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Industrial Packing & Sealing Machines By Dipack Corporation

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(https://www.dipackcorporation.in/) We are the leading importer, trader of Strapping Machine, Stretch Wrapping Machine, Strapping Tool, Carton Sealer and much more.

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Industrial Packing & Sealing Machines By Dipack Corporation

  1. 1. www.dipack.in Regd Office : A-34, Ashok Nagar, Street No 4, Mandoli Road, Shahdara, Delhi 110093 Head Office : B-64, Ground Floor, Street No 5, East Nathu Colony, Shahdara, Delhi 110093 COMPANY PROFILE TM
  2. 2. ABOUT US Our story began in 2012, back then we started with limited products in our hand with limited area of work with serious after sales service commitment backed by our experience and interest in technical field. From then to date we continuously gained believe of our customers with our quality products backed by our after sales services. Currently we cover most equipment in our product range which generally used in end in line packaging applications. We, Dipack Coporation thrive to deliver best quality packaging machines and respective consumables to all most every known industries which rely on end line packaging applications. We also provide customise solutions according to certain packaging need of our clients to make them most out from our systems. It is our endeavour to provide our customers to provide our customers the highest level of satisfaction, every time they do business with us. We make sure that all the performance parameters are met consistently. OUR MISSION We Strives to achieve industry leadership by persisting with our stated objectives or pursuing the highest standard of ethics and values. We have been gaining accolades for our excellent and unmatched customer service and to adherence to the highest standards of quality. www.dipack.in
  3. 3. WHAT WE OFFERS STRAPPING SYSTEMS Semi Automatic Box Strapping Machine Fully Automatic Box Strapping Machine Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tools Pneumatic Powered Plastic Strapping Tools Manual Strapping Tools and Accessories STRETCH WRAPPING SYSTEMS Box Stretch Wrapping Machine Small Roll Wrapping Machine Paper Reel Wrapping Machine Pallet Wrapping Machine Coil Wrapping Machine CARTON SEALING SYSTEMS Uniform Carton Sealing Machine Random Carton Sealing Machine Flap Folding Carton Sealing Machine www.dipack.in
  4. 4. SHRINK PACKING SYSTEMS Shrink Tunnel Machine Semi Auto L Sealer Fully Auto L Sealer Shrink Chamber Machine Semi Auto Web Shrink Wrapping Machine Fully Auto Web Shrink Wrapping Machine SEALING SYSTEMS Continuous Band Sealer Online Continuous Induction Sealing Machine CONVEYORS Belt Conveyors Roller Conveyors Slat Chain Conveyors Flexible Conveyors www.dipack.in
  5. 5. OUR REGISTRATIONS GST : 07BPJPS9336C1ZL PAN : BPJPS9336C MSME : DL02A0001329 IEC : BPJPS9336C OUR ACCREDITATIONS OUR ONLINE MEDIA PLATFORMS www.dipackcorporation.in https://www.facebook.com/Dipack-Corporation-171841136187545 https://www.youtube.com/user/dipackcorporation/videos https://www.instagram.com/dipack2012 www.dipack.in
  6. 6. OUR CUSTOMERS and many more…. www.dipack.in
  7. 7. CONTACT US CEO : DEEPAK SIWAL Mobile : +91-9953471435, +91-9911671435, +91-9540471435 EMAIL : sales@dipackcorporation info@dipackcorporation.in Address : A-34, Ashok Nagar, Street No 4, Mandoli Road, Shahdara, Delhi 110093 Head Office : B-65, Ground Floor, Street No 5, East Nathu Colony, Shahdara, Delhi 110093 Website : www.dipack.in www.dipackcorporation.in www.dipack.in