computer science & engineering instrumentation and control engineering civil engineering cloud computing electronics & communication engineering mechanical engineering microcontroller security data mining fea android cryptography steganography labview optimization analysis automation ansys image processing qr code lsb dc motor movie recommendation system matlab anfis robot hybrid vehicle face detection gsa reynolds number recognition time period mandibular maxillary 3d cad modal fft activated carbon iot boron carbide mechanical properties corrosion aluminium classification geopolymer concrete glass fibre physico-chemical parameters dna camera anova biometrics water cop cfd solid works feature extraction sms atm gsm pin ip traceback icmp traceback link testing packet marking natural language processing reynold number heat transfer coefficient vapour quality mini channel hydraulic diameter health-iot intelligent medicine box data storage facts mean and variance of a probability distribution search engine design ofdm mimo pwm adaptive segmentation fluorescent microscope image finite element meshing eyeend piston composite material image visualization grey level binarization particle swarm wsn network particle swarm optimization human computer interaction voice command gesture recognition computer vision brts urban transportation system public transportation system lifting technique heavy crane rigging kiln tyre wave velocity ucs sandstone modulus laboratory correlation small scale farmers paddy seeding higher productivity wireless process architecture daknet technology telecommunication engineering motor driver ir sensors line follower software description evaluation of system specific requirements centralized bus terminus modeling of bus terminus bus terminus design coimbatore bus traffic environmental engineering inlet dimension lapple model collection efficiency pressure drop cyclone separator bio mechanical & biomedical engineering ct tumor engineering automobile blisters perforation surveys galvanization remittance autonomous information technology internet-of-things (iot) graph grammar graph transformation transformation rule ni myrio headlight control ambient light sensor (als) linear current controller pv systems power converters maximum power point tracking (mppt) constant power control active power control system identifications cc pid - zn ii neural network fault identification arm gas sensor lab view rover construction civil fuzzy intelligence artificial jilla sevasadan green building concept energy sensors lm35 lcd dht11 surf sift shape matching management gui database sea erosion government survada protection wall coastal regions genes hdds sdds chemical engineering void fraction two phase flow superficial reynolds number stratified flow dryness fraction mathematics drag force visco-elastic parameter permeable plates porous medium steady flow environment engineering bod renewable energy water splitting doping photocatalytic aa6063/wc tensile strength microhardness plastisize nugget microstructure friction stir processing swift electronics xcode iphone ios entropy model paradigm urban sprawl urbanisation database with artificial intelligence data analysis systems data marts intelligent database sea serp keyword analysis off-page optimization on-page optimization page rank syntactic analysis semantic analysis turing test parts of speech disclosure integration directly steam generation copper based reheater copper tubes evacuated tube fresnel lens statistical method and yar model mean absolute percentage error nonlinear autoregressive with exogenous inputs artificial neural network wind power forecasting object extraction and object detection segmentation edge detection midblock counts reconnaissance survey footway pedestrians velocity and angle flight time trajectory analysis bloodstain analysis forensic mbd payload virtual prototype simulation classifiers multi scale vector feature descriptors face recognition usb to ttl converter ic natural fibers flax and reinforced polymer sisal banana stand-off distance (sod) erosion rate abrasive mass flow rate abrasive jet machine (ajm) material removal rate (mrr) global warming transmission system dual power source epoxy resin areca (betel nuts) fiber and sisal fiber friction regenerative braking system heat gfrp polyproplene fibre(pp) split tensile test hooked end steel fibre (hesf) shear test near field communication global positioning system location tracking electronic mail rsa android mobile phone passwordless parabolic solar water heater forced circulation system global solar radiation v-trough solar water heater thermal efficiency dynamic provable data possession private key generator computational diffie-hellman proofs of retrievability provable data processing raspberry pi 3 kit e-mail relay module electrical devices exergy scpvt cross-magnetization armature reaction dual generator de-magnetization and armature winding conventional generator exhaust analysis electrolysis life span hho generator bezier curves facial expression recognition peer to peer music player pso optimization techniques information security security based issues air cooled condenser heat balancing insulating storage tank waste heat recovery domestic refrigerator software quality assurance (sqa) software quality product software quality management software engineering semantic anonymization multi set based generalization taxonomy tree anonymization l-diversity catalyst loading heterogeneous catalyst esterification slurry reactor reaction kinetics