ktn ktnuk funding innovation innovate uk ktn webinar ukri webinar iscf event design uk research and innovation government funding government industrial strategy challenge fund uk competition h2020 digital horizon 2020 technology beis digital security by design collaboration knowledge transfer network europe energy agriculture webcast transport environment defence and security department for business energy and industrial stra security ict artificial intelligence gcrf engage with manufacturing industrial strategy ai sustainability european horizon europe materials eu business global challenges research fund fund slides driving the electric revolution investment net zero digital technologies efutures implementing ai uk businesses rail competition briefing clean growth hardware challenges women iuk biomimicry nature inspired solutions health global global alliance der epsrc r&d women in innovation agri-food vehicles diversity & inclusion recycling weee horizon collaboration development 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creativity inclusive society ktn net zero farming innovation zero emission ietf scientific research companies dsbd canada heat sles smart local energy systems pfer six in sixty funding opportunity supply chains department for international trade economy ideas diverse ideas ideas mean business smart systems ktn der engage pandemic uk horizon 2020 green deal h2020 grean deal metamaterials faraday battery challenge agri-food africa agri-tech catalyst competition future flight fridays crops clean energy dave ross simon pearson manufacturing technology centre national farmers union robots food manufacturing food processing horticulture agri-food sector university of edinburgh expert missions wind sector electric vehicles ktn health biotechnology supply chain corona satellite application catapult connected places catapult swanson aviation consultancy cranfield university iscf future flight challenge ecosystem agri-tech gem agri-tech innovation uk’s international australia new zealand agri-tech global expert mission digital innovation global enterprises creative advanced manufacturing nuclear innovation programme poonam phull viola hay 2020 secure societies 2020 secure societies work programme eu programme government’s industrial strategy robotics and ai innovative solutions uk’s industrial strategy railway ati aerospace technology institute national contact point clean energy sources electricity grid gas emissions reduce co2 electric batteries horizon 2020 photonics horizon 2020 batteries 2020 cross-cutting work programme round 9 agri-tech catalyst round 9 food systems and nutrition livestock and aquaculture crop production machines south korea global expert mission industrial strategy’s grand challenges management knowledge transfer partnerships management ktps ktp innovation programme european union’s research building success access to funding and finance charlotte thompson diseases h2020 health programme national contact point for health samana brannigan 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vision systems webinar vehicle agri growth aquagrain electric mobility automated driving integrated safety vehicle motion control zf green innovation catalysing green innovation engineering and physical sciences research council horizon 2020 energy efficiency call for proposals eu energy focus h2020 national contact point for energy power generation motorsport mireille owen-hughes gabriela juarez martinez till bachman destiny pharma daniel hynes phil packer peter dirken sandeep sandhu ofgem healthy ageing industrial biotechnology bbi bio-based industries gcrf demonstrate impact ktn design european organisations singapore cyber academic institutions psi quantum rigetti honeywell google large companies strategic collaboration edinburgh belfast sheffield cardiff market-creating products uk's official development assistance support 2020 european commission iot birmingham amm advanced manufacturing and materials nip industrial research transportation transport for london rosco railways aiir environmental impact accelerating innovation in rail innovation in rail foak first of a kind dft department for transport fashion industry global collaboration cybersecurity railway platform railway platform end and edge technology railway structure gauging automated survey processing innovation in railway marketing uk aerospace technology strategy different industries resources common resource fast start projects academia-industry h2020 for future and emerging technologies eu research and innovation programme h2020 work programme organisations fet future and emerging technologies agri food department of business energy and industrial strat zero carbon smart cities global missions programme ktp funding knowledge transfer partnerships brand branding innovation actions circular economy and plastic societal challenge 5 energy and industrial strategy department for business investors success national contact point for legal and financial iss stephen alexander health call topics health call infectious diseases national contact point ict elenaor brash 2020 5g calls h2020 5g united kingdom marketing strategy recruitment hr bio economy fnr horizon 2020 food and natural resources york natural resources funding programme research commercialisation new business bioeconomy strategy emerging technologies ktm 2050 waste raw materials green great britain week construction chemistry sustainable aviation south asia connected vehicle data autonomous driving autonomous parking cav insurance legalservices accountancy next generation services ageing innovateuk healthyageing energy system net zero energy system data solutions hardware open software small business research initiative innovate uk's small business research initiative net zero energy digital