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2018 mid-market technology trends report

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Man versus machine—it’s one of the oldest storylines in Hollywood. Because if robots can replace us, what’s left for us to do? As it turns out, plenty. Learn more about the talent dimensions of IT investments in our 2018 mid-market technology survey.


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2018 mid-market technology trends report

  1. 1. Technology in the mid-market Embracing disruption Copyright � 2018 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved. Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited In May and June 2018 Deloitte Private polled 500 US executives from private and mid-market companies on the role that technology plays and how it influences business decisions. Here are some of the most significant findings; access the full report at http://www.deloitte.com/us/mid-market-technology. 57% 33%38% 46% 54% are spending more on technology than last year say digital disruption will most likely impact operations are hiring more people than they did before implementing new technology have little to no risk strategy for emerging technologies rank information security as their top IT investment priority