vendome real estate media apartment law insider hud fair housing act vendome real estate vendome group esq. dhcr commercial lease law insider community association management insider ny apartment law insider tax credit housing management insider nyc apartment law fair housing coach tenant assisted housing management insider 2016 top compendium commercial tenants lease insider stories landlord v. tenant dra justice department adam leitman bailey fair housing contributor's corner newsletter apartment law article inc. sexual harassment dov treiman dob supreme court fha violation notice alj doj short-term rentals president gustavo velasquez altschuler goldstein borah multiple dwelling law commercial lease rent stabilization code condominium landlord tax credit site rent stabilization affordable housing assisted housing housing discrimination community association managers j) steps mayor de blasio landlord fined lihtc program obama new york city airbnb rent-stabilized tenant hud secretary julian castro lawsuit west virginia equal opportunity q&a tips manhattan common area maintenance rent stabilization law and code quid pro quo harassment hostile environment harassment cam nahins & goidel community gardens nyc apartment management checklist rent lease commercial property model lease clause best commercial lease clauses apartment management medical marijuana public housing community garden community association board affordable sustainable housing management leasing rule fines 2017 payout agreement criminal background check policy tenants cotenancy clauses bill de blasio congress fy 2017 cr funding [3-pg. doc.] housing authority california unlawful eviction of servicemembers military housing provider scra servicemembers civil relief act environmental protection agency energy-efficiency improvements refund possibility data unpleasant repercussions indemnification clause secondhand smoking 11.4 million households harvard university state of the nation's housing report pha construction par jp shareholder tenant individual apartment improvement schizophrenic liability for discriminatory housing practices proposed rule principal deputy assistant attorney general vanita gupta convicted landlord civil rights division sexual harassment allegations hud assistant secretary for fair housing manager prospective lender estoppel safety tenant harassment cyrus r. vance jr. adam cohen ephraim vashovsky east harlem manhattan district attorney steven croman shaoul ohana housing choice voucher program democratic pretrial questioning llc de minimis federal fair housing law due diligence rent acceleration strategy lease negotiations management company fair housing act (fha) hud handbook 4350.3 low-income housing tax credit proprietary lease federal erulemaking portal federal register secretary julián castro eileen o'toole stuyvesant town overcharge leases nyc foodscape model lease language pilots broome realty assoc. v. sek wing eng lawrence e. goldstein craig m. notte americans with disabilities act board of managers of parkchester north condominium article 27 of the administrative code queens county board of managers of the unit owners of patchogue condominium boards loft board order certificate of occupancy imds loft law jmw 75 llc v. jim wielaard ecb violation environmental control board housing maintenance code adam p. cooper overcrowding ccrs snap community kitchen programs mobile markets urban farms low income residents healthy food access marijuana business treble damages rent overcharge hoas nyc building code urban green building resiliency task force sublet a. barry levine law condo free issue real estate familial status liability security deposit rent abatement maintenance repairs state housing agency the complete guide to shopping center management shopping center management cam costs dangerous condition surveillance video nycha registered rent staying vigilant illegal sublets appellate division decision in 23 east 39th street mgt. corp. v 23 e. 39th st. operational bulletin 2016-1 (ob 2016-1) owner's investments supplanting dhcr policy statement 90-10. iais limiting airspace erect scaffolding trespass sro buildings illegal transient occupancy class “a” multiple dwellings project rental assistance contract better buildings challenge taking advantage prac print combo doe u.s. department of energy incentives ebook savings incentive carolyn e. zezima center for disease control and prevention print/ebook going smoke-free cdc money-saving donovan richards mayor michael bloomberg new edition chapter free water & sewer bills elevators apartment management checklist updated 784-page resource definitive source cooling tower maintenance boiler inspections & access crisis creation water usage emergency response manual how to résidents site handle the death of a household member eligibility eight site improvements to reduce troublesome eviction hallways profiteering handling disputes fire exits assistance animals violations no-pet lease clause complaints selective enforcement claim enforcing condo new amenity minimize conflicts airtight cell tower contract hoa lease term restriction violence in community imminent eviction food truck agreement key lease sections two-step lease