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Double gamete and embryo donation Israel

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Patient session

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Double gamete and embryo donation Israel

  1. 1. “CHEN” – PATIENT FERTILITY ASSOCIATION FERTILITY EUROPE Double donation– The Israeli Case study Ofra Balaban-Kasztelanski M.A. Chair CHEN – Patient fertility Association, Israel EXCO member of Fertility Europe
  2. 2. “CHEN” – PATIENT FERTILITY ASSOCIATION •Non Profit Organizations have an important role in Health Promotion at the national, European and international level. •While having ministry of health on one side, •Pharma industry on second side, •professional doctors on third side – we need to •look at the forth and most important actor/sector – the patients that are via NGOs that have the most influence in Health Promotion/coverage needs and FERTILITY EUROPE
  3. 3. “CHEN” – PATIENT FERTILITY ASSOCIATION •In Israel, the role of NGOs is so important that they keep the systems working, like a start of a new law: Embryo donation. The current situation: ØTo donate an embryo is different emotionally than egg donation or sperm donation. FERTILITY EUROPE
  4. 4. “CHEN” – PATIENT FERTILITY ASSOCIATION We can learn from the Israeli case what can and should be done. • In Israel, the clinic has to reserve the embryos for 5 years by law. Now we face a situation that more than 150,000 frozen embryos are "leftovers" . After 5 years the embryos are still in 28 IVF units in Israel. • The situation is close to a disaster. It costs to keep them and there is no room for all of them. • From time to time we can hear about mistakes that FERTILITY EUROPE
  5. 5. “CHEN” – PATIENT FERTILITY ASSOCIATION • NGOs influence government and Knesset- to change laws for the benefit of the patients NGOs Government Knesset Happy patient FERTILITY EUROPE
  6. 6. “CHEN” – PATIENT FERTILITY ASSOCIATION • We in CHEN, decided to promote a new law that allowed parents to sign, that after 5 years, the remaining embryos of their IVF, can be donated to other patient. The law is presented to the Ministry of Health and will be presented to KNESST soon. That means that among other options of keeping the embryo, defreeze it or donate for research of stem cells, there will be the an option to donate the embryos to another patient. FERTILITY EUROPE
  7. 7. “CHEN” – PATIENT FERTILITY ASSOCIATION •We in CHEN have already experience of creating a law - the egg donation law from non-patient donor. So we are the leaders of this law. The new law will accompanied with a campaign for the members of KNNESSTT so it should be passing the 3 needed votes. Than the campaign will be for the doctors and clinics to be sure that the patients will sign the papers before the IVF treatment started. FERTILITY EUROPE
  8. 8. “CHEN” – PATIENT FERTILITY ASSOCIATION • This is a starting point and a plane for the coming months. We have all the reasons to believe that it will take a long time, but, we, as patients association, have to keep it rolling. • We already convince a member of the KNNESSTT to take this law and to promote it. We already convinces the Ministry of Health to be our partner and to back it. • FERTILITY EUROPE
  9. 9. “CHEN” – PATIENT FERTILITY ASSOCIATION • We know that the road is long but must started before a massive accident will occurred - meaning, wrong treatments in one of the labs that will "kill" many embryos. It is a sensitive action. To donate an embryo is different emotionally than egg donation or sperm donation. We have to keep open mind and prepare a super sensitive law to make it available. FERTILITY EUROPE
  10. 10. “CHEN” – PATIENT FERTILITY ASSOCIATION • In the European level the European umbrella NGO organizations, Fertility Europe can do the same with the MEP and the EU Health commissioner. • • In an international level the same – Fertility Europe representatives participate in high level meetings of The EU and WHO and present the patients’ voice. • FERTILITY EUROPE