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ITEM 4. SoilSTAT Concept Paper - Yusuf Yigini

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Fourth Working Session of the International Network of Soil Information Institutions (INSII)
6-8 November 2018 | FAO HQ – German Room, Rome, Italy

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ITEM 4. SoilSTAT Concept Paper - Yusuf Yigini

  1. 1. SoilSTAT
  2. 2. SoilSTAT • Statistics based monitoring tool for observing the condition of soils • SoilSTAT is embedded in the global system of environmental statistics (FDES, SEEA, SoilSTAT) • GSP-Based/Country Driven
  3. 3. Environmental Statistics • Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics (FDES 2013) • Systems of Environmental and Economic Accounting (SEEA) (new: Experimental Ecosystem Accounting) • Global strategy to improve agricultural and rural statistics (GSARS) • FAOSTAT, CountrySTAT, FRA, OECD, UNECE, SDG, LDN
  4. 4. •Concept note prepared •P4WG and INSII review – This meeting •ITPS review •Plenary Assembly for decision SoilSTAT - Status
  5. 5. SoilSTAT Content • 2. SoilSTAT • 2.1 SoilSTAT concept • SoilSTAT objectives, synergies, benefits • Stratification and spatial dimension of statistics • GLOSIS, and what is does for SoilSTAT • 2.2 SoilSTAT components and structure • 2.3 SoilSTAT priority indicators • 2.4 SoilSTAT-spatial native reporting unit • Spatial data types • Multi-scale system • Native reporting unit • 2.5 SoilSTAT-temporal dimension: monitoring trend with indicators • 2.6 Derivation of indicators from existing national systems (CountrySIS)
  6. 6. Degradation types/soil threats GLAS OD EU1 ) Indicators mentioned in SWSR SEEA* and FDES**2) Water erosion X X Soil loss Area affected by soil erosion** Wind erosion X Overblowing X Loss of organic matter X X C pool: Organic C stocks Soil carbon* Salinization X X • Spatial distribution of salt-affected soils Area affected by salinization** Acidification X (X) • pH • acid neutralization capacity Area affected by acidification** Loss of nutrients X (X) Soil fertility: % nutrients, pH Nutrient balances: applied and excess N, P Nutrient concentrations:: N, P, Ca, Mg, K, Zn, other** Pollution X X Contaminated land area Area and number of sites: contaminated, potentially contaminated, remediated,
  7. 7. SoilSTAT - Concept
  8. 8. SoilSTAT & GloSIS
  9. 9. Activity Time Responsibility Finalization of the SoilSTAT concept note 03 2019 Pillar 4 WG, INSII Global soil indicators: a methodical assessment and indicator fact sheets 04 2019 Pillar 5 WG, INSII Final Review 04 2109 ITPS Plenary Assembly 2019 06 2019 GSP members, national focal points Guidebook for SoilSTAT 04 2020 SoilSTAT Central Architecture 07 2019 – 04 2020 GSP, FAO-CIO, GSP-SDF Testing with the indicators soil organic carbon decline 01 – 04 2020 Voluntary INSII members, SDF, GSP Secretariat, SoilSTAT Guidebook V1.0 06 2020 SoilSTAT in action: priority indicators 07 2020 – 04 2022 INSII members and SDF
  10. 10. Thank You