enforcement plan commercial tenant's lease insider sublet deal cannabis indemnity obigation protections marijuana veterans faqs criminal background checks accessibility ramps cases j-51 lease rider major capital improvements compliance monitoring requirements state agencies incident reporting procedure losing credits insurance coverage disputes authors new education statute report agents for building stronger communities brookings institution policymakers waivers long-term economic mobility demonstrations enhance community health hospitals and schools class action 27429 gerard v. clermont york associates llc: 53 misc.3d overcharge calculation four-year rent-stabilized status overcharge claims tax benefits edmead 2016 ny slip op 51590(u) (sup. ct. ny 11/4/16 j-51 settle case alleging inaccessibility southern mississippi $350k #350000 six multifamily housing complexes office building protects your interests shopping center craft indemnification clause 20-year lease tenant's early departure preparation better hiring decisions jobseekers interview tips september-to-december fine forgiveness program three-month amnesty program julissa ferreras-copeland $150m city council member $150000000 dof city agencies amnesty program mayor bill de blasio penalties april federal government continuing resolution 326 to 96 stopgap 63 to 36 house-passed senate vote 28 house funding bill eight requests owner giving payout agreement prepare tough times business drawn-out disputes location lafayette lack of leadership housing authority of the city of lafayette misuse of funds louisiana hacl financial mismanagement local control cutting energy costs nyc building operator training program multifamily building maintenance residential buildings violation illegal discrimination property manager lease commencement date renewal options set up use provisions new york new filing statement of interest chairman agencies improve noncompliance reporting government accountability office gao senator chuck grassley data collection program senate judiciary committee concerns raised irs practices ben carson president-elect trump nomination hud secretary census bureau annual basis u.s. acs 2015 american community survey u.s. demographic housing economic commuting data 3.5 million households selected annually low income housing tax credits hillary clinton lihtc expansión new york times dr. michael turner policy and economic research council representatives keith ellison 4172 legislative proposals credit invisibles mike fitzpatrick h.r. credit access and inclusion act of 2015 house financial services subcommittee perc r-pa financial institutions and consumer credit d-mn 2016 ny slip op 51293(u) (civ. ct. kings/ 9/7/16 26000 dollars owed for two years' rent dss attempts márton pacific park llc v. m.w.: 52 misc.3d 1226(a) 27306 lvt number psychiatrist evicted hra settlement agreement since 2002 16 seperate nonpayment proceedings 27309 lvt number probation lutwak 9/6/16 required timely payment of rent chronic nonpayment of rent landlord evicted nsa 2015 owner llc v. frederick: index no. 39206/2 2015 nylj no. 1202767129843 (civ. ct. bronx ep430016ro (8/10/16) 27296 lvt number 19th floor dob fire safety violation schwartz/south pierre associates in-building wide services exit signs llc: dhcr adm. rev. docket nos. ep430002rt exit signage reduction con edison bills 27298 lvt number nyc identification card associates 26 llc: dhcr adm. rev. docket no. en610 tenant's renewal lease 27302 lvt number dob's inspector fined 800 llc: ecb app. no. 1600664 (8/25/16) pelham 1135 nuisance ordinances fair housing claims new protections for victims of harassment and domestic violence new regulations dmdc database complaint settlement 200000 dollars settlement department of defense manpower data center violation of federal fair housing law monetary damages egregious sexual harassment and retaliation 2006 sexual abuse justice department's civil rights division rainy wet floor owner's responsibility duty of care slippery conditions signs bad weather snowy cognizant of potential areas for liabiliity weather don't get burned tia landlord's tia provision avoid line item budget aim for higher soft costs cap carefully define soft costs break through five limitations exclusive is limited to primary use consumer electronics owners exclusive use right strategic rent escalation plan keeping pace with inflation exclusive use rights shopping center and retail leases rent escalation clause improper eviction local law affirm lease breach of tenant lease defaulting tenant stick to leases terms nonpayment of rent split your insurance premium liability insurance costs center's fire insurance gla gross leasable area shopping center leases new york trial court condominium's board of managers building's 130 units party that retains power stays on hook condominium act control is key element crux jerdonek v. 41 w. 72 llc july 2016 age-restricted communities taking action aging members reasonable action violent behavior behavior aging in place kickbacks association managers board members fraudulent activity put plan into place to prevent and deal with fraud community associations vendor favoritism turtle bay nyc rent freeze program 20000 enrollees