solutions open digital solutions eureka network eurostars eureka eureka eurostars introduction to eurostars youtube ktn webcast integration of power alternative feedstocks carbon dioxide utilisation power-to-x hydrogen production 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panal chat ktn ageing grant funding opportunity ukri healthy ageing challenge designed for ageing operational efficiency competition briefings international rail dynex semiconductor power assemblies power semiconductor assemblies high power semiconductor modules development dynex semiconductor 2026 energy network invest price control mechanism electricity gas future of electricity future of the gas sif strategic innovation fund creating impact magnetic gears generators motors magnomatics canadian visibility business opportunities market industry eco friendly vehicles trade trade summit balancing electric powertrain components steve fowler paul fowler precision balancing machines servicing testing global leaders universal balancing biomass ktn climate ktn hydrogen hydrogen blending standards hydrogen accelerating to net zero young innovators funding young young innovators ktn young young innovators awards young innovators awards 2021/22 innovation network export control regulations uk science holland & knight us export products uk research uk research and business dual-use technologies metamaterial’s technologies applications ktn commercialising metamaterials metamaterials applications new products chemical manufacturing non-food crops brewing innovative fermentation applications distilling co-products snapnet processing by-products scottish natural products network bcb ads ktn aerospace emergency services marine-based emergency services trials road vehicles marine vessels rnli sme businesses uk national contact point csa dit chief scientific adviser mike short ktn innovation canvas innovation canvas electric powertrains hybrid new zero emissions future mobility clean mobility future clean mobility centre for future clean mobility powertrain space vehicle hybridization hybridization power electronics controllers electric motors powerful electric motors lightweight revolutionary compact yasa engage with yasa academic academics knowledge transfer adviser interactive 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commercialising scaling up ktn data colombian organisations agritech business uk agritech businesses ukcol agro missions key economies global investment strategy advanced therapies future of canada future of uk better future better future in electrification surrey mclaren mclaren applied ktn electrification level crossings points heating non-traction power supplies scada systems ac/dc electrification uk raliway power engineering smes support package of support continuity loans smart systems community prospering pfer overview lawyer grow a business legal elements propulsion and power aerostructures research and technology department for business energy & industrial strate advanced systems civil aerospace technologies programme global corporate supply chains women’s businesses weconnect women-owned businesses driving business growth feasibility studies innovate at hs2 2020 innovative operational solutions new competition hs2 high speed high speed two ltd innovate knowledge transfer partnership programme knowledge transfer partnership management capability powerful permanent magnets rare earth elements minerals critical metals engineer mining engineer uk government’s mining engineer darryn critical materials international trade business idea business launch idea mean business cryogenic cryogenic electronics ktn quantum quantum technology women innovators volatile uncertain complex ambiguous vuca business and economy businesses into the economy strategy sales sales strategy photonics sensors enabling technologies urban urban systems midlands green recovery energy hub nottingham city council midlands energy hub enabling green recovery r&d projects resilient future practical advice navigation service product physical product manufacture journey design to manufacture journey uk national contact point for space uk national contact point for clean growth and inf catherine holt emma fenton how to apply for funding partners search for partners uk defence and security dasa defence and security accelerator ktn artificial intelligence ktn ai digital industry ai at the edge ai at the edge digital industry modernising energy data modernising energy data green deal areas ktn covid-19 innovation response rapid analysis handouts south africa drive technology driving the electric revolution webinar nidec nidec brand control techniques world health organization who nigeria analysis connecting for change energy batteries cross sector public public trust afrilabs kenya glass the foundation industries dave dalton british glass ktn neurotechnology uk dementia research institute neurotechnologies treatment dementia treatment technology area biodesign dementia dementia biodesign neurotechnology regulatory legal rai innovation regulation law & regulation artificial micro-mobility innovative design travel pure electric radioactive radio innovative ideas nuclear waste automated system radioactive waste nuclear innovative businesses innovative products ucl listar faraday institution ukbic uk battery industrialisation centre nigel jakeman tps turbo power systems romax tech romaxtech romax technology angus council jaunt air mobility aircraft air mobility samad aerospace battery technology science and technology facilities council stfc eu commission implementing ai webinar ai event ai* ai webinar ai presentation cross ai platforms ai solutions scalable ai wahtari sebastian borchers aaeon aling wu ai platforms integrated electronic systems prof tughrul arslan ai-powered xilinx yaman umuroglu fpga