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Social Media Launch Recap

  1. Social Media Benchmark Recap May 23, 2018 Precision Medicine Initiative, PMI, All of Us, the All of Us logo, and “The Future of Health Begins with You” are service marks of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  2. Content Channel Vitals  KPI Recaps  Follower Growth  Follower Growth Influence  Launch Influence  Channel Engagements  Most Engaging Posts Launch Activity  Ad Campaign  Facebook Live  Twitter Chats Program Impact  Brand Discussion  Website Traffic  Conversion Events Recommendations  Audiences  Engagement  Content  Paid Support
  4. 4 KPI Dashboard Recaps Aggregated Views for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Overall Engagement Trend: Year-to-Date Overall Engagement Trend: Last 30 Days Reviewing overall performance Year-to-Date compared against the Last 30-Days, we can clearly see the impact of the increased activity and publishing schedule associated with the Launch date. All baseline metrics show marked improvements year-over year and month over month. Takeaway: more is simply better on social media with consistent and frequent publishing a critical factor to growing followers, raising awareness and creating engagements.
  5. 5 YTD Follower Growth 11,861 Lifetime Combined Followers The increased activity preceding launch (and since) has created a larger follower base across all social media channels. Increased publishing along with paid advertising support clearly makes a difference in growing our social media followers. The goal now is to keep the momentum going by continuing to execute at these levels, while reinserting a paid media effort and strategy behind daily execution. 30-Day Follower Growth Facebook 5,196 +314% Instagram 288 +101% Twitter 1,466 +49% 6,950 New Followers Over the Last 30 Days (we more than doubled our follower count – a 141% increase)
  6. 6 Follower Growth Influence Goal: create repeatable and consistent cycles of high engagements. Reinforcing the benefits of paid advertising with an increased publishing schedule, over the last 30- days we can clearly see the impact on growing social media followers for each of the All of Us Research social media profiles. The size of our follower base for each of our social media profiles is critical for building awareness, engagements, viral and word of mouth influence, as well as ultimately conversions. But there’s another key benefit which can’t be overlooked. An active and vibrant community also serves to reinforce long-term program retention and creates advocates for the program. Ads – People who clicked ‘Like’ in an Ad or Sponsored Story directing to your Page. Page suggestion – People who liked your Page through an invite from an admin. Page profile [Referral & Word of Mouth Influence] – People who clicked ‘Like’ on the Page itself. Newsfeed [Viral Influence] – Posts you’ve distributed and people have found in the newsfeed. Search [Word of Mouth Influence] – People who liked your Page from their search results. Post Publishing Cadence: YTD Posts (324) / Last 30-Days Posts (177) There is a direct correlation exists with advertising and increased publishing measured against greater levels of engagements. The Goal is to create these repeatable cycles of high engagements to continually build awareness and stimulate Follower Growth, while driving traffic back to the website to impact conversion events. Paid Support Greater Publishing Twitter Chats Facebook Live Instagram Launch Post Publishing Post Engagements Last 30-Day Page Like Sources 6,950 New Followers Paid Support Greater Publishing
  7. 7 Launch Day Time Period Influence Continue to build momentum and influence using analytics to develop best practices. Heightened social media activity surrounding the launch day and associated events made significant impact across user engagements. We can see post engagement and social follower influence directly coinciding to Launch. We can also see the impact of our ad campaigns on engagements which began on May 1. As awareness grew across social media during this time period, website visits from our social media efforts increased with lingering effect. Although these metrics are early benchmarks (which we will continually monitor and measure), they do visually represent the opportunities with a sustained and amplified social media effort. Post Engagements Post Publishing Social Referral Website Visits New Social Followers
  8. 8 Facebook Engagement Trends Current Facebook Fans: 6,847 / Facebook Followers: 7,251 Year-to-date numbers are respectable with the last 30-days having greatest influence. A larger Fan base and an increased publishing schedule will improve these numbers with greater consistency and month over month improvements. Campaign planning, milestone performance goals, Sponsored Posts, and performance analysis to continually develop best practices will aid in these efforts. Facebook Engagement Trend: Year-to-Date Facebook Engagement Trend: Last 30-Days
  9. 9 Top Performing Facebook Posts x Engagements Post Reach & Engagements are Limited until number of Fans Grow. Our Top Three Posts by Engagements are videos (5 out of Top 10). Fans and Friends of Fans are gravitating to posts which introduce and explain the program. Throughout 2018, content should heavily focus on educating a mass audience as new Fans discover the AOU Facebook Page. Storytelling will be key to keep the message fresh using a mix of creative and interesting visuals. Challenge: keeping Fans engaged after signup.