mitchell-lama developments public engagement unit mayor's community affairs unit senior citizen rent increases exemption jacques jiha scrie program vicki been disability rent increase exemption program housing preservation & development commissioner department of finance commissioner day of action june 2014 drie program 68500 children 21988 in 2015 28849 in 2013 23000 tenants pre-k tenant support unit 1000th case evictions march 2015 3.3 million dollars assets contractor arrest forfeiture building owner accusation owner buildings commissioner rick chandler transportation safety brooklyn new year's eve 105 injuries elevator safety campaign 131 broome street 2007 to 51 156 hope street 71000 leed certification jams judge kathleen roberts chair mary serafy crossing at jamaica station in queens united states magistrate rgb brp owner representative of the board rent guidelines board households joint center for housing studies cost-burdened renters income payment under lease local fair market rent number of vouchers earned income public housing agency new fórmula annual inflation factor rate of new admissions july philidelphia democratic party convention party avoid government shutdown 12 federal spending bills government shutdown republican politics political backflow prevention devices (7/21/16) ecb app. no. 1600523 tv set collection 16 rcny 1-04.2 27186 lvt number dos dsny collection [1-pg. doc.] burgos dhcr adm. rev. docket no. dt420020rt contract copies parker nyc rent and eviction regulations (4/29/16) increased tenant's maximum collectible rent $9.9k painting section 2202.4 canclled check 27169 lvt number 1/40th rent increase 7/11/16 bluth makris v. quartz associates 19 depositions janurary 2010 intentional infliction of emotional distress november 2010 27143 lvt number amend of defnese to claim cleared possessions short-term rental company nylj no. 1202763223476 august 2009 forcible or unlawful entry (sup. ct. ny gotcha litigation tactics short-term transient use index no. 101022/2010 [5-pg. doc.] deregulation order 2013 fowler dhcr adm. rev. docket no. em410025rt high-income deregulation high-rent deregulation (5/9/16) 27182 lvt number ecb app. fuel oil tank no. 1600519 perikles realty llc building's heating system petrometer maintain petrometer proof insufficient fire department (7/28/16) 27190 lvt number ongoing construction activity dohmh fined 300 dollars 27189 lvt number failing extermination rats bait traps (app. t. 2 dept 27159 lvt number jj security deposit return 2016 ny slip op 51121(u) 52 misc.3d 138(a) elliot pj pesce tenant's security deposit solomon 7/13/16 withhold daily use through july 31 2012 june 30 former tenant occupancy vanchev v. mulligan rural housing hotma housing assistance reform bill mortgage insurance law h.r. 3700 july 29th tanf veteran's assistance housing opportunity through modernization act medicaid section 8 housing choice voucher program medical research eighth presidential budget request fighting cancer clean energy development battling climate change defense spending qualified allocation plans record $4.1 trillion in spending fiscal 2017 fy 2017 budget proposal budgetary wish list qualified census tracts model memo sites record generation statute of limitations maintenance records lawsuit defense record retention incident records security deposit records give staff memo on keeping records leasing records site records disparate impact decision 1968 fair housing act affh the inclusive communities project inc. texas deparment of housing and community affairs v. waive rent fair housing organization $3.75k $30k settlement children threatened community payment hud complaints clean toilets playing outside american sign language telephonic video relay communications 82-year old deaf resident section 504 springfield housing authority ada $5k costs massachusetts deaf resident $51k payment assistant secretary for fair housing allegations of discrimination active duty servicemembers $200k settlement $60k civil penalty complaint scra training general services administration department of energy 1995 law as of april commercial real estate energy star energy program tenant star energy star for buildings voluntary program real estate roundtable commercial lobbying group sustainability efforts epa gsa industry experts implied-in-law bailment september 2015 constructive bailment jewelry vendor. robbery dismissed case small tenants mall owner lp j&l jewelry inc. v. epk mgmt. seasonal tenants kiosk merchandise liability illinois appeals court nine important tax protections tax liabilities tenant responsibility for lease how to draft a lease that includes nine protection real estate taxes shopping 27 percent holidy numbers thanksgiving day 248.7 million 45 percent 44.8 million 37 percent $407 92.1 million black friday 2013 4.9 percent 64 percent entire outparcel standalone provision environmental clause boilerplate indemnity clause insurance provision tailor indemnification clause nature of space holdover clause indemnity specific tenants inc. v. the five fifty-two corporation january 2016 petco animal supplies store cure period maintenance failure termination clause nebraska trial court cause of breach tenant question social media