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in 2014
The vitality of Knowledge Communities
Top contributors
2014 Activity Report
A Digital Workplace
ServiceNow International Challenge
A 2-month co-opting challenge was organized to develop the synergy between...
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Devoteam Knowledge Communities - 2014 Activity Report

One of the main challenges for IT companies is to keep their expertise on the cutting edge of technological trends. The Knowledge Communities allow us to better manage client projects by having more accurate knowledge of our capabilities and expertise.
These communities bring together our subject matter experts across entities and borders. They invite employees to develop their professional networks with peers in their domains of expertise and to benefit from social learning by sharing, solving problems and developing knowledge around innovative topics.

This presentation is an abstract of the Knowledge Communities 2014 Activity Report

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Devoteam Knowledge Communities - 2014 Activity Report

  1. 1. 1500 discussions in 2014 The vitality of Knowledge Communities Top contributors 2014 Activity Report A Digital Workplace Weez 8 Communities + 2200 Consultants 21 countries 1Event per month ServiceNow 110 Members Service Management 285 Members Service Assurance 150 Members Risk and Security 230 MembersDigital and Mobile 120 Members Cloud 130 Members Google 110 Members IT Transformation 270 Members Didier Loeb Jean-Philippe Lucas Fabrice Wojciekowski Vincent Kodsi Frank Heinz Vincent Ader Alexandre Hurez Eckarath Khounsombath Aymeric Baron Allan Dujiperou Abdessamad Adib Patrick Pilon El Hassan Khouribech Ion Stanciu Xavier Loup Service Assurance Community IT Transformation Community Google Community ServiceNow Community Digital and Mobile Community Cloud Community Risk and Security Community Service Management Community Philippe Wanson Trond Ericson Brice Duprieu Jean-Marc Boursat Chantal Mandine Mohammed Khilifi Mahmed Bouadib Clément Marianne Nabil Jamil Amziane Hamedi Bertrand Robion Kelly Jones Juerguen Werkmann David Legrand Richard Selby Sébastien Deniaux Jorg Rieden Mathieu Fur Bernard Charles
  2. 2. Deliverables ServiceNow International Challenge A 2-month co-opting challenge was organized to develop the synergy between our ServiceNow International Team to support the recruitment objectives. The strategy was to develop a marketing campaign on Devoteam website and social networks supported by contributor involvement and a great content-sharing spririt • 135 applications and 6 recruitments • +3 ServiceNow expert publications on Devoteam Page IT Supervision Trends White Paper Based on a joint survey launched in April 2014 by Devoteam and CA Technologies, this White Paper was writen by the Service Assurance Commmunity in order to launch a lead generation campaign with Silicon. Virtual Machines to develop skills on BMC Solutions The Service Management Community has set up virtual machines for BMC Solutions implementation. All Devoteam people can access the testing environment to develop their skills on ITSM 8.1.02, MyIT, SmartIT, Admin Console. Experience sharing KC Events aim at sharing project expertise to develop KC member skills Stay tuned to the Communities MyIT, SmartIT: The future of IT Services? Conference/Live Demo on the integrated and developed solution by Devoteam for BMC Exchange in Paris in November 2014 Expertise: Cloud, Mobile, Users Experience + 30 participants Webmaster Tools Conference Joint Conference by Devoteam and the European Google Developers Group Expertise: Google, Structured Data, Webmaster tools + 80 partipants Conference on Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2 and Cloud Joint Conference by Devoteam and Microsoft on Microsoft Cloud strategy and Windows Server release Expertise: Microsoft infrastructure, Cloud, Virtualization + 40 participants Secusphere Conferences 3 conferences were organized in 2014, 10 speakers shared their knowledge and experience Expertise: System, Network and Application Security, policy to secure implementation, technical and functional problems. + 100 participants Article - Boost your knowledge with the Knowledge Communities Article - Social collaboration, a driver for agility, creativity and innovation Article - Innovate, transform your IT and simplify your life White Paper - Mind the Gap, when setting an IT tools architectural strategy Article - ServiceNow declares service management as an art form 1 2 3 4 5 Mathilde Gilles Lagardère mathilde.gilles.lagardere@devoteam.com Charlène Joannard Lardant charlene.joannard.lardant@devoteam.com For more information please contact the KM Team Main Publications