of them for control of exchange parts At Dr. Fritsch all components come from a single source and are perfectly matched to each other. - Unmanned operation process, for example during the night shift Options - Consequently automatic sintering of different materials and - Different pressure ranges dimensions - Process documentation by PC-connection - Safe handling of very hot resp. heavy loads - Rack for up to eight thermocouples, two of them for control of - Simple expandability due to a modular construction exchange parts - Sector-specific solutions - Temperature control with pyrometer by upper hydraulic cylinder - Higher productivity by cooling of the molds outside the machine - Additional temperature control with pyrometer - Complete CE-conform protection with monitoring sensors - Sintering temperature up to 2.400 °C - Adaption to your structural conditions on site - Fine vacuum 0,05 mbar - Whole sintering process from one single source and only one - Active suction contact person for all matters - USV (uninterrupted power supply) for control - On request mold-tracking and connection to your IT - Barcode reader - Perfect matching of the single components - Suitable for automation - Field-tested and solid construction - Special colours Total electric power approx. 200 / 370 kVA DC Pressing force up to 2.073 kN Size of graphite electrodes 350 x 350 mm Max. opening height 325 mm Temperature measurement thermocouple / pyrometer 9
  10. 10. Software PC-Connection of Dr. Fritsch Sintering Presses Visualization software and process management - Installation of the software on PC or Laptop - Set up of direct data connection is possible - The Dr. Fritsch direct hot-press is connected to the PC - The process data can be exported to Excel or SAP for further - With a suitable connection via your network the process control evaluation and regulation can take place not only on-site but also at other - User-friendly design and administration of parameter sets locations. at the PC - The software allows display and recording of process curves and data - Individual configuration, access to the selected process parameters - Troubles are displayed and recorded - Database to copy, edit, delete and file the sets of parameters - Data transfer of the parameter sets from PC to the machine and vice versa - Printout of the parameter sets Process administration: Jobs of the connected machines (left) Processes of the selected jobs (right) Set of parameters Process data display: Display as curve diagram, e.g. pressure and Graphic display of set points temperature curves, error messages Software is updated regularly. Therefore the pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only. 10
  11. 11. Service For immediate disposal we have up to 3.500 different spare and wear parts in our stock. Our understanding of service is not only commissioning and machine repairs but also S E R V IC E POWDER SHAPING TECHNOLOGIES intensive advice, targeted trainings and transfer of know-how. Our service offers: Parts & Logistics After-sales service Training Improvement/ Adaption Performance/ Quality - Original parts and - Repair - Operation - Modification - Factory layout equipment - Installation - Maintenance - Software update - Consulting - Safe packing - Maintenance - Application - Program optimization - Analysis - Shipment - Inspection - Insurance - Machine removals - Remote services Customized service contracts – Benefits for our Customers Remote Services Dr.Fritsch connect Technology VPNconnection Many of our machines are already designed for remote diagnostics. A suitable hardware Dr. Fritsch Service mobil UMTS can easily be retrofitted. For data transfers our customers can use their own network or radio transmission via UMTS. Internet Dr. Fritsch Service office Customer network Advantages Pricing • Effective troubleIf you choose Dr. Fritsch connect we offer you the shooting necessary hardware including five hours of remote • Reduction of repair, labour service for free. Then you can opt for a flatrate, a calculation in 30-minutes- Dr. Fritsch connect and travel expenses • Online data acquisition and analysis intervals or a support & hotline agreement including the • Reduction of maintenance costs remote service. • Increase of machine availability • More efficient production Please feel free to contact us. • Value retention of the machine 11
  12. 12. Dr. Fritsch contact Dr. Fritsch Sondermaschinen GmbH Dieselstr. 8 70736 Fellbach (Germany) Phone +49 -(0)711 5 18 32-0 Fax +49 -(0)711 5 18 32-10 E-Mail pst@dr-fritsch.de Powder sales E-Mail powder@dr-fritsch.de Technical service Phone +49 -(0)711 5 18 32-139 E-Mail service@dr-fritsch.de Spare part service Phone +49 -(0)711 5 18 32-131 /-132 E-Mail service@dr-fritsch.de Dr. Fritsch worldwide Brazil Stella & Viegas Muniz Rep. Com. Ltda. Telefon +55-11 9 8173 0382 +55-11 9 8173 0215 Telefax +55-11 3926 4655 E-Mail claudio@stellaviegas.com.br paulo@stellaviegas.com.br China, Taiwan, Korea Anglo Sterling Ltd. Phone +852 -2882 6311 Fax +852 -2882 9006 E-Mail info@anglosterling.com India Dr. Fritsch Machines & Powders Pvt. Ltd. Phone +91 -80 4127 2678 Fax +91 -80 4127 2679 E-Mail bangalore@dr-fritsch.com Mexico and Central America Telek Global Phone +1 -832 228 7649 E-Mail ab@telek.us Russia Intech Diamant Co. Phone +7 -495-952-69-16 Fax +7 -495-952-80-13 E-Mail bonds@intech-diamond.com Turkey S.K.C. Karbon Phone +90 -212-624-9204 Fax +90 -212-580-3907 E-Mail ekeskin@skckarbon.com.tr Japan KY Corporation Phone +81 -3 3435 8161 Fax +81 -3 3435 8163 E-Mail koda@tkc.att.ne.jp Version_01_2014 Technical data and design subject to modification. www.directhotpressing.com POWDER SHAPING TECHNOLOGIES 12