condominium building management retool association website planned community hoa member curtail online war homeowners complaint warning letter member dissension right to end service contracts reputable contractors poor service safeguard underperforming service contractor safeguard association lawsuit possibility service contract lock boilerplate contract smoking ban harmful secondhand smoke threat grandfathering provision smokeless ashtrays air filtration system dipolomatic nonsmokers complaint maryland medical marijuana law comprehensive medical marijuana laws clear the air legalize marijuana hoa members' use rent regulation gov. cuomo 700 buildings in queens 500 buildings in the bronx 50 800 buildings in brooklyn rent-regulated apartments j-51 tax benefits 000 apartments 20 buildings in staten island additional fine sublets comprehensive fire alarm system hotel department of buildings inspector fine treats rental building class a class b properties egress series of fines hirise engineering standard flood insurance policy p.c eric t. schneiderman oag national flood insurance program attorney general sandy fraud 50 count indictment findings and recommendations ag nfip superstorm october 2012 increasing transparency and accountability office of the attorney general murky waters matthew pappalardo nfip reforms 21.3 million 2014 large payment record number of housholds the joint center for housing studies ban smoking smoke-free public housing broadband installation rule connecthome substantial rehabilitation of multifamily multifamily hud-funded new construction proposal rental housing hud-financed affordable internet access rivera exposed radiator duffy genuine issue of fact maltese trial roman 2016 wl 3265720 (app. div. 2 dept. lvt number: #27123 gowen v. gabrielle realty holdings defective broken overheated radiator 6/15/16 injury llc: 2016 ny slip op 04695 lvt number: #27044 building-wide service reduction rusted fire escape s & l silver llc: dhcr adm. rev. docket no. dw6100 minor condition lvt number: #27060 1995 rent reduction order 554-558 181 street lp: dhcr adm. rev. docket no. d preferential rent refund including interest frozen rent griffith v. eth nep 911 call webber broken elbow stairs renwick 6/7/16 2016 wl 3149646 (app. div. 1 dept. front exterior stairway friedman gische andrias trip-and-fall lp: 2016 ny slip op 04350 lvt number: #27078 hidden trap without landlord's permission lvt number: #27038 hvac system central air-conditioning system 5/10/16 stoller nylj no. 1202757819678 (civ. ct. ny landlord cooperative corporation roger morris apt. corp. v. varela: index no. 83411 lvt number: #27102 final notice iai audit tpu audit tpu substantial rent increase mensah: dhcr adm. rev. docket no. em410024rt (6/24 dhcr's tenant protection unit audit determination iai 2016 wl 4016307 (app. t. 1 dept. trial court lp v. jackson: 2016 ny slip op 26234 controlled substance heroin illegal drug activities working drug room reopened case new trial in question illegal activies charges of criminal possession appeals court ruling lowe iii whga renaissance apartments lvt number: #27137 7/26/16 crack cocaine trial court ruling texas disparate impact case fifth circuit court of appeals inclusive communities project case tdhca texas department of housing and community affairs area median gross income mtsp next available unit rule charging rent 2014 multifamily tax subsidy income limits gross rent floor original gross level amgi site management revenue ruling 94-57 unwelcome conduct harassment case private assisted housing publicly assisted housing form of housing discrimination zero-tolerance policy sexual harassment claim unwelcome sexual conduct general fair housing policy prompt disciplinary actions stand-alone policy head of the justice department's allegation of unlawful conduct maintenance worker acting assistant attorney general vanita gupta february 2007 tenant's original all-risk policy llc v. commet 380 tag 380 standard insurance policies terrorism coverage extended coverage endorsement sample certificate forms estoppel clause estoppel certificate provisions buyer investor grant mutual clauses provisions march 2016] charges delaware cam charges extensive repair capital improvements [mcginnis commercial real estate co. v. jankes commercial property owners commercial property tenants abatement the act of eliminating or nullifying payment of allowance abate llc v. the great atlantic & pacific tea co. april 2014]. providence requirements covenants conditions and restrictions initial buildouts green a lease greening green clauses green retrofitting leed frequency of providing certificates clause certificate prospective buyer model language remedies compliance period preparation costs for certificates prospective investor changing economy electronic records inactive records active records organization email obsolete records streamline association paper threads documenting importance record keeping records system employees job seekers effective management referral program hiring job fairs recruiting job hiring employee hiring process employers security criminal incident report comprehensive criminal incident report crime prevention secure environment reckless