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als, are interested solely in      ping the mask off elites is          and paleos is ZI strategy ofthe truth, and that ec...
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  1. 1. als, are interested solely in ping the mask off elites is and paleos is ZI strategy ofthe truth, and that economic negative campaigning" at its "right-wing populism," that is:self-interest never gets in the finest and most fundamental. to expose and denounce thisway. Anyone at all acquainted This two-pronged strat- unholy alliance, and to call forwith intellectuals or academ- egy is (a) to build up a cadre getting this preppie-ics should be disabused of this of our own libertarians, mini- underclass-liberal media alli-notion, and fast. Any libertar- mal-government opinion- ance off the backs of the restian strategy must recognize moliders, based on correct of us: the middle and workingthat intellectuals and opinion- ideas; and (b) to tap the classes.molders are part of the fun- masses directly, to short-cir-damental problem, not just cuil the dominant media and A Right-Whig Populistbecause of error, but because intellectual elites, to rouse the Programtheir own self-interest is tied masses of people against the A right-wing populistinto the ruling system. elites that are looting them, program, then, must concen- Why then did Commu- and confusing them, and op- trate on dismantling the cru-nism implode? Because in the pressing them, both socially cial existing areas of State andend the system was working and economically. But this elite rule, and on liberatingso badly that even the str4ategy must fuse the abstract the average American from thenomenklatura got fed up and and the concrete; it must not most flagrant and oppressivethrew in the towel. The Marx- simply attack elites in the ab- features of that rule. In short:ists have correctly pointed out stract, but must focus specifi- 1. Slash taxes - Allthat a social system collapses cally on the existing statist taxes, sales, business, prop-when the ruling class becomes system, on those who right erty, etc., but especially thedemoralized and loses its will now constitute the ruling most oppressive politicallyto power; manifest failure of cli~sses. and personally: the incomethe Communist system Libertarians have long tax. We must work toward re-brought about that demoral- been puzzled about whom, peal of the income tax andization. But doing nothing, or about which groups, to reach abolition of tho IRS.relying only on educating the out to. The simple answer: 2. Slash welfare. Get ridelites in correct ideas, will everyone, is not enough, be- of underclass rule by abolish-mean that our own statist cause to be relevant politi- ing the welfare system, or,system will not end until our cally, we must concentrate short of abollition, severelyentire society, like that of the strategically on those groups cutting and restrict it.Soviet Union, has been re- who are most oppressed and 3. Abolish racial orduced to rubble. Surely, we who also have the most social group privileges. Abolish af-must not sit still for that. A leverage. firmative action, set aside ra-strategy for liberty must be far The reality of the current cial quotas, etc., and point outmore active and aggressive. system is that it constitutes that the root of such quotas is Hence the importance, an unholy alliance of "corpo- the entire civil rights" struc-for libertarians or for minimal rate liberal" Big Business and ture, which tramples on the government conservatives, of media elites, who, through big property rights of every having a one-two punch in government, have privileged American.their armor: not simply of and caused to rise up a para- 4. Taks Back the spreading correct ideas, but Eiitic Underclass, who, among Streets: Crush Criminals. And also of exposing the corrupt !hem all, are looting and op- by this I mean, of course, not ruling elites and how they pressing the bulkof the middle while collar criminals" or in- benefit from the existing sys- ;and working classes in side traders" but violent street tem, more specifically how America. Therefore, the criminals-robbers, muggers, they are ripping us off. Rip- proper strategy of libertarians rapists, murderers. Cops must8 January1992 LICENSED TO UNZ.ORG ELECTRONIC REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED