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7 email marketing tactics to optimise conversions for e commerce

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A well-executed email marketing program means so much more than just sending regular emails, especially if you want to deliver a channel that increases conversions.

These slides are from a recorded webinar that revealed exactly what a highly converting email marketing program looks like, with examples of what other brands have done to successfully improve their email conversion rates.

Key areas covered include:

- The types of email campaigns you should be including in your email marketing program – are you using them all?
- How to integrate email throughout the customer journey to drive engagement and action, using emails designed for conversion.
- How to maximise the customer’s touch points by sending emails that are not only anticipated but are also welcomed

Delivered by international email marketing trainer and cloud.IQ marketing director, Kath Pay, fill in the form for access to a webinar that reveals how you can deliver greater conversions from a core a channel you are already spending time and budget on.

You can watch the full webinar at http://hubs.ly/y0zyFh0

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7 email marketing tactics to optimise conversions for e commerce

  1. 1. www.cloud-iq.com 7 Email Marketing Tactics to Optimise Conversions for e-Commerce
  2. 2. www.cloud-iq.com Our Speakers today Kath Pay Marketing Director, Cloud.IQ @KathPay Lotty Cumming Marketing Manager, cloud.IQ @cloudiqapps
  3. 3. www.cloud-iq.com #emailmarketing @cloudiqapps @kathpay Tweeting?
  4. 4. www.cloud-iq.com Want to view the recorded webinar? Please click here to gain access
  5. 5. www.cloud-iq.com Turn visitors into customers with cloud.IQ site abandonment tools • Established 2002 • Remarketing and conversion experts • On and off site personalisation • cartRecovery and behavioural email • Personalised Overlays • Increase revenues by 20% • In-depth data and insight • Start with FREE cartAnalyser
  6. 6. www.cloud-iq.com
  7. 7. www.cloud-iq.com For every $92 spend acquiring customers, only $1 is spent on conversion rate optimisation Source: Econsultancy 2012
  8. 8. www.cloud-iq.com 7 tactics
  9. 9. www.cloud-iq.com #1. Make capturing email addresses a priority
  10. 10. www.cloud-iq.com Don’t hide your sign-up form
  11. 11. www.cloud-iq.com Example Online Sign-up Test 30% lift in Website Email Conversion Rate Revenue generated from new visitors to the site didn’t decrease - it increased. Source: Alchemy Worx
  12. 12. www.cloud-iq.com Above the fold & prominent
  13. 13. www.cloud-iq.com
  14. 14. www.cloud-iq.com Sell the benefits of signing up
  15. 15. www.cloud-iq.com Progressive Registration
  16. 16. www.cloud-iq.com Now nicely ask them for more!
  17. 17. www.cloud-iq.com Keep their journey flowing…
  18. 18. www.cloud-iq.com #2. 1st Purchase Programme
  19. 19. www.cloud-iq.com • Highest open & click rates • Opportunity to sell • Offers related to their search/shopping behaviour The opportunity: why?
  20. 20. www.cloud-iq.com Welcome new subscriber
  21. 21. www.cloud-iq.com
  22. 22. www.cloud-iq.com #3. 2nd Purchase Programme
  23. 23. www.cloud-iq.com Welcome new customer
  24. 24. www.cloud-iq.com Get serious with a series 1 2 3 4 5 Source: AlchemyWorx
  25. 25. www.cloud-iq.com Retail Lifecycle Programmeycle program1st Purchase Prog 2nd Purchase Prog Milestone triggers Lapsed Source: AlchemyWorx
  26. 26. www.cloud-iq.com #4. Maximise the post-purchase experience!
  27. 27. www.cloud-iq.com Only 21% of online retailers use event-triggered emails Source: Econsultancy 2012
  28. 28. www.cloud-iq.com “Thank you for shopping with us!”
  29. 29. www.cloud-iq.com Transpromo
  30. 30. www.cloud-iq.com Transpromo
