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Social Media in Research

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A personal reflection on how I use social media in connection to my research on operations management, innovation management and change management.

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Social Media in Research

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA IN RESEARCH Ian P. McCarthy Beedie School of Business Simon Fraser University ian_mccarthy@sfu.ca Access the related paper here: http://www.slideshare.net/IanMcCarthy /2011-social-mediabhhttp://www.karenlancasterblog.co.za/
  2. INTRODUCTION• What, when and why I started.• Why I persist and my approach.• Concluding thoughts. • Progress • Lessons and some cautions
  3. THE WHAT AND WHEN• Opened a Twitter account - April 2009 • @toffeemen68 • First started Tweeting - November 2010• Started a Blogger account - February 2011 • http://itdepends4.blogspot.com• Opened a Slideshare account - August 2011 • http://www.slideshare.net/IanMcCarthy
  4. WHY I STARTED PRESENCE• Kietzmann, J.H., Hermkens, K., McCarthy, The extent to which users can I.P., Silvestre, B.S., (2011) Social media? know if others SHARING are accessible Get serious! Understanding the RELATIONSHIPS The extent to functional building blocks of social media. which users The extent to which users can Business Horizons 54, 241-251. exchange, connect to each distribute and (download paper here) receive content IDENTITY other The extent to which users reveal REPUTATION CONVERSATIONS themselves The extent to The extent to which users which users know the communicate standing of with each other others GROUPS The extent to which users form communities.
  5. WHY I STARTED• To learn about social media Presence• Share my research with Sharing Relationships scholars, policy makers and the public Identity• Help people to know me - identity Conversations Reputation• Enhance my reputation Groups• I was experimenting
  6. WHY I PERSIST AND MY APPROACH • Scanning and following information about events and Presence trends that are central to my research interests. Relationships Relationships • Professional stalking • Conversations with scholars, Identity policy makers and practioners. • Develop relationships with Conversations Conversations scholars, policy makers and practioners. Groups
  7. WHY I PERSIST AND MY APPROACH• Altmetrics: how we measure scholarship is becoming more diverse• Develop different writing and communication skills• Make me think about the “so what?” question• Get feedback on existing research and ideas for future research• Being open - engagement with the public – they fund me
  8. PROGRESS• Twitter (since Nov 2010) • 2,311 tweets and 12,000 followers • My “good” tweets will: – reach between 5,000 - 40,000 tweeters – 500 – 2,000 people will see it – 20 – 300 will engage with it• 71,000 visits to my Blog – It Depends! (since Feb 2011)• 23,000 views and 2,300 downloads of my presentations and papers posted on SlideShare
  9. PROGRESS• Several new research relationships • Research grants, papers, special issues, and invited talks.• Appear on several “who to follow” lists• Newspapers, magazines, radio and TV.• Awards and impact
  10. LESSONS• Have a strategy. – Why are you doing it? – Limit the scope of who you follow and what you broadcast. – Select and balance the functional building blocks of social media – Interesting and experimental – Have lists “Do or do not… there is no try.” Yoda http://www.onetwobrick.net/
  11. CAUTIONS• Finally, social media is a force to be reckoned with. It has a dark side.• It takes a lot of time to get going• Then it takes more time http://gremlindog.com/tag/darth-vader/• Consider if your direct peers really care• Remember to be guided by goals• Be careful what you Blog and Tweet – libel laws apply!!• Not a substitute for good scholarship