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Shopper Behavior - Devora Rogers

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With coupons moving far beyond the newspaper, a diverse shopper segment — the “New Couponer” — is fast emerging. They’re bringing a new set of requirements for marketers competing for these more engaged, digitally enabled and “entitled” shoppers.
This presentation is headlined by full results from Inmar Analytics’ most recent Shopper Behavior Survey— an examination of coupon use for purchases including groceries, household supplies, health care and personal care products. Learn how Inmar Analytics is incorporating shopper research into its offerings to help manufacturers and retailers optimize their promotions.

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Shopper Behavior - Devora Rogers

  1. 1. Shopper Behavior WebinarDevora Rogers April 17, 2013
  2. 2. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Agenda• About Inmar Analytics• Survey Methodology and Overview• Three Trends in the “New Couponer”• New Couponer Demographics• Hispanic Couponers• Making learnings actionable2
  3. 3. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.What is Inmar Analytics?3• Consulting team led by JohnRoss, President of InmarAnalytics• Experience working withretailer and manufacturerdata to provide strategicbenefits to clients• Team includes retailers,marketing executives,strategists, and analysts
  4. 4. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.InmarAnalyticsBehavioralAnalyticsLoyaltyGenerationPromotionConsulting• What influences shopper decision making• What shopper barriers we need to overcome• What offers / information will drive conversionHow we can work with you• Where shopping actually starts• Where best to reach the shopper• How to leverage the store as a media channel• How to make sense of the emergingdigital shopper media space• How to track promotion performance• How to link promotions to retail metrics• How to optimize spending across methods• How to manage promotions & minimize fraud
  5. 5. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Shopper Behavior Survey Overview & Methodology5More than 1,000 shoppers who used a coupon inthe past three months answered questions about:• their shopping behavior• how they engage with technology while pre-shopping and in-store• the types of coupons they use• how they discover/acquire coupons• their attitudes towards coupon use
  6. 6. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.6ENTITLEDENABLEDENGAGEDThe“NewCouponer”
  7. 7. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Entitled7
  8. 8. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Changing shopper sentiment:From effort to entitlement8“If I put in the effort, I can getdeals on the brands I buy.”“If I shop a store a lot, I shouldn’thave to work for deals I deserve.”
  9. 9. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Shoppers Expect Easy Offer Discovery & Redemption938%“There are too manyrules/exclusions for usingcoupons.”30% “It takes too much time tofind coupons.”28% “Using coupons slows downmy shopping.”2012 Inmar Shopper Behavior Survey
  10. 10. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Shoppers Expect Personalized Offers65%Want emails fromretailers withcoupons forproducts theynormally buy65%Want couponsloaded to theirstore loyalty cardfor products theynormally buy70%Think retailers tryto find offers onbrands they liketo buy78%Want couponsautomaticallyapplied to theirpurchase2012 Inmar Shopper Behavior Survey
  11. 11. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Enabled11
  12. 12. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.The “New Couponer” has asmartphone on handGoldman Sachs, 2011of U.S. mobileusers will havesmartphonesBy 2015 Coupon methods used(on average)Smartphone User = 7.12Non-smartphone User = 5.19
  13. 13. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.What Couponers with Smartphones are Saying45%“I wish all couponswere digital”50%“I want couponssent to my mobilephone forproducts that Inormally buy”53%“I would like to beable to presentthe coupon to thecashier using mymobile phone”73%“I would usecoupons more ifthey wereavailable online”2012 Inmar Shopper Behavior Survey64% of respondents use a smartphone
  14. 14. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.67% of smartphone users have accessedcoupons from a mobile phone app14
  15. 15. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Engaged15
  16. 16. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.2 out of 3 shoppers would use more couponsif there were more available online16
  17. 17. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Coupon Method Usage17SundayNewspaper62%Productpackage49%Store circular55%Couponwebsite47%Deliveredto my home44%Storeloyaltycard41%Printedwith storereceipt37%Storeshelf36%Mfrwebsite35%Retail website35%Retaileremail32%Handedout in-store31%magazine31%Blog,forumoremail30%Facebook18%Mobilephone app18%Mobile textalert18%Kiosk in-store23%
  18. 18. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Frequent Couponers Shop More . . .18Number of Trips to a Grocery Store(in the Past 30 Days)8%11%30%22%30%HeavyCouponer12%10%38%17%24%Medium/LightCouponer0 trips1 trip2-3 trips4 trips5+ trips0 trips1 trip2-3 trips4 trips5+ trips
  19. 19. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.. . . And Spend More19Spend$50 or moreMedium/LightCouponersSpend$50 or moreHeavyCouponersAverage Grocery Spend Per Trip
  20. 20. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.oftheNewCouponerDemographics20
  21. 21. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Average Number of Coupon Methods Used216.43Overall7.1135+6.00Under 356.76Female5.68Male7.32Hispanic6.12Non-Hispanic7.49Kids5.47No kids
  22. 22. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Key Insights22aroundHispanic Couponers
  23. 23. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.“It takes too much time to clip coupons”2330%Hispanic22%Non-Hispanic
  24. 24. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.“I am not always sure which stores will acceptmy coupons”2444%Hispanic34%Non-Hispanic
  25. 25. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.“There are too many rules/exclusions for usingcoupons”2549%Hispanic34%Non-Hispanic
  26. 26. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.“I wish all coupons were digital”2644%Hispanic35%Non-Hispanic
  27. 27. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Mobile Use Among Hispanic Shoppers27Smartphone Users60% 74%30%of Hispanic smartphone users• accessed couponfrom mobile phoneapplication• received coupon asmobile text alert
  28. 28. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Mobile Use Among Hispanic Shoppers28Smartphone Users60% 74%58%of Hispanic smartphone users• want coupons sent totheir mobile phonefor products that theynormally buy• would like to be ableto present thecoupon to the cashierusing their mobilephone
  29. 29. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 29
  30. 30. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.How can I ensureaccountablepromotions andmaintain control overmy budget?PromotionsManager:How can I get directaccess to my shoppersand leverage new toolsto reach them?ShopperMarketing:How can I proveout ROI and tiemedia campaignsto sales?Media/DigitalHow can I reach,target, and influencemy shopperseffectively?BrandManagerHow can I work with theretailer in a strategic way,beyond just markdowns?Trade
  31. 31. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Challenge to solve:31Shoppers are usingnew and emergingtechnologies to helpthem to shop smarter.
  32. 32. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Challenge to solve:32Shoppers expect apersonalized and easyshopping experience.
  33. 33. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Challenge to solve:33Shoppers want moredigital coupon options.
  34. 34. ®© 2013 Inmar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Contact Inmar To DiscussOur Solutions• Behavioral Analytics• Targeted Digital Offers• Real-Time Scoring and Redemption• In-Store Partnerships34Contact your Inmar Representative or reach us at855.815.2646 | learnmore@inmar.com
  35. 35. For more information:devora.rogers@inmar.com336.770.3495Devora Rogers