neural network real-world product jag minhas sensing feeling 2020 vision uk manufacturing electric powered vehicles electrification of farming autonomous crop harvesting robotic systems agri-food technology lincoln institute for agri-food technology agri-robotic technologies asian market israel usa olev office for low emission vehicles driving electric revolution covid-19 to uk industry zev zero emission vehicle geden chimaobi agri frontier andrew ritchie paul smith water circular economy and recycling uk industry international market energy catalyst programme low cost and low carbon energy sub-saharan africa tea transforming energy access food farming department for environment food & rural affairs international year of plant health united nations plant and crop uk’s plant and crop sector ktn plant sector ipm integrated pest management h2020 national contact point for secure societies off highway electronic off-highway motorcycle ricardo japan china webacst vehicle to grid v2g expert mission ktn international uk's international national research centre for rehabilitation techni shanghai civil affairs bureau centre for gerontology tsinghua university izhaohu fushoukang yuecheng group taikang healthcare clean technologies rolls royce worldwide markets industrial drive products product design di mc motion control siemens digital industries congleton siemens uk siemens matt butchers v-kems infrastructure systems coronavirus logistics maths 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annamarie taylor social media aerospace technologies support for smaller business uk aerospace technology strategy (2019) aerospace sector food technology foodtech offshore wind wind r&d us-uk offshore wind r&d turbine knowledge transfer manager john ransford carrie cullen-hitt nyserda us department of energy ny state r&d authority consortium national offshore wind r&d consortium robotics related calls information and consortia horizon 2020 robotics h2020 robotics 2020 ict work programme building regional centres iscf wave 3 innovate uk competition food chain uk researchers iscf commercialising quantum technologies commercialising quantum technologies support businesses iscf commercialising quantum technologies challeng bob cockshott sequence data genome sequencing genetic analysis genome data cancer analyse cancers data to early diagnosis and precision medicine cha low carbon industrial products net zero carbon industrial clusters mission clean growth grand challenge idc low carbon technology industrial decarbonisation challenge south korea smart cities 2019 ict technologies social wellbeing korea innovation strategy international research growth organisation grow effective management expand management capability mtkp kta knowledge transfer advisers consumers strong brand reputation european union euratom r&t euratom research and training fp7 framework programme 7 research fund for coal and steel dr aikaterini lalatsa university of portsmouth pitching to investors biomimicry uk richard james maccowan bitrez limited dominic hopwood advanced resin chemistry functional materials macro mark matchett lidia badarnah small or medium-sized enterprises finance support innovation finance support enterprise loans creative and digital marketing planning siwan smith founder taylor communications anna-marie taylor accelerate innovation connecting people solutions markets help businesses ktn tools reliable properties technical collaboration reliable materials inventing cohort engagement cohort thermal management process control concept fan am processes additive manufacturing rob saunders local energy systems city university of london christoph bruecker biorobotics university of sussex andy philippides small brains tricks insect inspired robotics gillian whitworth links to the uk bioeconomy strategy reduce single use plastics pcb phase out adapting to the changing climate natural environment benefit air quality improvement circular economy value noise reduction carbon reduction waste reduction meeting the demands of a growing city challenges jonathan page evolved performance animal dynamics animal dynamics evolved performance transformative methodology marc olivier coppens nature-inspired solutions for engineering nie industries aided computer welcome emerging technologies and industries monika dunkel special interest group zero streetworks self repairing cities university of leeds netta cohen cracks taste success data economy zoë webster scientific biological text information extraction heriot watt computer aided biomimetics heriot watt university ruben kruiper funding opportunities for nature inspired solution the taste of success: foraging for cracks on our r energy & transport insect-inspired robotics: smart tricks from small nature-inspired surfaces for marine and wind energ aviation fuel saf sig crm recovery #amsurvey #am #additivemanufacturing #am-uk-steering-group #am #additivemanufacturing #innovateuk #am #additivemanufacturing #postprocessing #am #additivemanufacturing #tooling-applications #am #additivemanufacturing #aerospace #am #additivemanufacturing #medtech #am #additivemanufacturing #inspectionsystems #am #additivemanufacturing #construction #am #additivemanufacturing #conductivecomponents energy generation buildings formulation formulated products fuel airlines sustainable aviation fuel sustainable aviation fuel special interest group chris lewis cleared for offtake john lewis dixons carphone british heart foundation axion recyclingbörse akr strathdon primary school enscape consulting re-tek t-triid transport technology research innovation for inter nhs england the office for life sciences medical technology medtech funding bid grant applications application guide design foundations jcb optical communication
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