polydoxy epistemic virtue panentheism orthodoxy orthopathy unitary being polypathy polypraxy theological anthropology self-transcendence pragmatic semiotic realism axiological epistemology intraobjective identity orthopraxy ultimate unicity interreligious dialogue formative spirituality intersubjective intimacy interobjective indeterminacy lonergan's conversions religious epistemology charles sanders peirce john caputo unitive striving divine attributes problem of evil theodicy soteriology theology of nature thomas merton amos yong buddhism nondual john sobert sylvest interfaith dialogue tony jones soteriological trajectories sophiological trajectories spiral dynamics self-actualization evolutionary epistemology religious fundamentalism sustained authenticity natural theology intrasubjective integrity richard rohr unified self comparative theology radical deconstructionism weak power axis of codependency orthocommunal symphonic dynamics brian mclaren richard rohr's lineage viktor frankl gerald may terrence deacon epistemic humility sophiology lonergan's authenticity bernard lonergan unitive consciousness ken wilber pansemioentheism nonduality epistemic warrant faith atheism heresy hunting heterodox thomas keating epistemology metaphysics evaluative cultures economic and sacramental economies normative philosophies semiotic pragmatic realism cultural and sophiological sanctifications historical and eschatological orientations social and ecclesiological empowerments interpretive phenomenologies meta-interpretive metaphysics and religion descriptive sciences self-authenticity perennial philosophy philosophical theology deconstruction logocentrism jacques derrida radically deconstructive postmodernism postmodernism process theology axis of co-creativity divine omnipotence homebrewed christianity analogy of being univocity of being symphonic dynamics of john sobert sylvest personality psychology sanjuanist carmelite spirituality benedictine monastic tradition franciscan tradition of scotus and rohr ignatian spirituality and retreat movement philosophical anthropology enneagram jungian psychology developmental psychology lineage of john sobert sylvest psychological temperaments aesthetic sensibilities fundamentalistic rationalistic morality syllogistic reasoning bad epistemology ursula goodenough agnosticism voluntarism common sense rationalistic religion epistemic hubris moral intuitions enlightenment fundamentalism epistemic vice naive realism essentialism meaning of suffering aurobindo sri aurobindo philip clayton fallibilism nondual consciousness unitive way interfaith interreligious live option existential actionability justified true belief normative justifications probabilistic emergence advaita orthocommunio pneumatological imagination orthodox contemplatives zen centering prayer rick santorum consciousness semiotic robert cummings neville defense of metaphysics religious realism mystical core of organized religion radical deconstruction normative philosophy interpretive religion descriptive science participatory imagination fideism postmodern deconstruction constructive postmodernism scientism jack caputo divine intervention tripp fuller soft power the hobbit divine omnipathy mary's fiat divine omniscience spiritual transformation hindu not-self unitive intimacy spiritual xenophobia buddhist no self contemplative controversy marcus borg joseph bracken raimon panikkar equivocity of being bernardian love rohr's levels of consciousness fowler's stages of faith development emotional sobriety rationalism nonstrict identity charles hartshorne nondual awareness contemplation zen enlightenment mystics buddhist transformation theosis theo-ontology onto-theology theology of disability spirituality of disability ultimate consciousness unity consciousness levels of consciousness hinduism codependency christian nonduality no-self christianity personal identity no self ontotheology fr richard rohr normative justification religious indifferentism tony demello existential disjunctive pietism miracles heterodoxy heresy hunter contemplative cynthia bourgeault heretics birth control marys fiat the passion of jesus ivan karamazov and the grand inquisitor the incarnation the annunciation divine omnibenevolence axis of... also found in:miracles exoteric religion esoteric religion postmodern christianity postmodernistic derrida postmodern faith moral probabilism reasonableness of faith epistemic probabilism scholastic notation defense of faith john milbank david ray griffin catherine keller thomas oord john haught a.n. whitehead monica coleman apathetic indifference emergent reality pathetic interference dynamic metaphysic coercion vs persuasion essentialism vs nominalism vs pragmatism sympathetic intervention empirical self metaphysics as change hartshorne empathetic influence god concept radical hermeneutics mystical core of organized religions caputo semiotic realism practical nihilism essentialism vs nominalism conceptual map-making postmodern religion deconstructionism propositional religion pathocentrism demythologizing ontologizing eucharistic celebration theo-ontological philosophy of religion onto-theological postmodern critique terry deacon david abrams emergentism symbolic species postmodern hume on miracles resurrection belief in the resurrection http://www.patheos.com/blogs/tonyjones/2013/10/09/ equiplausibility principle mythos and logos and pathos and ethos http://www.patheos.com/blogs/tonyjones/2014/03/10/ deconstructive postmodernism non-negotiated dogmatic concepts logos mythos ethos evaluative culture non-negotiable semiotic concepts in-negotiation heuristic concepts negotiated theoretic concepts pathos triadic sign semiotic science leonard sweet crystal downing panen-theism pan-entheism pan-semio-entheism preferential option for the marginalized communitarian anarchist pacifist dorothy day preferential option for the poor anti-statist coercive government corporal works of mercy distributism anarchism spiritual works of mercy pacifism soteriologic truth claim sort figure ground reversal marshall mcluhan sophiologic gift exchange contemplative traditions volitional dispositions mysticism cognitive