endangerment indictment charge serious hazard physical disability hazard bronx more than 30 violations for lead department of housing preservation and development lead poisoning mental disability hazard state sen. jeff klein public health caution hit property owner woman air conditioner pedestrian injury window air conditioning unit national low income housing coalition bernie minimum wage nhtf increase candidate presidential senator sanders housing plan senator sanders national housing trust fund public housing development tracs tenant rental assistance certification system omb hap tracs-covered sites housing assistance payment equal access rule community planning gender gender identity rule rules cpd equal access individual's gender identity lgbt developments programs accordance transgender identity stakeholders hamilton heights terrace assoc. v. fernandez aris crescent v. abo-zeid dro yaniveth v. ltd realty co. court of appeals elgart liu: ecb app. hpd 128 second realty llc v. dobrowolski kismo apartments shmushkovich v. hpd edwards v. 1234 pacific management multiple dwelling law section dhcr adm. rev. docket touro college unlawful hotel llc v. mateo housing crime consultants security consultant timothy vance apartment #3e criminal activity regional maintenance director paul crosby six tips gene b. glick company reac inspectors hud complaint assistant secretary for fair housing and equal opp 42 usc §3601 et seq coach community management strategies dallas fair housing training fair housing policy fair housing coordinator anne sadovsky the coach anne sadovsky & co. may 2016 independent obligations recent illinois case iannopoulos v. pitaya increase in vacancies reduction in building services financially vulnerable owner change in property managers after foreclosure financial trouble mclaughlin abraham lieberman common compromise suggestions member lieberman dooley & pecora o’toole carveouts savvy tenant greenberg traurig neil oberfeld denver attorney cam caps pro rata share condominium unit owner • taticek v. homefield gardens condo. ass’n june 2016 missouri appeals court new jersey attorney hostile housing environment discrimination claim david j. byrne structural damage blanket bans disparate impact as department of housing and community affairs v. hud’s office of general counsel (ogc) property damage evict division of housing and community renewal notice of termination abusive tenant behavior rent control laws ipm methodology pest roach infestation ipm cockroaches model extermination checklist pest management office of healthy homes and lead hazard control unit inspections annual inspections caulking new york city office of administrative trials lawmakers washington house ways and means committee chairman kevin brad federal borrowing rates two-year tax extenders affordable housing development floating rate lihtc industry r-texas senate finance committee minimum housing credit rate new markets tax credit landmark assocs v. ruiz 210 west 94 llc v. concepcion an associate at borah goldstein. amran yaghoubzadeh occupancy contrary to the certificate of occupancy hmc § 27-2075 overcrowding statute mdl § 31(6)(a) appellate term bpark steven d. sidrane appellate term in west 14 llc v. yonke l&t index no. 100145/2014 (4/1/15) graham ct. owners v. taylor [2015 n.y. misc. lexis llc v. durena judge laurie lau sidrane & schwartz-sidrane 11 misc.3d 40 attorneys for the owner section 11-243 j51 housing administrative code 11-244 preferential rate fair market rent appeal j51-5.0 j51-2.5 rent stabilization code section 2521.1(h) emergency tenant protection act of 1974 (etpa) interim declaration of intent form loft board multiple dwellings loft regulations “interim multiple dwellings” (imds) etpa adversarial administrative proceedings shareholder affidavit setting new york city's administrative code section 27-207 maximum permitted occupancy section sixty-six preferential rents actual rent rent law of 2015 new legal rent form 8823 lihtc sites irs revenue rule 2004-82 low-income housing tax credit lease addendum section 42(h)(6)(b)(i) revised addendum ohio’s office of program compliance hp proceeding puffery nyc administrative code pro-tenant domestic partnership buyouts anti-buyout legislation fraud class “c” violations [rsc §2522.4(a)(13)] rent administrator (ra) hpd violations major capital improvements (mcis) liability for discriminatory housing practices und video surveillance nonprimary residence holdover camera 182 misc.2d 917 dvd dvr appellate term first department 1999 rent stabilization code (rsc) administrative expense rsl dhcr’s routine action rsc amendments conference part calendar assignment part housing court part x todd nahins civil court judge holdover proceeding mdr dhcr documents part 18 part 49 chronic litigants second day of the second month probationary stipulation holdovers chronic delinquent tenants william j. neville breaching stipulations cbre affordable housing seattle-based tax credit group cbre platform valuation services. tax credit group (tcg) homes corp. v. lamontero appellate division nyc code § 27-2009.1 lamontero human-canine sentimentality multiple dwelling summons and complaint with order to show cause pet law new york city pet