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Complexity At The Edge How To Maximize The Mobile Opportunity In China

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Complexity At The Edge
How To Maximize The Mobile Opportunity In China

Lorenz Jakober
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Compuware APM

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Complexity At The Edge How To Maximize The Mobile Opportunity In China

  1. 1. Complexity At The EdgeHow To Maximize The Mobile OpportunityLorenz JakoberSenior Product Marketing Manager, Compuware APM
  2. 2. Complexity At The Edge Is Increasing The Application Delivery Chain Data Center Cloud: Private and Public Users Customers+ Local ISPs & Carriers+ Browsers+ Mobile Devices+ Mobile Sites & Applications+ Third Party Services Employees
  3. 3. Mobile Web & App Usage Is Growing FastMobile vs. Desktop in Asia from Jan 2010 to Jun 2012 Desktop Mobile 100 90 80 % of Internet Traffic 70 60 50 Mobile web traffic in Asia grew from 40 ~2% to ~18% in less than 2.5 years 30 20 10 0 Apple App Store & Google Play combined surpassed 45 billion app downloads worldwide in less than 4 yearsSource: Statcounter, Google, Apple
  4. 4. Business And End-User Expectations Are High“We want a tablet app that engages customers, and gets fivestars on the App Store, and it’s in your hands how we get there.” Tracey Weber, managing director, Internet & mobile banking, Citibank “I don’t even bother downloading apps with less than 4 stars. ” Bill S., iPhone and iPad user
  5. 5. Users’ Web Performance Expectations Are High – No Matter What Device/Browser Percentage Of End-Users Which Expect A Website To Load In 3 Seconds Or Less 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 89% 83% 40% 30% 59% 20% 10% Survey date = 2012 Survey date = 2011 Survey date = 2009 0% Tablet Smartphone PCSource: Compuware APM; Forrester Research
  6. 6. End-Users’ Mobile Web Performance Expectations Are Often Not Met 59% of mobile web users expect a website to load on their mobile phone in 3 seconds or less Gomez Mobile Website USA eCommerce Home Page Benchmark Response Times 16 14 Avg. Response Time Across Benchmark = 7.67 sec.Avg. Response Time (sec.) 12 10 8 6 4 2 End-Users’ Expectations 0Source: 2011 Gomez/Compuware Equation Research Study and Gomez Mobile Benchmarks, May 1 - June 1 2011
  7. 7. End-Users’ Mobile Web Performance Expectations Are Often Not Met 59% of mobile web users expect a website to load on their mobile phone in 3 seconds or less Gomez Mobile Website China eCommerce Home Page Benchmark Response Times 25 Avg. Response Time Across 20Avg. Response Time (sec.) Benchmark = 12.56 sec. 15 10 5 End-Users’ Expectations 0 Source: 2011 Gomez/Compuware Equation Research Study and Gomez Mobile Benchmarks, May 1 - June 1 2011
  8. 8. Mobile Site Performance Impacts Business Results • If dissatisfied with website performance – 49.3% of tablet & 40.3% of smartphone users are unlikely to visit the site again – 33.1% of tablet & 26.8% of smartphone users are less likely to purchase from that company – across all channels Abandonment Rate Across 280+ Websites/271 Million Page Views 30 25 Abandonment Rate (%) 20 15 10 Slower pages = higher abandonment iPhone • Reduces revenue 5 • Increases costs • Damages brand 0 10-10.5 10.5-11 11-11.5 11.5-12 12-12.5 12.5-13 13-13.5 13.5-14 14-14.5 3.5-4 0-0.5 0.5-1 1-1.5 1.5-2 2-2.5 2.5-3 3-3.5 4-4.5 4.5-5 5-5.5 5.5-6 6-6.5 6.5-7 7-7.5 7.5-8 8-8.5 8.5-9 9-9.5 9.5-10 Page Load Time Band (sec)Source: Gomez UEM
  9. 9. Mobile App Performance Impacts Business Results 47% of mobile users had a problem in the past year when accessing an app on their phone“Mobile apps live and die by their rating in an app store…When the rating suffers, the customer adoption rate suffers.” Margo Visitacion, VP, Forrester Research
  10. 10. Delivering High Quality, Fast Mobile Websites And Applications Is Difficult Different Networks Offer Different Browsers Offer Different Experiences Different Experiences Cable Wifi 3G Cable Wifi 3G 30 160 140 25 120 20 100Mbps 15 80 ms 60 10 40 5 20 0 0 Download Upload Latency Mbps Mbps msSource: Gomez Research
  11. 11. The Browser/App Is Becoming The Integration PlatformAverage umber of hosts accessed by the browser across theGomez US Sports Mobile Website Performance Benchmark 12
  12. 12. 3rd Party Services Can Cause Significant Web & AppPerformance Issues Facebook issues contributed to load time spikes for a number of top US mobile websites