  31. 31. www.cloud-iq.com Bought a bike helmet Save on cycling gear More relevant content Post Purchase
  32. 32. www.cloud-iq.com Replenishment
  33. 33. www.cloud-iq.com #5. Recovering abandoned shopping carts
  34. 34. www.cloud-iq.com The opportunity 75% of shopping carts are abandoned right before the transaction is completed Source: cloud.IQ
  35. 35. www.cloud-iq.com The Reality Only 35% of online retailers perform cart abandonment analysis Source: Econsultancy 2014
  36. 36. www.cloud-iq.com Send an abandoned shopping cart email…or 3
  37. 37. www.cloud-iq.com The sooner, the better • 54% of all carts that are successfully recovered are won back within the first few hours after abandonment. • An additional 10% can be recovered within 48 hours Source: SeeWhy
  38. 38. www.cloud-iq.com Woodhouse Clothing 12.9% Lost Sales Converted 9.45% Increase in Online Turnover 23,653% ROI
  39. 39. www.cloud-iq.com Qbic Hotels 12.27% Lost Sales Converted 7.27% Increase in Online Turnover 4,365% ROI
  40. 40. www.cloud-iq.com Qbic “Cart recovery is an absolute no brainer in terms of return on investment: now 10-25% of our total revenue comes from the sales made from abandoned carts. It’s one of the simplest things we’ve done to increase sales” — Julie Fawcett, Head of Ecommerce
  41. 41. www.cloud-iq.com Capture the email address as the 1st step
  42. 42. www.cloud-iq.com #6. Browser Abandonment
  43. 43. www.cloud-iq.com Encourage an unknown visitor to self-identify Allows Woodhouse to remarket to an astounding 83% of abandoners.
  44. 44. www.cloud-iq.com
  45. 45. www.cloud-iq.com Be customer- service oriented
  46. 46. www.cloud-iq.com Observed: Browsed not bought Results versus general email: Conversion rate: 44% increase Note: The conversion rate will be optimised if the products are relevant to what has been browsed
  47. 47. www.cloud-iq.com #7. Testing is key!
  48. 48. www.cloud-iq.com Only 58% of online retailers perform Customer Journey Analysis Source: Econsultancy 2014
  49. 49. www.cloud-iq.com Greater ROI for those who test Proportion of companies reporting ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ ROI Over twice as likely (118%) to report “excellent” or “good” ROI Test regularly Source: Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Census 2012 Econsultancy 2014
  50. 50. www.cloud-iq.com Test your automated processes! • A increased total orders by 21% • And revenue by 35% • Even though A had a 10.5% lower open rate than B • *Sent 50/50 split test over 4 weeks to abandoners. A Reminder: Items Saved in Your Cart – Shop Now for an Extra 10% off B Come back and Save an Extra 10%
  51. 51. www.cloud-iq.com siteAnalyser: Universal tag collects complete journey • Traffic source • Device’s used • IP Address • First & last time on site • Full user journey, Page URL’s • Items added • Personal details captured • Browser used • Fields filled in • Blur or init
  52. 52. www.cloud-iq.com exitCapture: How it works • Tracks a user’s site activity, down to every single cursor movement to calculate exactly when they’re about to leave your site • Dynamically generated, profile relevant content such as exclusive products, discounts, news, etc. • 300% more email opt-ins • 10% increase in conversion Edit Content When you want
  53. 53. www.cloud-iq.com cartRecovery: How it works • Use the interactive dashboard to drill down to specific times of day • Analyse the number of customers that abandon, their cart value, email performance metrics and value of recovered sales • Compare cart performance pre and post remarketing • Convert 20% back to completion Reminder 35 min
  54. 54. www.cloud-iq.com 35 Kingsland Rd Shoreditch London E2 8AA United Kingdom T : +44 (0)845 498 9426 F : +44 (0)2077 397 742 Email : uk@cloud-iq.com Get in touch for more information
  55. 55. www.cloud-iq.com Questions?