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B2B	  Buyer    	                           Behavior  	                        Research	  into	  the	  new	  preferences	  ...
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About	  Demand	  Gen	  Report	  •    Launched	  in	  2007	  to	  track	  best	       prac6ces	  in	  lead	  genera6on	  • ...
Panelists	           Atri	  ChaBerjee	            Andrew	  Gaffney	         Chief	  Marke6ng	  Officer	          Editor	     ...
Digital	  DNA	                start	  buying	  process	  on	  web	  search	                       go	  directly	  to	  ven...
Crowdsourcing:	  Growing	  Role	  of	  Social	               followed	  group	  discussions	  to	  learn	  about	  topic	 ...
Early	  Stage	  Buyer	  Behavior	  ATer	  ini6al	  research:	                         developed	  a	  short	  list	  of	  ...
The	  Budget	  Reali:es	  of	  the	  Agile	  Buyer	    said	  project	  was	  ini6ally	  unbudgeted;	  funds	    allocated...
ShiEs	  in	  the	  Sphere	  of	  Influence	  said	  more	  internal	  team	  members	  provided	  input;	         said	  4	...
Buy	  Side	  or	  Sell	  Side?	  ShiTing	  	  course	  of	  engagement:	                              of	  buyers	  don’t	...
Deal	  Makers	  or	  Breakers	  How	  important	  was	  the	  following	  in	  selec6ng	  the	  provider	  you	  chose:	  ...
Won/Lost	  Influencers	                Average	  ra6ng	  on	  purchase	  	             experience	  as	  only	  3.34	  out	...
Post	  Purchase	  Preferences	  Which	  tools	  were	  most	  useful	  aTer	  purchase:	                             educa...
Q&A	  	  //	  	  Submit	  Your	  Ques:ons	                           Type	  ques:on	  here	  
Q&A	  	  //	  	  Panelists	              Atri	  ChaBerjee	            Andrew	  Gaffney	            Chief	  Marke6ng	  Officer...
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2012 B2B Buyer Behavior Survey Report

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2012 B2B Buyer Behavior Survey Report

  1. 1. B2B  Buyer   Behavior   Research  into  the  new  preferences  and   expecta6ons  of  business  buyers  Presented  by   Sponsored  by  
  2. 2. Welcome  Webinar  A4endees   Type  ques:on  here  
  3. 3. Follow  this  webinar  on  Twi4er   #B2BBuyer  
  4. 4. About  Demand  Gen  Report  •  Launched  in  2007  to  track  best   prac6ces  in  lead  genera6on  •  NewsleBer  has  grown  to  more   than  26,000  readers  •  We  also  offer  a  menu  of  research   and  best  prac6ces  reports    •  New  audio/video  podcasts  at   DemandGenReport.com      @DG_Reporthttp://linkd.in/DG_Specialists
  5. 5. Panelists   Atri  ChaBerjee   Andrew  Gaffney   Chief  Marke6ng  Officer   Editor   Act-­‐On  SoEware   Demand  Gen  Report  
  6. 6. Digital  DNA   start  buying  process  on  web  search   go  directly  to  vendor  web  site   turn  to  social  media/peer  reviews   conducted  anonymous  research   of  a  select  group  of  vendors  
  7. 7. Crowdsourcing:  Growing  Role  of  Social   followed  group  discussions  to  learn  about  topic   connected  with  though  leaders   through  social  networks   posted  ques6ons  on  social  networking  sites  
  8. 8. Early  Stage  Buyer  Behavior  ATer  ini6al  research:   developed  a  short  list  of   poten6al  providers   collected  info  to  build   the  business  case   cited  breadth  of  informa6on  as   cri6cal  vendor  asset  at  this  stage  
  9. 9. The  Budget  Reali:es  of  the  Agile  Buyer   said  project  was  ini6ally  unbudgeted;  funds   allocated  AFTER  impact  was  determined;  only   said  budget  was  pre-­‐approved  and   allocated  at  the  beginning  of  the  year;   set  budget  aTer  solici6ng  mul6ple  bids  
  10. 10. ShiEs  in  the  Sphere  of  Influence  said  more  internal  team  members  provided  input;   said  4  or  more  people  were   involved  in  the  purchase  process;  said  C-­‐Level/Exec  CommiBee  were  involved;   said  marke6ng  was  involved  
  11. 11. Buy  Side  or  Sell  Side?  ShiTing    course  of  engagement:   of  buyers  don’t  interact  with  a  solu6on  provider   un6l  AFTER  establishing  a  preferred  list  of  venders   aTer  the  conduc6on  of  ini6al  research   on  op6ons   AFTER  pung  out  RFPs  or  preparing  to   nego6ate  terms  
  12. 12. Deal  Makers  or  Breakers  How  important  was  the  following  in  selec6ng  the  provider  you  chose:   said  6melines  of  response   selected  relevance   as  top  choice   of  informa6on  
  13. 13. Won/Lost  Influencers   Average  ra6ng  on  purchase     experience  as  only  3.34  out  of  five.  Sugges:ons  for  improvement:   “Experienced   consultants”   “Post  implementa6on   “Listen”   training  &  support”   “Final  price   was  less  than   “Have  more  info  at   “Make  info  easier   half  original   each  stage”   to  find”   quote”  
  14. 14. Post  Purchase  Preferences  Which  tools  were  most  useful  aTer  purchase:   educa6on  and  training   product  support   user  community/forum  
  15. 15. Q&A    //    Submit  Your  Ques:ons   Type  ques:on  here  
  16. 16. Q&A    //    Panelists   Atri  ChaBerjee   Andrew  Gaffney   Chief  Marke6ng  Officer   Editor   Act-­‐On  SoEware   Demand  Gen  Report  
  17. 17. All  a4endee’s  will  receive  this  report.   Sign  up  for  our   newsleBer  to  get  your   hands  on  the  report   when  officially  released   next  week.   www.demandgenreport.com/subscribe
  18. 18. Thank  You