law no-pet house commerce subcommittee of the house energy an federal spectrum incentive act national multifamily housing council’s 2015 apar roberts article 78 j-51 tax breaks improperly deregulated peter cooper village rents deemed quixotic complaint preferential sustainable development carolyn zezima green roofs sustainability green practices sustainable housing tax liabilities to the owner contest of taxes payments in lieu of taxes base year tenant’s responsibility for tax increases rented space rentable space useable space net leases gross leases commercial leases edia vendome real estate. ny apartment law vendome rea; estate non-primary residence cases non-primary residence holdover 1427 llc v schiller circumstantial evidence information-gathering surveillance footage 27–2009.1(b) harbor pets “openly and notoriously” no-pet rule 'no-pet” provision landlord-tenant civil litigation practice legalization process for imds epta emergency tenant protection act interim multiple dwellings imd notice of termincation overcrowding statutes mdl hmc landlords terminating tenancies vendome llc vendome andrea brescia garden lakes community assn. v. madigan seds hoas. solar guidelines solar panels csa community supported agriculture emergency food pantry onsite emergency food pantry farmers markets onsite healthy grocery stores project home growing food onsite site owner benefits supplemental nutrition assistance program leasing strategies capital lease accounting rules operating lease accounting rules capital leases operating leases lease accounting rules nutrition education bulk purchase programs csa programs farmer's markets growing food on site site owners benefits tax credit sites common areas owner’s right to inspect tenant improvements warranty of suitability mode of lease payments early termination rights permitted use marijuana tenant recreational marijuana marijuana leasing marijuana laws commercial leasing nonwillful overcharge cintron v. calogero cell towers association property ekimoto cell tower lease agreement cellular traffic airwave management community association rooftop lease agreement association board condos rea building management nyc fire code nyc construction code building resiliency maximization apartment owner sanitary systems backwater valves flood-zone areas local law 83 dep local law 81 emergency sanitation measures local law 80 sewage backflow brft local law 79 landlord's takeback right retail space assignment clause assignment of retail space assignment of office space office space tenant protection unit high rent vacancy new york apartment law insider iai treatment annual rent registration real estate law appeals court apelliate court pantry inc. v. mosley may 2013 lease law renting alabama commercial services consent commercial law lawyer lawyers and law firms donna dimaggio berger privity human rights act broward county transparency debate community association lifestyle purchase order denial silent screenings co-op homeowners association condo board windows community board community managment community development community illinois lease package negotiation sham lease term monthly lease two-week tenant hotel/motel law place of public lodging chapter 509 short rentals short-term renters minimum lease term restriction discrimination unlawful steering unreasonable occupancy standards housing for older persons senior housing exemption familial status discrimination nondiscrimination provisions constructive knowledge snow guards city administrative code p.c. roof ice roof snow security deposit increase failure to comply lease termination right to increase security deposit security increase clause integrated pest management air conditioning inspection roof inspection remove graffiti national elevator industry escalator inspection reasonable access request access to make repairs tenant complaint repair tracking confirm assurance to make repairs repair tracking form texas real estate holdings inc. v. quach castaneda v. olsher neighborhood crime gang activity drug activity jacqueline s. v. city of new york hemmings v. pelham wood limited liability partners czerwinski v. sunrise point condominium common area crime urena v. western investments inc. resident crime security devices foreseeable crime tax credit site security protected classes discrimination claims overbilling contractors unauthorized work brand name parts late fees travel time improper taxes past due amounts double billing contractor overbilling form 8609 tax credits eligible basis live-in aides new york state attorney general eric schneiderman sandy recovery improvement act the disaster relief appropriations act fema hud's community development block grant-disaster r sandy funding tracker sandy fund hurricane sandy deducting cam costs cam cost audits fixed cam payments boiler inspection report and dep boiler renewal re dep’s bureau of environmental compliance nyserda compliance certificates boiler and burner certification afhmp affirmative fair housing marketing plan addressing medical marijuana at your community rent board rent freeze de blasio resident community gardens garden & greening avoid discrimination complaints
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