  10. 10 Twitter Engagement Trends Current Twitter Followers: 4,441 As with Facebook, Twitter’s greatest influence has been over the last 30 days. These numbers will improve with tweeting more often and with the continuation of periodic Twitter Chats. As a news and information dissemination channel, a backlink strategy directing traffic back to the website using varying content and campaign approaches should be experimented with to develop best channel practices measured against conversion events. Key Takeaway: tweet more often and create CTAs that link to the website. Twitter Engagement Trend: Year-to-Date Twitter Engagement Trend: Last 30-Days
  11. 11 Top Performing Twitter Posts x Retweets Greater mass influence can be realized via a series of aspirational campaign themes. Twitter’s best use is to consistently tweet multiple times per day using program updates, event dates, micro- moment emotive take-aways (quick informational and motivational snippets), and CTA backlinks to the website. With any given tweet’s lifespan being very short, there is no danger for over tweeting. However, we detract from awareness goals for not tweeting often enough – namely less exposure and engagements. Challenge: how to produce sufficient quantities of fresh, daily content which can be aspirational to keep the tweet machine going and to reach the largest possible general population audiences at scale.
  12. 12 Instagram Engagement Trends Current Instagram Followers: 573 Instagram launched in April. The channel is beginning to build momentum as a touchpoint in the overall user discovery journey. What’s promising are the number of video views over a short period of time and with a small Follower base. It is encouraged to use videos frequently and to support overall efforts with paid support to maximize followers, reach and influence. Instagram Engagement Trend: Year-to-Date Instagram Engagement Trend: Last 30-Days
  13. 13 Top Performing Instagram Posts x Engagements Audience Size Matters. Audience size does matter. As a new touchpoint, there should be a concerted effort to grow the Follower base using paid media support. Instagram’s industry average engagement rates are higher over both Facebook and Twitter. As a visual medium, we should strive to produce a steady stream of daily content, which can be leveraged and re-purposed from other social channels. A separate stream of content specifically produced for Instagram would be ideal as well. Challenge: content and followers.
  15. 15 Pre-Launch Ad Campaign Results Each campaign had solid performance with bonus impact on other events. Our National Ad Campaign kicked off on May 1 with added Launch Day support. Three ad campaigns were designed to support Launch and related activities. Over this short window of time and with a minimal media buy, the campaigns were extremely successful in raising awareness, attracting new Facebook Fans, and driving people to the All of Us Research Facebook Page. Added bonus impact (without an actual call to action) included website click- thru to enroll in the program. Paid media support across social media should be a vital strategic and tactical component in our social media execution. Facebook Ad Campaign Results May 2, 2018 - May 6, 2018 385,337 Total Ad Impressions Served Campaign Recap Results  1,248 new Facebook Followers  367 Clicks to Watch Live Stream Video  21 Conversion Events, including 18 Accounts Created
  16. 16 Facebook Live Event FB Live + Microsite Proved to Be a Winning Combination. The use of Facebook Live to stream the Launch Day national video feed created enhanced awareness across the country. Paid media support helped to drive traffic to the All of Us Research Facebook Page in advance and during the live stream event. In addition, the Launch Day Microsite served as a secondary touchpoint to complement the FB Live event and created even further awareness for the launch of the national program. Microsite Visits Social Metrics for Launch Day  Posts: 18  Post Reach: 1,249,832  Engagements: 1,124  Engagements / Post: 75  Online Mentions: 1,563  Online Mentions Reach: 16,075,984
  17. 17 Twitter Chat (May 8) Twitter Chats Create One Additional Touchpoint to Engage Mass Audiences. Twitter Chat reached a sizeable audience with even greater impact for potential reach and awareness. Total mentions during the Twitter Chat was 9x our own tweets indicating their was a great deal of chatter going on using the #JoinAllofUs hashtag. Throughout the hour-long discussion, we had a 26:1 Positive to Negative sentiment ratio (580 positive mentions vs. 22 negative mentions) indicating the program is being well received. Of the three top tweets retweeted, people wanted to share how to join and program benefit information, which are excellent signs that the program is gaining early momentum for people showing enrollment interest. @AllofUsResearch Tweet Engagement @AllofUsResearch Twitter Chat Reach Influence 136 Distinct Users / 568 Mentions 32,405,626 Total Reach