n-butyl acetate ion-exchange resin ubhc en38 steel overcut area taguchi etching en8 steel passive heat transfer copper tube augmentation technique of heat transfer nusselt number internal threaded copper tube gaussian distribution refraction index inverse fourier transform meteorites dirac delta function fourier transform svedberg unit macromolecules bio-fluids molar mass neutral buoyancy photo diode load-cell smart card led modi method transportation problem ibfs vam optimal solution speech recognition system hm 2007 voice recognition moule vr3 dtmf decoder acoustic model banking sector npa region of interest (roi) image compression wt (wavelet transform) db(daubechies wavelet) spiht (set partitioning in compression ratio (cr) student performance attendance management features extraction uart atm (automatic teller machine) terminal embedded system r305 fingerprint verification mvac mvdc wind farm distribution system direct load flow algorithm pmsg wind energy driver fatigue haar cascade face recognition & detection performance based seismic engineering (pbse) symmetry capacity curve base shear pushover drift torsion home brewing craft beer stbc wlan psnr qam bpsk stc mãe rmse alamouti code modulation techniques envelope severity parkinson's disease start time gait signal world wide web information retrieval storey drift high rise buildings steel weight diagrid structural system storey shear storey displacement lof pressure reducing valve (prv) fiv caesar ii aiv energy institute guidelines chennai e-waste handling survey india e-waste handling survey wound healing nursing applied science quasi-experimental povidone iodine normal saline ip core and vhdl mini hydro plant dump load servo motor on-off control powertrain vehicle intramedullary nailing marrow canal stress distribution tadpole design leaning reverse trike three wheeled vehicle delta design chemical physical cement and concrete test bulk drug effluent aerobic biological treatment bio-kinetic constants cod automobile exhaust system necessity of catalytic converter catalytic converter in exhaust system growth yield treatments sunflower dolochar compressive strength acid resistance test and permeability tests replacement aggregate exploitation feasibility bagasse wireless sensor networks cluster head routing algorithms energy efficiency clusters sensor nodes tpa homomorphic authenticable ring signature mechanism signal analysis spectrum analysis self aligned ball bearing matlab simulation scanning electron microscopy high speed steel sum-product algorithm ber (bit error rate) ldpc bit-flipping algorithm pc polyster fibre reinforced concrete h.264/avc video coding mobile video streaming crashes intersection sight distances conflict traffic control devices approaches waste water dissolved solids pyrolysis coconut shell sensor network tribological graphite lm6 hybrid metal matrix composite mosfet pulse width modulation inverter dissimilar tensile test aluminum metallographic test mild steel friction welding oil palm seed fiber v belt chain drive cotton seed separation machine shaft pulley creo parametric 2.0 motor ansys 14.0 fires remote sensing digital image processing stubble burning storage big data cloud analytics hybrid strategy oxide layer anodizing sealing pwm dimming intelligent street light fly back converter. pic microcontroller power factor extinction angle (ãžâ²) pulse width modulation control (pwm) power factor (pf) extinction angle control (eac) induction motor (im) instance selection feature selection bug triage data reduction binary descriptor object recognition local difference binary and multiple - gridding spatial granularity qualitative research lean tools ethnographic pareto pdca bushings electrostatic fields multiple dielectrics session initiation protocol webrtc media streaming open network adaptor engagement development platform http phytoplanktonã¢â‚¬â„¢s correlation matrix freshwater lake continuously variable drive cvd input pulley dia.-d1 and cvd output pulley dia differential gear assembly torque control torque ratio control power ggbfs ultrafine fly ash metakoaline silica fume ggbs ultra-fine ggbs fly ash sodium hydroxide auro mix 400 plus sodium silicate otsu image segmentation thresholding air quality models air pollution atmosphere motorcycle pollutants caline 4model modeling idea (international data encryption algorithm) rsa (rivest shamir adleman cryptographic algorithm elliptic curve cryptography (ecc) residual stresses aisi 310 tig welding hydrothermal water purification pharmaceutical nanocomposite sol-gel hybrid fiber reinforced concrete (hfrc) fresh properties flexural strength polypropylene fibre high frequency zero-voltage switching dual inductor current-fed push-pull converter zero-current-switching voltage doubler matrix laboratory iugr nicu low birth weight kangaroo mother care sorting python barcode use of pesticides fertigation green foods polyhouses urbanization arsikere ground water image steganography electromagnetic induction wireless power transmission uart module coated glass presentation projector touch screen texture synthesis crack filling crack detection cracks restoration area ratio jet pump diffuser angle injector mixing chamber electric traction system brushless dc (bldc) motor cyclomatic complexity control flow graph basis path testing white box testing entropy data hiding india vehicles solar pv plasticising rate clamping force shot capacity taguchi method` motor constant doe rectangular patch antenna schottky diode 7 stage voltage multiplier apache spark