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Time table for the dataTEL workshop at the ARV2011

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Time table for the dataTEL workshop at the ARV2011

  1. 1. ARV2011 30-Mar-11 Presenter TitlePlease use the hashtag #datatel11 for twitter Hendrik8:30 Organizers Welcome, Introduction Drachsler Shlomo8:50 Keynote Setting Up a Research Contest for TEL Berkovsky Evaluating Collaborative Katrien9:30 Presenter 1 Filtering Algorithms on TEL Verbert Data Sets Personalized Services supporting Work-Integrated Stefanie Learning: An Evaluation of10:00 Presenter 2 Lindstaedt applicable Recommendation Mechanisms for open Topic 1: accessible Datasets Evaluation of TEL10:30 Coffee break recommend A Recommender Framework er systems Catherine for End User Experience In11:00 Presenter 3 Mulwa Adaptive Technology- Enhanced Learning Systems11:30 Organizers All Discussion of topic 1 Post-its12:15 session12:30 Lunch ARV2011 Activities Snow13:30 activities Raquel Peeking into the black box:16:30 Presenter 4 Crespo- visualizing student activities García Maren From Keyword Extraction To17:00 Presenter 5 Scheffel Key Action Extraction17:30 Coffee Why should I connect and to Topic 2: whom should I connect? Recommendation of Data18:00 Presenter 6 Rory Sie supported Knowledgeable Peers in a Co- learning authorship Network to Foster Innovation On reconstructing and Felix analyzing personal learning18:30 Presenter 7 Mödritscher environments of scientific artifacts19:00 Organizers All Discussion of topic 219:45 End of day 1
  2. 2. ARV2011 31-Mar-11 Presenter TitlePlease use the hashtag #datatel11 for twitter Katrien8:30 Organizers Introduction day 2 Verbert John The PSLC DataShop: A Data Repository for8:45 Keynote Stamper the TEL community Contextual Open Educational Resources for Topic 3:9:30 Presenter 8 Joris Klerkx Future Recommender Datasets Scenarios from Recommenders inside Learning Miguel-Angel learning object repositories: Object10:00 Presenter 9 Repositori Sicilia requirements for meaningful datasets es and10:30 Coffee break Web content Experiences in Building the10:45 Presenter 10 Eelco Herder Public Web History Repository Topic 4: Privacy issues and data Privacy11:15 Presenter 11 Seda Gurses protection in Technology and data Enhanced Learning protection for dataTEL11:45 Organizers All Discussion of topic 3 and 412:15 Post-its ARV 2011 activites12:30 Lunch Wrap up round, What are the low-hanging Hendrik13:30 Organizers fruits? Refelection round supported by Drachsler Research2.0 tools from STELLAR.15:00 End of the workshop