  18. 18 Twitter Chat (May 17) WebMD’s Participation Influence Can Be Seen in the Potential Reach. The second in the ongoing series of Twitter Chats reached a new audience with the participation of WebMD. Although this Chat session was smaller than the previous one relative to the number of people actively participating, WebMD’s own Twitter reach and influence gave us the opportunity to spread awareness for the program across their own large Twitter audience. Of the two top tweets retweeted, people showed interest to understand more about the program benefits aligning to anticipated early awareness behaviors within the general population. @AllofUsResearch Tweet Engagement @AllofUsResearch Twitter Chat Reach Influence 68 Distinct Users, 330 Mentions 89,141,452 Total Reach
  20. 20 Social Media Attributed Brand Discussion (YTD) Sentiment and Distinct Users are Leading Indicators for Program Adoption. Based upon the year-to-date review, the online brand discussion is indeed growing coinciding with launch as expected. Going forward, monitoring the discussion for sentiment and measuring how many distinct users are active in the conversation will be leading indicators for whether the program’s awareness and interest is growing within the general population. To continuously stimulate and to grow the online brand discussion requires the amplified social media effort previously demonstrated, and which will be optimized at milestone cycles as early benchmarks are established.
  21. 21 Social Media Attributed Website Traffic (YTD) Daily website visits are increasing with the help of social media. Social Media influence is growing. We can clearly see the upwardly trend for website traffic influence. The trend should continue as our follower base grows and as we realize higher month-over-month follower engagements. A consideration as campaigns are planned, opportunities should be developed for frequent backlink call to actions to reinforce website traffic and key conversion events. Of note, Facebook is currently the leading website traffic generator for social media. With a bit more strategic use of Twitter using a backlink strategy, Twitter too can become much more influential for creating website traffic. 14,392 Website Visits via Social Clicks
  22. 22 Social Media Attributed Conversions (YTD) Majority of Conversion Events Came via Launch Activity. Case Proof is Evident. Although social media is primarily a touchpoint for building awareness, we can see the influence on measurable conversion events. The increased social media activities with paid media support leading up to Launch and beyond demonstrates the impact of a well executed and focused effort. The goal moving forward is to execute against milestone goals and to continually optimize our strategic and tactical directions using the various tools in our toolkit to maximize reach, awareness and conversions. 477 Accounts Created 285 Consents Completed 66 Newsletter Subscribers
  24. 24 Where We Want to Be + How We Get There Opportunities are boundless. Let’s get to work. Recap Review As we move past national launch and as we continue to execute across social media, we’ll need to continue to focus on six key core social media execution objectives: 1. Rapidly grow audiences at scale, specifically within the UBR general populations 2. Amplify publishing and maximize engagements 3. Strategically create a series of information (educational) campaigns 4. Leverage a backlinking strategy to the website, especially with Twitter 5. Develop more emotive storytelling, conversational and visual content 6. Leverage paid media support across all social media objectives Next Steps Follower Growth Maximize Engagement Content Development + Optimization Use general population archetype images, so audiences can self-identify with visual cues Publish more frequently Increase use of photos and images Apply media budgets to target and reach wider diverse audiences at scale Use more videos and embed natively Develop shorter, micro-moment content Develop emotive, personal appeal content Increase use of photos and images Support and amplify local activities/partnerships Cross promote social channels Engage more frequently in online conversation Coordinate with consortium partners to increase content volume, publishing frequency, and message pull through Publish more frequently for broader discovery Increase rate of response (customer care) Measure, evolve, replicate, and adjust based on performance. Hone best practices.
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