social network analysis in-memory computing distributed computing web image content based retrieval visual similarities web image re ã¢â‚¬â€œ ranking keywords expansion semantic signatures image query codec frame adaptation multilayer responsive video format adaptive streaming diabetes management health platform steganographic system qswts remote authentication biometrics hiding video object zeolite refrigeration adsorption modulus of elasticity material non-linearity non-linear response of concrete frame load- deflection curve staad pro v8i radiation model receiver performance analysis calabash automation framework mobile test automation mobile application similarity measures collaborative filtering recommender systems wireless sensor network mobile agent numerical modeling heat transfer finned heat exchanger boiling sssc pi controller statcom ez-pass e-z pass aes algorithm authentication parsing xml custom apps template creator client layout smart devices pervasive computing context awareness context aware computing fuzzy logic transmission lines protection transmission line faults churn rate churn video skimming video processing video summaries dtc pan stress stainless steel strain aluminium alloy wheel rim. total deformation support vector machine leaf disease k-means sd card sim imei number gps credit card cyber criminalã¢â‚¬â„¢s atm card attacker pin security types biosensors applications and uses working microbial biosensors soil moisture sensor solenoid valve temperature sensor color table shoulder surfing facial feature detection template matching and face position detection sentiment analysis and pattern recognition prandtl number condensation fixture design finite element method harmonic analysis static structural analysis spatial domain triple des algorithm digital watermarking discrete cosine transform (dct) pulse width modulation(pwm) primary side turns (np) phase margin(pm) zero voltage switching(zvs) continuous conduction mode(ccm) led(light emitting diode) series resonant converter (src) secondary side turns (ns) gain margin(gm) constant current(cc) voltage gain(m) electromagnetic interface(emi) parallel resonant converter(prc) discontinuous conduction mode(dcm) coupling factor(k) internet of things (iot) health parameters sensor arduino board internet-of-things(iot) pic 16f877a microcontroller energy management iot (internet of things) data acquisition signature authentication optimal power flow tcsc harmonics voltage source converter shunt active power filter d statcom pic 16f77a fault switches .net zigbee overloading internet of things resistors communication phishing detection prevention steganography etc e-commerce central limit theorem convolution triangular function an uniform probability distribution unit rectangle function a probability distribution aa6061 alloys thermal exposure wear test microstru multi value logic complementary metal-oxide semiconductor full adder half adder entropy variation denial of service traditional marketing green marketing 4p's of marketing multi-digit arithmetic distributed computing systems static injection timing mahua biodiesel diesel emissions performance data collection lic insurance policies video ex-or tpvd radio-frequency identification (rfid) innovation smart tourism smart business ecosystems smart technology near field communication (nfc) ground sources rankin geothermal heat pumps geysers automatic fabric defect inspection quality quality control fabric defect matlab/simulink inverted pendulum imc domain of attraction of the normal law random algebraic equation independent identically distributed random variables slowly varying function real roots random algebraic polynomial roi seo tools website optimization internet marketing dc motor modeling pi brushed dc motor d i p pd and pid controller online transactions retailing potential customers internet users therapeutic uses winter cherry herbal tonic indian ginseng micropropagation etc medicine perennial plant concealed weapon detection color image and ir image compression spring suspension allowable stress single ended primary inductance converter (sepic) brushless dc motor (bldc) voltage source inverter (vsi) power factor correction (pfc) sfra sfra traces sweep frequency response analyzer double m5100 winding deformation power transformer tool machining parameters cutting fluid surface roughness work specimen areal parameter relief parameter gis linear parameter suke sub-watershed sinusoidal pulse width modulation (spwm) dynamic voltage restorer (dvr) d-q-o theory voltage sag wall shear stress resistance parameter arterial stenosis pulmonary artery flow rate power law fluid pressure gradient flux channel capacity wireless communication siso quality of service task scheduling metaheuristics swarm optimisation virtualization pct parallel computing huffman coding lossy and lossless compression dwt idwt concepts for application test management sdlc iso 9126 push buttons motor driver (l293d) voltage regulator (lm7805) at89s52 microcontroller guideways electromagnetic suspension electromagnets ultrasonic piezo-electrictransceducers linear array real time image beam divergence opm snr wdm sybil attack detection vanet incorrect safety messages random range generator encryption prime number elliptic curve cryptography circular shift technique matrix scrambling decryption constant range intensifier sentiment classification sentiwordnet word sense disambiguation wordnet transconductance voltage follower op-amp buffer
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