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Compliance – Resource Bulletins are reference summaries of rules which go...
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California AB 1732 Restroom Signs

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CA AB 1732, effective March 1, 2017, addresses required signs for single-user toilet facilities in any business establishment, public or government building. This bulletin describes the law and how it applies to restroom signs.

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California AB 1732 Restroom Signs

  1. 1. © 2017 ComplianceSigns, Inc. All Rights Reserved Compliance – Resource Bulletins are reference summaries of rules which govern the design of signs and related products. These bulletins are not legal advice, and are not intended for use in legal proceedings or inspections. Please do your own research, and seek professional advice from your inspector, lawyer, or other professional who is familiar with your specific situation on signage requirements, compliance or installation. www.ComplianceSigns.com | PHONE: 1.800.578.1245 | FAX: 1.800.578.1246 | EMAIL: Sales@ComplianceSigns.com CAAB 1732 Compliance – Resource Bulletin California AB 1732 – Restroom Signs Overview: California – you have probably heard a lot of buzz about CA AB 1732 and what it might mean to you. The first thing to consider is that the new law, which went into effect on March 1, 2017, applies specifically to single-user toilet facilities. The law states, “all single-user toilet facilities in any business establishment, place of public accommodation, or state or local government agency shall be identified as all-gender toilet facilities by signage that complies with Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, and designated for use by no more than one occupant at a time or for family or assisted use.” This should not be looked at as a change in existing valid Title 24 unisex restroom signs. It is rather a law that states you must have the proper signage on the single-user toilet facilities. The traditional Title 24 symbol with the triangle over the circle is still required. We believe we have a wide variety of choices of Title 24 Restroom Signs that will allow you to comply with CA AB 1732 (Restroom – CA Title 24 Restroom Sign Sets) The law does not require any specific wording for wall signs indicating these all-gender toilet facilities. “Restroom” is an acceptable option. Other options include “Gender Neutral”, “All-Gender”, and “All Welcome”. The City of San Francisco has some specific requests for wording and pictures on wall signs and should be contacted if you need further clarification. Keep in mind that if you have any further questions about whether a sign will be accepted in your location, you should check with your local code inspector or other official responsible for enforcing the California Building Code. Resources: 2016 California Building Code: (Free) http://codes.iccsafe.org/app/book/toc/2016/Cal ifornia/Building%20Volume%201/index.html Building in California ADA Cheat Sheet: (Free) http://buildingincalifornia.com/wp- content/uploads/2014/01/ADA- InspectionsChecklist.pdf ComplianceSigns.com Product Data Bulletin: (Free) https://www.compliancesigns.com/media/resou rce-bulletins/rb-ca-title-24.pdf