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  1. Johanna Adami Professor and Director and Head of Health Division VINNOVA , Swedish Government Agency for Innovation System, Sweden National perspective Sweden
  2. Challenge driven innovations for future health – a roadmap for success Johanna Adami, MD MPH PhD Professor Director and Head of Health Division
  3. Sweden – A small, open economy •Sweden is sparsely populated. 9,7 million inhabitants… •…but large: Surface area 450,000 km2. •Exports: 46 percent of GDP - 30 percent services and 70 percent goods •Foreign owned enterprises employ more than 630,000 persons. Around 13 percent of total employment. •Foreign owned enterprises perform around 38 percent of the business R&D in Sweden.
  4. Total R&D expenditure in relation to GDP, 2011 Source: OECD, MSTI 2014 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 Norway Canada United Kingdom China Netherlands Singapore Australia Belgium France Estonia Slovenia Iceland USA Austria Switzerland (2008) Germany Denmark Taiwan Japan Sweden Finland Israel Korea Percent of GDP Business enterprise Higher education Government sector Other organisations
  5. Sweden ranks high in innovation and competitiveness Innovation Union Scoreboard 2014 Global Competitiveness Index 2013/2014 Switzerland Switzerland Sweden Singapore Denmark Finland Germany Germany Finland United States Luxembourg Sweden Netherlands Hong Kong Belgium Netherlands United Kingdom Japan Ireland United Kingdom Source: Innovation Union Scoreboard 2014 and World Economic Forum, Global Competitiveness Report 2013/14.
  6. Bild 6
  7. The Challenge ahead Slide 7 How to stay competetive long term? •Continued creation of high productive jobs – Attract and retain R&D activities •Build on existing strengths •Embrace globalization •Removing barriers – Innovation policy crucial
  8. National Innovation strategy Bild 8 •2020 time horizon •Broad definition of innovation •Focus on societal challenges •Holistic approach to innovation and innovation support •Innovation as a driver of national attractiveness and competitiveness
  9. VINNOVA – Sweden´s Innovation Agency
  10. VINNOVA in brief •VINNOVA – the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation responding to the Ministry of Enterprise •About 200 people work at VINNOVA’s offices in Stockholm, Brussels and Silicon Valley •Annual budget of 300 million Euros invested in innovation projects in all sectors in society.
  11. Three roles Funding Research & Innovation National EU Contact Agency Expert Agency
  12. Funding Research and innovation
  13. Implementation! Strategic Innovation Areas Implementation! EU-coordination secretariat Implementation! Develop the Knowledge triangle approach at universities VINNOVA focus
  14. 2014-09-26 Bild 14 Key principles of operation •for increased impacts of research •broad innovation perspective; goods, services, processes, etc. •confidence in the actors to define their own development strategies •we develop and test new forms for investments •we develop and strengthen beneficial international cooperation
  15. Key features of VINNOVA programs Funding through grants Main funding mechanism at VINNOVA Program period of 3-10 years One or several open ”call-for-proposals” Project requirements: •Industry-relevant •Industry-academy-research institute- public sector partners •Co-funding, VINNOVA max. 50% •1-10 years projects •Level of funding appr. € 0.3 to 10 M per project
  16. International programs Bild 16 North and South America USA: Road/Vehicle Safety Innovation program Brazil: Innovation program Europe EU FP7, ERAnets, INCOnets, AAL, Artemis, Eniac, EUREKA, COST, Eurostars, TAFTIE, BSR Nordic region ICT, e-Gov’t, Transport policy Asia India Life sci.y/health, ICT Japan Multidisciplinary Bio (JST to 2013), Network projects (JSPS) China ICT (concluded, Material science, Eco-innovation Other cooperations South Korea, Canada, Israel: EUREKA/Eurostars Active government agreement in S&T and/or innovation Formalized cooperation with budget Bilateral program Eureka/Eurostars
  17. We are facing a number of grand challenges Environment Health Ageing population Globalization
  18. To address these challenges You need to •Bring world class research together •Combine skills from many sectors •Apply known technologies into new applications •Utilize the best expertise from all over the world Bild 18 opportunities
  19. 2014-09-26 Bild 19 Future Health Diagnostics
  20. Strategy for Health Innovation Bild 20 Global re-structuring in lifescience Global health challenges: lifestyle, demographic changes, etc Health care challenges; cost vs quality – innovation potential Weak links between high-quality research and needs-driven innovation Business meets global health needs Globally attractive innovation system Health care - partner in innovation VISION CHALLENGES
  21. Ongoing programs in health Bild 21 Test beds International collaborations Public procurement Collaboration Business, Public sector & Academia Innovation hubs Incubators European collaboration programs R&D&I Projects
  22. Personlized medicine – some results VINN Cardio – biomarkers for individualized treament for cardiovascular disease Create Health – individualized cancer treatment Tailored Leukapheresis for treatment of immune mediated inflammatory diseases Endemic diseases: To make Sweden one of the world's leading ecosystems for life science focusing on diabetes and other endemic diseases. 2014-09-26 Bild 22
  23. ECOSYSTEM for health/lifescience/health care/ INDUSTRY PATIENT HEALTH CARE DELIVERY Payers/fiscal intermediaries Medical technology Pharma- ceuticals Diagnostics Public Private Professional groups AUTHORITIES Regulating RESEARCH/ EDUCATION Regulatory Industry- organisations SME Large companiess
  24. Roadmap for the future Reform health care –public sector should be a partner in innovation  Stimulate valuedriven innovation for all Provide evidence for the outcomes Work closely with regulatory agencies Promote Incentives such as reimbursement models, public procurement etc. Support databases/registries Public Private Partnership Promote active partnership with relevant stakeholders 2014-09-26 Bild 24
  25. Collaboration is the basis for all VINNOVA funding 2014-09-26 Bild 25 X Sectors Research fields Technologies Types of Actors Nations
  26. Connect Catalyse Stimulate
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  28. Thank you! Johanna.adami@vinnova.se Bld 28