  13. 13. Compuware APM: Driven by End-User Experience Optimize performance across the entire Application Delivery Chain PurePathApplication dynaTrace User Gomez User Experience Gomez Synthetic Experience Management Management – Mobile Monitoring - Mobile All Customers 24x7 LoB performance impact Cloud based Customer diagnostics Sampled real world insight Root-cause analysis
  14. 14. What Are Our Real End-Users Mobile Site And NativeApplication Experiences? Easily identify satisfied, tolerating and frustrated end-users
  15. 15. How Does Our Mobile Site And Application Performance Impact The Business? Identify mobile site & app performance issues & their impact on conversions Correlate the impact ofperformance to conversions for mobile apps and sites
  16. 16. Can End-Users Access Our Site/App 24/7? Easily identify mobile website and native app availability issues
  17. 17. How Do We Identify & Resolve Mobile Site & App Performance Issues Before They Impact Our Customers? Identify issues before customers areimpacted with dynamic, real-time alerts Drilldown to diagnose and resolve issues with object level detail
  18. 18. How Do We Identify & Resolve Mobile Site & AppPerformance Issues Quickly - Down To The Line Of Code? Visualize mobile sites and applications with dynaTrace Transaction Flow Drill down to the page action PurePath and see the server side interaction
  19. 19. Front-End Performance OptimizationOffers A Lot Of Potential• Front-end improvements often require less time & resources than back-end projects• Proven, established best practices exist in the form of tools such as Google Page Speed Web Page Vast majority of web and mobile page load time Mobile Page spent on the front-end
  20. 20. Optimize Mobile Website Speed With ActionableInsights And Proven Best Practices Google Page Speed Integration With Compuware APM Platform
  21. 21. Does Our Mobile Site/App Perform As ExpectedDuring Peak Traffic Conditions?
  22. 22. With The Compuware APM Mobile SolutionEnsure mobile web & native Evaluate the impact of real users’ mobileapplications work for all your users site & app experiences on your businessAccelerate identification, diagnosis & Reduce monitoring infrastructureresolution of performance issues investment with SaaS platform
  23. 23. QuestionsCompuware Customers AsiaEnjoy Measurable Benefits• Increased revenue 25%• Reduced revenue loss by 92% and $737,251 annually• Reduced home page load time from 11.3 seconds to 3.4 seconds• Saved 50%+ in staff and fees• Reduced downtime 45% Global• Improved first-hour problem resolution rate to 80%• Improved annual troubleshooting efficiency by 97%, saving $784,000• Reduced SAP license costs by $475,000 per year For more information visit Compuware.com or contact us at +1 781.778.2700
  24. 24. “AccuWeather.com is a leader in weather for mobile web, and webelieve in providing world-class weather experiences for ourusers. Working with Gomez, we quickly and proactively identifyissues and maintain optimal response times. By ensuringconsistently strong experiences, we retain more users which inturn can help us attract more advertising partners." David Mitchell, Director Digital Media, AccuWeather.com
  25. 25. “Compuware Gomez helped us define a unique monitoringsolution for our mobile banking services. As a result, our mobileWeb performance in 2011 achieved an average availability of99.51 percent with an average response time of 4.497 secondsand an average response consistency of 3.866 seconds standarddeviation.” Dean Ilijasic, SVP Innovation, Keybank
  26. 26. “Delivering high quality, consistent mobile e-mail performance toour customers was a core requirement of our development team.Gomez’s mobile solution validated our infrastructureinvestments and ensured that the speed and availability of ourhosted Exchange e-mail was consistently delivered to mobileusers despite oversubscribed wireless networks.” Joel Smith, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, AppRiver
  27. 27. “As we continue our expansion into the US market with ouraward-winning mobile flirting service, we need to be very certainthat we deliver a high-quality mobile Web experience to ouronline community abroad. Gomez’s mobile monitoring solutionprovides valuable visibility, helping us track our mobile Webperformance across multiple US carriers and remotely identifyingand troubleshooting any issues.” Liz Hansen, Technical Project Manager, Flirtomatic