map-making propositional positions authenticity soteriological efficacy sophiological trajectory soteriological trajectory othopraxy christian pacifists christian anarchists gospel politics political left political right seamless garment of life family research council social justice religious right gospel nonviolence religion and morality moral majority focus on the family religious left dogmatic concept aesthetic teleology negotiated concept theoretic concept ontological vagueness successful reference ontological density community of value-realization semiotic concept epistemic indeterminacy heuristic concept axiological density successful description american academy of religion religious piety divine pathetic interference popular piety postmodern philosophy divine apathetic indifference divine sympathetic intervention divine empathetic intercommunion divine interactions divine immutability open theism moltmann http://www.patheos.com/blogs/tonyjones/2014/02/12/ flora keshgegian divine suffering human suffering free will theism comedic redemptive narrative random & systematic chance & necessity tolkien freedom and process-relational theology hobbit and smaug order & chaos persuasion vs coercion pattern & paradox determinate & indeterminate persuasive vs coercive power suffering and theodicy suffering god process-relational god ivan karamazov omnipathic god @homebrewedxnty bob mesle turning down friendship turning down romance ending friendships ending romances ending relationships carl mccolman apophatic theology separate tags by commacarl mccolman incarnation and jesus contemplative life and practices - dallas willard joan chittister spiral dynamics adapted to spectrum rene' girard and mimetic desire eugene peterson richard rohr's body of work on spirituality jurgen moltman's eschatology emergence and spiritual awakening - dominic crossa religious pluralism of paul knitter gospels account of great emergence of phyllis tickle ortho-affinity richard foster substantialism ad extra trinity god's essential nature heberita muhlen biblical christology john 10:30 scotus univocity of being divine necessity ad intra trinity divine aseity father and i are one scotus primacy of will ignatius' degrees of humility mythic consciousness rohr's lineage tribal consciousness purgative way illuminative way ego-transcendence spiritual pathways myers-briggs clare graves jason dulle stephen fowl walker percy carl jung philip st. romain rohr and the enneagram rohr on nondualitt richard rohr and jung rohr on spiral dynamics rohr on integral theory rohr and 12 steps pragmatism rohr's levels of spiritual development illuminative and unitive ways rohr on transcend and include richard rohr on the purgative abraham maslow fowler's faith development jean piaget theosis and transformation trustful surrender to divine providence kohlberg's moral development gardner's multiple intelligences eric erickson's psychosocial development maslow's hierarchy social constructionism moral relativism structuralism socially discerned nominalism theoretic concepts heuristic concepts socially constructed substance metaphysic stipulated description process metaphysic triadic pragmatic semiotic realism functionalism semiotic concepts metaethical metaethics addiction twelve steps program celebrate recovery 12 steps spirituality alcoholics anonymous abusive relationships god of metaphysics monist panen-theism orthodox pan-entheism self and soul ego and self gnosticism pantheism madhyamaka school abrahamic traditions disability diversity advaita vedanta indifferentism holy indifference universalism apokatastasis universalist pneumatological consensus benjamin chicka daniel dennett symbolic engagement karl barth paul tillich pragmatic higher consciousness christ consciousness semiotic reality intersubjective interobjective intraobjective intrasubjective alignment of the axis of ground-self-ego-other-cos integral institute contemplative outreach unitary states unitary continuum absolute unitary being non-reflective awareness dualistic consciouness eckhart tolle christian contemplation dualistic problem-solving nondual experience hindu nondual non-reflective awareness intuition of being existential thomism polydoxic jim arraj nondual christianity madhyamaka buddhism ultimate reality advaita vedānta jacques maritain john of the cross nature and grace enlightenment boomeritis advaitan dayenu integral buddhism beatitude integral john thatamanil harold oliver comparative formative spirituality pneumatological spiritual journey evolutionary model stages of human development mythic membership uroboric basil pennington mental-egoic typhonic intuitive christ jesus coercive influence pathetic behavior formative behavior apathetic behavior cocreativity redemptive behavior cocreator trinitarian theology triadic phenomenology trialectical axiology tripartite anthropology trialogical epistemology sign kenosis icon metanarrative symbol monism ego self kataphatic ignosticism unitive religion radical apophaticism religious rationalism proselytize quietism encratism heresy syncretism eastern religions implicit faith theocons social conservatives fundamentalism panetheism affective attunement unitive thomas merton's prayer religious tolerance proselytizing ad majorem dei gloriam prudential norms first amendment religious liberty spirituality nonestablishment clause free exercise clause theological gnosis moral stance faith stance political stance sacred secular theological virtue epistemic risk secularism stephen hawking proofs of god kurt godel mystic apologetics first naïveté unbelief http://www.mikemorrell.org/2012/02/the-problem-wit mike morrell first fervor second naïveté belief heresy hunting religious epistemology eastern religion contemplatives heterodoxy heresy hunter new agers heresy hunting eastern religion heterodoxy heresy hunter new agers integral life integral boulder center for action and contemplation scholasticism moral theology scripture senses of scripture theory of knowledge dualism formal causation final causation physicalism theory of truth telos aristotle sebelius krauthammer obama
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